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2009 Annual Report YWCA OF WELLINGTON AND HUTT VALLEY 103rd edition

A word from our Ambassador Once again it is an enormous privilege to have been associated with the work of the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley. The year has seen much activity, with new faces joining the YWCA executive and the launch of another pilot programme: Encore – for women recovering from breast cancer surgery, but the area which is a true success story is the completion of the first Discover™ programme.

Avenal McKinnon has been the Ambassador for the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley since 2008.

“The needs are great but the team at the “Y” have all the willpower and determination to make a difference and to stay relevant, to improve the dialogue, to collaborate with other organisations and to ensure financial viability.” Pg 2


Discover™ linked young Wellington East Girls College pupils with mentors to help equip them with the skills needed for leadership and to build confidence in themselves as individuals. The transformation which took place in this group of young girls, who over a year ago shyly embarked on the Encore with a celebration and launch in the NZ Portrait Gallery and recently graduated as a dynamic, band of articulate young women, proves the inestimable value of such a programme. It was a joint exercise which involved nurturing, caring, coaching and encouragement from the mentors, and trust, risk taking and courage from the mentees. The resultant characteristics of self awareness and motivation resonated within the whole group – a sense of genuine empowerment, and an almost contagious excitement for tackling what lies ahead. We at the YWCA have a responsibility to prepare and position ourselves to become more active in terms of facing many of the problems facing our community. We are challenged to think creatively about how we might improve upon and extend our scope for fresh and more productive ways

of helping our society. The Discover™ programme with its focus upon vulnerable, young individuals opens the way to foster wider aims of enabling young women to ably confront issues such as global warming, recession and disease and to develop strategies to deal with problems which will secure a sustainable future for us all. The YWCA has a long history of recognising needs and serving the community in a way that definitely impacts for the better. From its days as a provider of accommodation it has moved into the realm of mentoring, training, network building and general advocacy on behalf of young women. The needs are great but the team at the Wellington and Hutt Valley “Y” have all the willpower and determination to make a difference and to stay relevant, to improve the dialogue, to collaborate with other organisations and to ensure financial viability. Avenal McKinnon Ambassador

President’s Report Tena koutou katoa It is with a little bit of sadness that I write my last report as President of this wonderful organisation; but, I am also thrilled to outline the work our board has carried out as we prepare to move into the next decade. Funding has continued to be a problem for us in 2009, as we struggle to reach our ultimate goal of financial stability. The Board has set in place plans to continue to improve our visibility and hence attract funders and sponsors to the organisation. We expect this improved visibility will only enhance the organisation and place us in a strong position for the future.

Lynell Tuffery has been a volunteer board member since March 2005, and President since 2008.

“The new Board has recently passed a strategic plan that will see the organisation grow from strength to strength.”

During 2009, we ran three free courses of the YWCA Encore programme in Wellington and Hutt Valley region. The YWCA Encore programme is an exercise based programme for the rehabilitation of women who have suffered through debilitating operations due to cancer. This initiative has seen our organisation return to the Hutt Valley region. In December 2009, we completed the first round of our Discover™ mentoring and leadership programme. The first round of the Discover™ programme was fully funded and we are offering the programme again in 2010 as a fully funded programme at Wellington East Girls College. We are also looking to extend the programme to another Wellington school in 2010 - 2011. Our graduates have moved on to the next stage of their lives, and we are certain the lessons learned during the programme will see them well in the future. We wish

them all the best and we are sure these girls will be successful in whatever adventures await them. We have several new Board members, who have brought with them, many new ideas and dreams for the organisation. The new Board has recently passed a strategic plan that will see the organisation grow from strength to strength. 2010 will see the 20th anniversary for the Maori Women’s Transfer Fund, which we will celebrate at our AGM. Through the dedication and hard work of Barbara Francis and our Vice-President Vanisa Dhiru, we expect to finalise the editing, printing, and publication of our book, Our Secretary in China. This will be celebrated with an official book launch later in 2010. As always, the organisation would not survive without the dedication of our staff, our Board, and several volunteers. I also wish to acknowledge the extraordinary contribution that Vanisa Dhiru has made to the organisation over the last 12 months. Her long hours and dedication have placed the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley in a great position to face the challenges ahead. I am sure she will be a great leader for the organisation in the coming years. Thank you all for your support and dedication over the last two years. I wish the organisation all the best for the coming years. Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa


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Programme highlights Discover™ Our YWCA is committed to helping young women develop into leaders who can inspire and positively influence those around them. Discover™ helps build

Discover™ works with young women in Years 12 and 13 over an 18 month period. These young women have the opportunity to be mentored by women in the local community. Mentors offer practical assistance and actively encourage mentees to broaden their horizons, embrace new challenges, set and achieve goals.

Key skills learnt through Discover™ will provide a life long advantage to the growth of these girls into women.

