YWCA of Calgary Centennial Annual Report

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100s 1000s 10000s OF STORIES 100s 1000s 10000s OF WOMEN 100s 1000s 10000s OF LIVES CHANGED

ONE HUNDRED YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG That’s how the YWCA of Calgary celebrated its Centennial year of 2010. The power of the “W” has been serving women in Calgary for a century now, and as we enter our second century of service to Calgarians, we see both great demand and great opportunity. The strength of the YWCA of Calgary has always been to take the pulse of our community and respond to its current and emerging needs. That’s what keeps us relevant. That’s why we’ve been around for 100 years.


Our Centennial year was one of transition as we said to goodbye to our CEO of nine years, Jill Wyatt. Jill steered us through one of our most challenging decades and her warm yet strong leadership style was exactly what the YWCA needed for the times. After an exhaustive search, the board was happy to announce that Sue Tomney had accepted the CEO role. Sue brings a wealth of experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors to the organization and we look forward to working with her in moving the YWCA of Calgary forward in new and exciting directions.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Cathy Connolly PRESIDENT Holly Elrick TREASURER Kim Lynch-Proctor SECRETARY Jane McCaig VICE PRESIDENT Lori Van Rooijen PRESIDENT ELECT Sue Tomney CEO, YWCA OF CALGARY Nicole Collard Kate Gollogly Jessie Inman Sara Jordan Jana Taylor Linda Mason Roxanne McCaig Lorraine McVean Allison Taylor

Although this annual report describes the highlights of the year 2010, we have also incorporated highlights and stories from our 100-year history as well. These come from our Centennial history book, entitled Creating Cornerstones: A History of the YWCA of Calgary, which was a major undertaking to document our history, and our place in Alberta’s women’s history. Our thanks go to the authors, Pernille Jakobsen and Antonella Fanella, for proving that history can be anything but boring. Especially ours. Finally, as this is my final year as president, I would like to thank my board colleagues for all of their hard work and valuable time they have given to the organization. It has been my pleasure to lead the YWCA of Calgary as it enters its next 100 years. And as an organization is only ever as good as its people, I would like to thank the dedicated staff and volunteers that make the YWCA of Calgary the special and caring place it is. The fact that we were named one of Alberta’s Top 50 Employers is a fitting testament to the values we live on a daily basis. As much as we are proud of our past, it’s the future that excites us. Our new strategic direction will launch us into the next 100 years with strength and purpose – which we know will ultimately benefit