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confident young women who have the skills to realise their own potential, as well as inspiring and influencing others around them. This year has seen the pilot programme of Discover™ come into fruition, with Wellington East Girls College and the launch of a second programme which is currently underway. Mentors and mentees come together for workshops, activity days and social catch-ups, and demonstrated the bond between a mentor and mentee, creating more than a working relationship, but a friendship. “The Amazing Photo Race” was a feature activity day to build the relationship between mentors and mentees and spend quality creative time together and having fun! Pairs were given twenty subjects throughout Wellington city to photograph. Together they raced to complete tasks with spot prizes throughout the day and a celebratory meal on completion. The day strengthened the bonds between both mentor and mentee and enabled the pairs to have fun while continually learning about themselves. The development of each young woman through the workshops enables each of them to move forward in the programme. Each workshop provided essential skills to motivate and develop each of the women, and was a true success, resonating with those involved.

Encore The YWCA Encore programme has been repeated in the Wellington region three times in 2009 with great response from women in the Wellington region. Course attendants reached 14, 8 and 10 women respectively. These free eight week programmes run in 2009 are specifically designed for women who have experienced breast cancer surgery. It is safe, fun and therapeutic, incorporating gentle water-based exercises, relaxation techniques, information and support. Encore meets the needs of an ever-growing group of women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. The lack of structured services to women post-surgery is recognised by most groups working in this field and women who have had the surgery are often isolated in their recuperation. Encore enables its attendants to meet other women who have been through the same process. Encore helps women on a variety of levels. From recovery and support, information and guidance as well as the social atmosphere it creates. Our YWCA is proud to now be a part of this national programme, supporting women with their recovery from breast cancer and we extend our thanks to YWCA Auckland for funding the first two programmes in our region.

Outward Bound

am doing. By writing to you now, you get a direct and

Previous grants awarded

Our YWCA supports applications for

honest take on what I am going through, first hand,


Outward Bound subsidies to the YWCA of

not from fragmented memories. At this moment I

Te Whare Rokiroki Maori Women’s Refuge -

Aotearoa New Zealand. In 2009, we

would love to thank you very much. I am having a

$500 towards new Maori books and resources

supported an application from Arabella

fantastic time and am unbelievably physically and

to begin their library at the refuge

Ansell (Bella), who was successful in

mentally challenging my mind, body and soul. Outward

receiving a place on Outward Bound.

Bound has not only given me a new thrust for my own

Hongoeka Settlement - $500 towards framing

life but has given me inspiration to help others - just as

costs for artwork by women of the Hongoeka

this organisation has helped me.

whanau exhibiting at Pataka Museum in Porirua.

“The things you do for yourself die with you, but the things you do for others are eternal.”


Thank you, Bella

kit e Whanganui a Tara - $500 for three

Dear Sponsors, Right now I am sitting in the middle of the bush somewhere along from Anakiwa. Why you ask? Right now I am completing a segment of my Outward Bound course called solo. Solo means just that. I have

Nga Wahine o Te Runanga o Ngati Kahunguna

been provided with a fly and a ground sheet, sleeping

women to create and record song sheets in

bag, food rations and a bucket to poo in. I am

Maori and English and recordings for waiata in

spending two nights in the bush, solo.

Maori Women’s Transfer Fund Our oldest YWCA programme running in

Having all this time to myself gives me time to clear

the region is the Maori Women’s Transfer

my head and think about my life so far. Outward

Fund. Initiated in 1990, the fund was

Bound certainly encourages this kind of thinking and I

established and continues to run by

have definitely come to realise some things.

donations from individuals and organisations. Funding is solely for the purpose of assisting

It is only a week and a half into my course and I

Maori women’s projects. Our YWCA

already feel different. Not only am I more physically

administers the committee of women who

fitter and stronger, I feel more confidence in myself

make the funding allocations.

and my mind, I have made friends, done my part towards team work and have overcome fears that I

In 2009 the funding criteria was more clearly

didn‟t even realise I had. My purpose in writing to you

defined for those applying and the

now is because I am fully immersed in what this

application process simplified.

organisation has helped me achieve.

mp3 Kohai Grace - $200 towards publishing and editing costs Masters in Maori Visual Arts thesis

2007 Mihiwira Productions - $100 towards the organisation of Ukaipo, a wahine Maori song and poetry event during Matariki in Wellington Te Whare Rokiroki - $545.85 towards operational costs of their Maori Women’s refuge centre Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Nga Mokopuna $606 towards uniforms costs for Maori

Outward Bound encourages living in the moment and

women’s netball team.

not worrying about what to expect and that is what I


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Events in 2009 Suffrage Breakfast, September

“Women are tired of having a sphere doled out to us, and of being told that anything outside of that sphere is unwomanly. We want to be natural for a change…we must strive to be ourselves at all risks.” Kate Sheppard

Pg 6


Thanks to the work of women like Kate Sheppard 116 years ago, more women’s organisations are thriving today, making a positive difference to the lives of all women today. At the YWCA we celebrate Women’s achievements, and this year on 17th September, the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley commemorated the 116th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand with a breakfast fundraiser. The breakfast was a success with the Honorable Pansy Wong, Minister of Women’s Affairs sharing the government’s direction for women’s affairs in New Zealand. The breakfast also gave us the opportunity to present one of our

Discover™ programme mentees. Stacey Swanson shared with us her winning speech from the Wellington East Girls College Speech contest. We thank those that joined us for the event, including honorable MPs Lianne Dalziel, Carol Beaumont, Sue Moroney and Catherine Delahunty; Mayors Kerry Prendergast and Jenny Brash; Ministry of Women’s Affairs CEO Shenagh Gleisner; and our Ambassador, Avenal McKinnon. Thanks to Annah Stretton for supporting the event by donating magazines and our raffle prize. Money raised from the breakfast contributed to our 2009 YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand (national) levy fees.

Discover™ Graduation, December Our girls graduated! The first pilot of Discover™ mentees completed their individual personal development, through the YWCA Discover™ programme, and graduated on the 3rd of December at Westpac House. Mentors, mentees, friends, family and the YWCA staff and the board came together to celebrate the success of our pilot programme and the achievements of the girls who completed Discover™. Guest speaker Eva Maria entertained us with her life insights and communication activities, while mentors Tracy Keith and Linnae Pohatu shared their experiences and the joys of being involved in Discover™. Each mentee took turns sharing their

growth and accomplishments while being involved in Discover™ and some emotional realisations of how their mentors have guided them throughout the year. The evening was topped off with a performance by up and coming singer Anita Prime. Anita serenaded us with songs such as Beyonce’s Halo, encouraging everyone to get involved with claps and cheers. Participants were presented with certificates and graduation gifts, as well as a surprise gift presented to Lili Schmidt-Uili, the Discover™ Programme Manager, from both the mentors and mentees for her great dedication and commitment throughout the programme. Overall the night was a success, and we were left with the definition of what it means to be mentored.

Stacey Swanson & Tracy Keith - Discover™ Mentee and mentor partnership, and winners of the YWCA Discover™ Leadership Award and YWCA Discover™ Outstanding Mentoring Award 2009. MENTOR stands for: M otivate (inspire, stimulate) E encourage (give confidence) N urture (care for) T each (educate, instruct) O wnership (be responsible) R ealise potential (reaslise and recognise capabilities and strengths) MENTEE stands for: M otivate, do I feel motivated? E ncourage, do I feel encouraged? N urture, do I feel cared for? T each, have I been taught something useful? E levate, have I grown in my leadership skills? E njoy, do I enjoy my relationship with my mentor? Do I continue to enjoy l

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Supporting Young Women offshore The YWCA supported Year 13 student, Megan Nunns from St Marys College, one of 14 high school students in the New Zealand delegation attending The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) in the Netherlands.

high in the field of International law and international relations.

Selection for this trip took place at the NZ Model United Nations by written application, interviews and judgement of debates and speaking skills. 200 high school aged students from across the world attended the conference in January 2010.

current and past problems, and their views on numerous issues. We were split into different committees with a different area of focus for our debates. My committee focussed on anticorruption with specific attention to corruption in private companies providing public services, and the transfer and return of assets of illicit origin. We debated resolutions and amendments focussing on the topic itself and what could be done to help end these types of corrupt practices but we only spoke from the point of view of the country we were representing.

Megan speaks about her trip and European diplomatic study tour: The fourteen of us, plus three leaders travelled across Europe over almost three weeks doing

Megan Nunns at THIMUN Year 13, St Marys College “It made me realise that most nations are not out there to undermine the welfare of other nations, they are just trying to accomplish what they believe is the best for their own country. However, views of what is „best‟ for a country is often conflicting, causing tensions and problems between different nations.”

Pg 8


all the typical tourist activities, such as visiting the Eiffel Tower and Louvre in Paris, checking out bunkers from the cold war in Berlin, and taking a tour of the Vatican. Aside from the fun sightseeing, we were given opportunities that normal tourists cannot normally do. For example, in Paris an afternoon tea was held for us in the New Zealand Ambassador‟s residence where we got to eat delicious French food and chat with a few New Zealand diplomats currently working in Paris. It was awesome meeting such successful Kiwi‟s and not only did we get to chat with them socially but they also gave us help on the debates and resolutions we were taking to THIMUN. Similarly in The Hague, a reception was held for us at the New Zealand Embassy where we got to meet and talk to Kiwi‟s who are currently working in International Criminal Tribunal (ICJ) and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) as well as New Zealand diplomats posted in The Hague. This was easily a highlight of the trip for me as we got to meet real down to earth Kiwi‟s who are achieving

We spent 5 days in The Hague at the THIMUN conference. Our NZ delegation represented the country of Malawi; we had spent months researching the nation, their

I felt THIMUN was a great learning experience as it helped me to develop a greater understanding on global issues and different countries perspective on them. It made me realise that most nations are not out there to undermine the welfare of other nations, they are just trying to accomplish what they believe is the best for their own country. However, views of what is „best‟ for a country is often conflicting, causing tensions and problems between different nations.

Megan’s experience has only increased her interest in international affairs, and we wish her well to one day be working alongside some of New Zealand’s top diplomats overseas.

Wellington links with World YWCA Vanisa speaks about her experience at 2009 World YWCA events: To be honest it was a little daunting to be selected to represent the young women of Aotearoa New Zealand, along with Rachel Bowley from Hamilton to go to the Regional Training Institute (RTI). The topics of sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR), HIV and Aids and violence against women (VAW) that the RTI focused on was not my speciality, nor subjects I was well versed or educated in. The RTI began with all of the young women delegates reflecting on the reality young women face around issues of SRHR, HIV and AIDS and VAW. Participants realised that in all countries, young women faced multiple forms of violence against women including economical abuse, psychological abuse, forced marriage, female genital cutting, trafficking, harmful traditional practices and sexual violence. The young women identified poverty, lack of education and illiteracy as key factors contributing to the scale of the violence against young women. Many expressed their concern about the lack of sexual education and information for young people and felt this contributed to the existing stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV. Though I didn‟t feel many of these issues were prevalent to Aotearoa, when I got back to New Zealand and talked to other young women and their mothers, I realised our education curriculum does not do it‟s best to deliver this important information. Young women contributed to the YWCA Asia Pacific strategy based on sexual reproductive health and rights, HIV and Aids, violence against women economic empowerment and leadership development. We then joined the wider group of 97 participants, including Auckland‟s CEO,

Hilary Sumpter and Hamilton‟s board member Nan Seuffert. We discussed, learnt and strategised for the remaining five days about issues in the region, good fundraising techniques, and the most memorable, an introduction to the FC2, the female condom. Only months later, all young women from the RTI were invited to attend further training in Melbourne - Our Rights, Our Bodies: Young Women Leading Change in Asia-Pacific. Skills building sessions on SRHR, HIV and VAW aimed to further build the capacity and knowledge of our leadership in our communities around these topics. We also attended, as the youngest delegation, the Asia Pacific Breakthrough Summit that bought together women‟s groups, faith communities, development agencies, business and philanthropists from the region. Focussing on collaborative action to reach the targets for Millennium Development Goals 3 and 5 on women‟s equality and maternal health, the summit was a great networking session for the World YWCA. I quickly gathered the confidence from my YWCA sisters, to deliver to the full plenary, ideas and actions for VAW for region,

One of our own board members and Vice President,Vanisa Dhiru, represented Aotearoa as a young woman at the World YWCA’s Asia Pacific Regional Training Institute (RTI) held in Bali in August 2009 and then again at the Our Rights, Our Bodies:Young Women Leading Change in Asia-Pacific and Breakthrough Summit in Melbourne in December 2009.

developed from a focus group I participated in. It was a rewarding experience to put into practice my learning, be the only kiwi and one of a few YWCA women on stage at this international forum.

We encourage you to read the YWCA Asia Pacific Outcomes and Action Priorities document from the Regional Training Institute on


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YWCA People and Partnerships 2009 Ambassador

Board Committees:

Avenal McKinnon MA Hons in English Literature, MA Art History, Courtauld Institute of Art, London UK Director of the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

Finance and Fundraising Committee Kavita Raj Lynell Tufffery Rachel Williams

Staff Members Claire Laurenson – Encore co-ordinator (from July 2009)

Leadership Advisory Committee Amy Barnett Colleen Dryden Dr. Anne Meade Lililucia Schimdt-Uili Marilyn Slack

Kavita Raj Fundraiser (from November 2009) Lililucia Schmidt-Uili Discover™ Programme Manager Christina Silkstone - Office Manager

Maori Women’s Transfer Fund Committee Anne Charles Ana Davies Lynell Tuffery

Rachel Williams - Fundraiser (until September 2009) Christine Young - MYOB Consultant

Marketing and Communications Committee Vanisa Dhiru Elyce McMenamin Anne Patterson

Personnel Committee Lynell Tuffery Vanisa Dhiru

Partnerships Wellington East Girls College

Pg 10


Board profiles Lynell Tuffery DipFinMaths, BA, BCA, LLB PRESIDENT Lynell has been involved in a broad range of governance and organisational matters, including property management, financial reviews, strategic and business planning, human resource management (including health and safety) and fundraising. Lynell is employed as a Senior Patent Attorney for one of New Zealand’s leading intellectual property law firms. Her business experience brings a leadership focus to the Board. (Board appointment 8 March 2005, President since April 2008)

Vanisa Dhiru BDes Hon, GDipCom * VICE PRESIDENT Vanisa has a background in marketing, branding and leadership development. She has held marketing and communication roles at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the NZ Transport Agency and Meridian Energy. She is also a Trustee for the Trade Aid Wellington Trust and a board member of Dress for Success Wellington. In 2009 she worked as a Change Manager for Telecom New Zealand and in the communications team at The Quit Group. Her design and business communications background is used widely in the YWCA, including for the delivery of communications to stakeholders.. (Board appointment 8 March 2005, Vice President since April 2009)

* Young women under 30 years. Note there is a constitutional requirement to have a minimum of 25% young women on every YWCA association board in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Amy Barnett BSW (pending) * SECRETARY Amy is studying at Victoria University of Wellington for a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. In 2007 she was an active member of the Wellington Youth Council in the past which focuses on the youth of Wellington, organising and running events for youth to encourage them be active within the Wellington region. As one of the youngest member of our Board, she brings a young perspective to the Board on issues facing young women in Wellington today. (Board appointment 2 August 2007, Secretary since April 2008)


Pg 11

Melissa Marshall BSc, BA, GDipHSM * Melissa works as a Policy Analyst for Compass Health in Wellington. Melissa completed her post graduate diploma in Health Services Management at Massey this year to add to her BSc and BA from Victoria University of Wellington. She contributed to the Board through her support of the current programmes, the change process as well as support for fundraising endeavours such as the Suffrage breakfast. (Board appointment 23 September 2008)

Anne Patterson BCA * In 2009 Anne was in her final semester of study at Victoria University, Wellington where she is studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA), majoring in Marketing and Management. Anne was the Junior Business Development Manager for the Training Practice, a intern at Young & Rubican Wellington, an international advertising agency and won the 2009 Senate Communication inaugural award for her research on successful brands. As one of the younger members, she offers a fresh young perspective to the board providing insights into the concerns of young women. (Board appointment 9 March 2009)

Sally Connell Sally brings an extensive 17 years worth of Sales, Marketing and Communication experience to the YWCA. She has held roles in Account Management, Business Development, through to Sales and Service Management. Sally won the NZ Her Business Network of the Year 2009 award, with her network Her Business Wellington - a non profit organisation to promote and profile local women in business and more recently she acquired the Her Business Auckland and Dunedin networks. Sally also supports her children’s school, has a web based business, has a homestay, is a volunteer at the Mary Potter Hospice, and is a member of various organisations around Wellington. (Co-opted to board 15 December 2009)

Pg 12


Sue Hanrahan Sue has a background in professional development and a keen interest in cultural diversity. She was establishment manager for the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research at Victoria University of Wellington, and until recently was employed by the Office of Ethnic Affairs as an Intercultural Advisor. (Co-opted to board 14 September 2009)

Cora Owen BA, CPA Cora has managed and operated a start-up non-profit recycling operation in Northern California. She has previously held financial advisory roles at the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and the Ministry of Economic Development (MED). She has extensive experience in auditing and general accounting in the public and private sector. Born and educated in the Philippines, Cora became a New Zealand citizen in 1992. She assists Yang as Treasurer in looking after our finances and investments. (Co-opted to board 14 September 2009)

Yang Yang BBS * TREASURER Yang has immigrated from China. She has held various accounting roles before she came to New Zealand for further studying. Yang has graduated from Massey University of Wellington in 2006 with Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Accountancy. She has worked in the accounts office at The Warehouse Ltd for over two years and currently works with other non-for-profit organisations voluntarily - Citizen Advise Bureau, Red Cross and Volunteer Hutt Valley. She brings to the board her financial knowledge and experience in accounting and business sectors in hoping to improve the financial status of our YWCA. (Co-opted to board 14 September 2009, Treasurer since October 2009)

Rachel Williams MA * Rachel, our past fundraiser, now volunteers on the Board. She works with the Department of Corrections as a Policy Analyst and is a member of the Roundtable on Violence Against Women. Her YWCA knowledge and relationships she has maintained with funders and donors remains an asset to the YWCA. (Co-opted to board 12 October 2009, past Fundraiser October 2007 – September 2009)

* Young women under 30 years. Note there is a constitutional requirement to have a minimum of 25% young women on every YWCA association board in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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Leadership visions from the past “I feel the most heartening feature in 1969 has been the wealth of voluntary help, almost 500 people giving willingly of their skills, advice and sharing their interests, really creating the true “Y” spirit of fellowship.” Audrey Reyolds, Programmes Committee Chairman 1969 and Past President 1983-1987, 1997

We take a look back at annual reports dating 10, 20, and 30 years ago and see what our leaders said

63rd Annual Report 1969

“As members of the YWCA we need to look at our own organisation. We cannot stand still – we are part of a great movement which is going forward to face challenges in a fast changing world.”

to their members and stakeholders.

Faith Gibbons, Past President 1979 73rd Annual Report, 1979

Vision change as needs change and as society changes.

“If we want a YWCA fifty years from now, we had better scrap all of our present programmes and start over again on education for living in the atomic age.” Marion Wood, Past President 1989

The YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley has changed, defined and redefined it’s mission for 100 years. Our 2009 mission is: Young women making positive life choices.

83rd Annual Report, 1989

“We step forward into the 1990s, inspired by many of the women who have gone before us, and determined to ensure that the resources of the YWCA are used to empower women, particularly those who have least opportunity to develop their potential in this land of Aotearoa/New Zealand.” Marion Wood, Past President 1989 83rd Annual Report, 1989

“Change is what has kept our organisation a vibrant and active entity for over 100 years in Aotearoa New Zealand.”

Our association’s strategic

Jayne Morris, President 1997-1999

plan outlines our goals and direction for 2010-2012.

93rd Annual Report 1999

Pg 14


Perspective on Finances in 2009 2009 financials continue to reflect the investment our association has made in the free YWCA Discover™ young women’s leadership programme. While we have been able to increase our income from grants in 2008, Discover™ has required

area. Wellington Hutt Valley is required in 2010 to pay a membership association fee of $12,150, including an additional $900 toward the World Council fund. We also owe $5,500 in 2010 for outstanding 2009 fees that have not been paid as only $6,500

significant investment, including increasing our human resources time for the programmes. Though only half of the Discover™ programme was funded by grants in 2009, we have secured in advance $23,000 for Discover™ in 2010.

was budgeted for. If we do not pay these fees, we will not meet membership requirements of YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Investments from the sale of the Vivian Street building have been supporting our association’s work since 2003.

Without the income of our second hand clothing store Y’s Choice, we go into 2010 needing individual memberships and donations, fundraising, corporate sponsorship and an income generating venture to stay afloat in the future years.

With the 2008 worldwide financial crisis, we lost nearly some of our investments that went into receivership. National levies to support the YWCA of Aotearoa has been increased. The historical bidding system abolished and replaced by set membership fees based on geographical

In order to save costs, a strategic review of all financials was conducted and resulted in savings through leasing our board room since in late 2009 to the YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand and selling office assets through Trademe.

Financial performance for the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley over past years: 1999: (56,469) 2000: (12,472) 2001: (62,322) 2002: 294,604 2003: (30,017) 2004: (34,376) 2005: (39,157) 2006: (116, 318) 2007: (13,416) 2008: (89,479) 2009: (78,218)


Pg 15

YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated for the year ending 31 December 2009

Statement of Financial Performance INCOME Self Generated income Interest / Dividends Bequests / Legacies Profit / (Loss) from Y's Choice Shop YWCA Member Donations General Donations Room bookings


Office Tenancies Other income

Programme Income Discover™ programme Encore programme Other Grants Funded Rent Funded Salaries/Admin Support


The notes accompanying these financial statements form part of and should be read in conjunction with these accounts. Pg 16


Programme Income



16,313 0 (725) 2,063 63 1,338

29,099 5,000 (9,640) 924 550 2,525

13,790 50 ----------------32,892

9,496 53 ----------------38,007

37,610 3,600 1,844 3,000 17,000 ----------------63,054

14,000 0 11,451 7,778 19,996 ----------------53,225




YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated for the year ending 31 December 2009

Statement of Financial Performance EXPENDITURE Personnel Costs ACC Levy Recruitment Salaries Supervision and Training Volunteers expenses


Accomodation expenses Electricity and Gas Insurance Rent and Maintenance Security Services

Office and Administration Advertising and Publicity Bank Fees Communications Couriers and Transport Depreciation / Asset write offs Donations granted IT and Accounting services Photocopying / Printing Postage Professional Consultation Resources Stationery YWCA National Levy / Donations National meeting attendance Resource Materials Other expenses

Activity Specific expenses Food / Catering Venue Hire Special Events Programme participants costs Programme Development




611 0 93,656 0 3,860 ----------------98,127

146 2,505 88,567 2,136 0 ----------------93,354

1,895 1,820 28,941 537 ----------------33,193

2,280 2,359 26,250 481 ----------------31,370

690 37 2,238 740 4,038 500 4,632 3,236 154 50 (91) 2,038 8,936 171 0 2,982 ----------------30,351

695 26 2,853 612 4,786 350 4,119 3,775 142 0 937 1,235 3,194 0 0 3,815 ----------------26,539

2,186 1,531 1,611 107 2,494 ----------------7,929

2,413 404 50 1,181 2,900 ----------------6,948

169,600 ----------------(73,654) (4,564) ----------------(78,218)

158,211 ----------------(66,979) (22,500) ----------------(89,479)




Pg 17

YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated for the year ending 31 December 2009

Statement of Financial Position Notes ASSOCIATION FUNDS Equity at the beginning of the year Surplus (deficit) for the year

Represented by: ASSETS Current Assets Cash Accounts Interest Accrued Accounts Receivable Payments in Advance

Non-Current Assets ASB Investment Investments - UDC call account - Secured Deposits - Perpetual Pref. Shares Fixed Assets


6 2

TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Current Liabilities GST Payable / (Receivable) PAYE Payable Accounts Payable Accrued Salaries/Holiday Pay

Term Liabilities Grants received but not yet disbursed


NET ASSETS The notes accompanying these financial statements form part of and should be read in conjunction with these accounts. Pg 18





350,002 (78,218) ----------------271,784 -----------------

439,481 (89,479) ----------------350,002 -----------------

53,850 1,790 740 839 ----------------57,219

61,849 3,096 260 1,159 ----------------66,364

18,510 310 181,217 53,530 0 ----------------253,567

17,578 300 238,147 53,530 4,038 ----------------313,593



(2,553) 1,864 7,922 4,949 ----------------12,182

(1,785) 1,728 1,821 7,191 ----------------8,955

26,820 ----------------26,820

21,000 ----------------21,000



----------------271,784 -----------------

----------------350,002 -----------------

YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated for the year ending 31 December 2009

Notes to the Financial Statements 1. Statement of Accounting Policies

Reporting Entity These financial statements are for the reporting entity encompassing the operations of the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley (the Association). This comprises: - Administration - Programmes (e.g. Discover™, Encore etc.) - Fundraising (e.g. Suffrage Breakfast, Memberships etc.)

General Accounting Policies These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles recognised by the accounting profession in New Zealand. They comply with the requirements of the Financial Reporting Act 1993 and the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. - The measurement base adopted is that of historical cost. - The accrual basis of accounting has been used unless otherwise stated. - The financial statements have been prepared on a GST exclusive basis except for Accounts Payable and Receivable. - The financial statements have been

Specific Accounting Policies


Revenue: Grants are recorded as a liability and

Investments are recorded at the lower of historical cost or market valuation.

recognised as revenue when the expenditure is incurred. Fees received in advance of a course are recorded as a current liability and recognised as revenue when the course is held. Interest and rental income is recognised when earned. All other income is recognised when received.

Expenses: Depreciation is provided at rates calculated to allocate the cost of an asset, less any estimated residual value, over its estimated useful life. All assets except the land and buildings are depreciated. Computer and Photocopying equipment are depreciated over 3 years Straight Line. All other equipment is depreciated over 5 years Straight Line. All other expenses are recognised when they are incurred.

Taxation: The Association is a charitable organisation and is exempt from income tax but is a GST registered organisation.

prepared on a going concern basis. Accounts Receivable: Debtors are recorded at the amount expected to be received in cash. This value is after writing off non recoverable amounts.

Fixed Assets: Land and buildings are recorded at historical cost. All other fixed assets are recorded at cost less accumulated depreciation.

Differential Reporting: The Association qualifies for differential reporting exemption under the Framework for Differential Reporting issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, as it is not publicly accountable and is not classified as large. Accordingly the Association has taken advantage of all differential reporting exemptions.

Statement of Changes in Accounting Policies: Due to the situation with two of the debentures held by the YWCA (see note 6) the accounts now show investments at the lower of historical cost or market valuation. Prior to 2008 all investments were shown at historical cost only.

All other accounting policies adopted are consistent with those of the previous year.

No provision is made for doubtful debtors.


Pg 19

YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated for the year ending 31 December 2009

Notes to the Financial Statements 2. Fixed Assets

Furniture/Fittings Y's choice assets Software Office Computers Office Equipment

Opening Book Value Assets Cost 01/01/2009 purchased

Assets sold

Depn for 2009

Book Value 31/12/2009

568 0 0 2,843 0 0 6,213 0 0 10,481 0 0 15,529 4,038 0 --------------- -------------- -------------35,634 4,038 0

0 0 0 0 0 --------------0

0 0 0 0 4,038 --------------4,038

0 0 0 0 0 --------------0



10,496 41,379 0 1,975 -------------53,850

4,057 55,381 453 1,958 -------------61,849

3. Cash Accounts Cash and Bank accounts are held as follows:

Cheque Account / Petty Cash Deposit Account Tower FirstRate Account/W&M Bear account ASB 50 Account

4. Grants included as income for year ending 31 December 2009 The following grants have either been received during this financial year, or have been received prior to 2009 and taken as income this year as per the policy outlined in Note 1 - Revenue. The following grants are either GST exempt or exclude GST where appropriate: 5,000 5,000 1,000 10,000 3,570 7,500 3,040 2,500


Cathy Pelly Memorial Trust TG Macarthy Trust Nikau Foundation Trust Winton and Margaret Bear Trust The Trusts Charitable Foundation Winton and Margaret Bear Trust NZ Guardian Trust ANZ Staff Foundation


SPARC - YWCA Aotearoa New Zealand


Other Grants

Endeavour Community Trust Pub Charity

1,000 844

Funded Rent

NZ Community Trust


Funded Salaries/Admin ANZ Staff Foundation The notes accompanying these financial Hutt Mana Charitable Trust statements form part of and should be NZ Community Trust read in conjunction with theseSouthern accounts.Trust Pg 20


2,500 1,000 3,500 10,000

YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated for the year ending 31 December 2009

Notes to the Financial Statements 5. Grants classed as liabilities The following Grants are classed as liabilities as at 31 December 2009 as per the policy outlined in Note 1 - Revenue:

COGS - Discover™ Salaries Public Trust - Discover™ Salaries Nikau Foundation Trust - Discover™ SPARC - YWCA of Aotearoa New Zealand - Encore Winton and Margaret Bear Trust - Discover™

8,000 5,000 5,000 3,820 5,000 ------------26,820

6. Revaluation of investments As at 31 December 2009 the following investments have been frozen and the effect on the accounts is as follows:

 Strategic Finance Ltd ($30,429.55) - capital frozen in 2008 with no interest payments but full capital repayment was expected at some date in the future. During 2009 it was announced by the company that secured deposits were expected to be repaid at 85%. Subsequent to balance date (12 March 2010) Strategic Finance Ltd was put into receivership and no advice on potential returns is currently available. The 2009 accounts have a 15% write down which is considered the most up to date estimate.

 Dominion Finance Ltd ($25,000) - in receivership with only 10% capital repayment expected, therefore the 2008 accounts have the appropriate write down included. Two distributions have been made in 2009 which have been booked against the investment.

7. Reclassification of Office and Administration expenditure To better reflect expenditure in this category, classifications have been changed in 2009. We have reclassified some of the 2008 expenditure accordingly so that comparisons are valid between the two years.


Pg 21

Audit Report to Members The Board of the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated acknowledges its responsibility for:


The preparation of the accompanying Statements of Financial Performance and Position, and the accounting judgements used therein and


The establishment and maintenance of a system of internal control to provide reasonable assurance as to the integrity and reliability of the financial reporting.

In the opinion of the Board, the accompanying Statement of Financial Performance and Statement of Financial Position, fairly reflect the financial position of the Association as at 31 December 2009, and the results of its operations for the year ended on that date.

Lynell Tuffery President, YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley Incorporated 21 April 2010

Auditor’s Report to Members It is my responsibility to express an independent opinion on the financial statements presented by the Board, as per their responsibilities noted above. Other than my capacity as auditor I have no relationship with or interest in the YWCA of Wellington and Hutt Valley. As an audit procedure, it was not practical for me to extend my verification of the receipts of the Association beyond the accounting for amounts received in the books of the Association. Subject to the foregoing, I have obtained all information I have required, and in my opinion the accompanying Statements of Financial Performance and Financial Position present a true and fair position of the Association as at 31 December 2009, and the results of its operations for the year ended on that date, and are in accordance with the accounting records.

Carol Weston CA (Retired) 21 April 2010

Pg 22


Acknowledgements THANK YOU TO OUR DISCOVER™ VOLUNTEERS: Discover™ mentors 2008/09 Nikki Burns, Cherie Chu, Stephanie Edwards, Diane Felagai, Janice Ikiua, Tracy Keith, Nicki Moakes, Linnae Pohatu, Epirosa Robertson, Anne-Marie Shepherd, Sara Velasquez. Discover™ mentors 2009/10 Jenna Collings, Diana Felagai, Jayne Milburn, Kathy Miller, Georgia Stephens, Ema Sanga, Nicole Skews, Pine Southon.


Discover™ Workshops presenters 2009

ANZ Staff Foundation

Vanisa Dhiru, Catherine Harris, Stephanie Edwards, Tracy Keith, Nicki Moakes, Jennie

Cathy Pelly Memorial Trust

O’Donovan, Epirosa Robertson, Sara Velasquez.

Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)

THANK YOU TO OUR MEMBERS: Life Members Faith Gibbons, Audrey Reynolds.

Endeavour Community Trust Hutt Mana Charitable Trust Nikau Foundation Trust NZ Guardian Trust Pub Charity

Legacy Supporters $300+ Dr. Gay Keating.

Public Trust

Impact Supporters $100 - $299 Dr. Ann Meade, Gail Powell, Marilyn Slack.

NZ Community Trust

Advocate Supporters $25 - $99 Arabella Ansell, Amy Barnett, Cath Basher, Carol Beaumont, Catherine Benland, Rebecca Bishop, Mayor Jenny Brash, Liz Brown, Nikki Burns, Leasa Carlyon, Hon. Lianne Dalziel, Hon. Catherine Delahunty, Vanisa Dhiru, Kim Dobson, Emily Evers-Luck, Marion Frater, Shenagh Gleinser, Shirley Hampton, Sue Hanrahan, Tonelle Horner, Barbara Kedgley, Tracy Keith, Mary Lewis, Melissa Marshall, Sue Moroney, Judith Nathan, Elizabeth Orr, Joy Parkin, Mayor Kerry Prendergast, Lily Reid, Dame Laurie Salas, Lili-Lucia Schmidt-Uili, Nicole Skew, Nurul Sultan, Lynell Tuffery, Flora Tupufia, Barbara Walsh, Margaret Walsh, Rachel Williams, Marion Wood.

Nikau Foundation Trust Southern Trust SPARC The Trusts Charitable Foundation TG Macarthy Trust Winton and Margaret Bear Trust


THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS: Board and Committee members Amy Barnett, Anne Charles, Sally Connell, Ana Davies, Vanisa Dhiru, Colleen Dryden, Sue Hanrahan, Melissa Marshall, Elyce McMenamin, Dr. Anne Meade, Cora Owen, Anne Patterson, Marilyn Slack, Lynell Tuffery, Rachel Williams, Yang Yang.

Organisations: Her Business Magazine, New Zealand Post, Supre, Telecom New Zealand, Westpac. Individuals: Sally Connell, Vanisa Dhiru, Lynell Tuffery.

Volunteers Brooklyn Bayliss (Design), Rhonda Bramley, Barbara Francis (Research), Lucy Hill, Indi Jane Linsteadt, Tala Ropati, Jerry Simon.


Pg 23


103rd Annual Report, 2009  
103rd Annual Report, 2009  

YWCA of Greater Wellington annual report for 2009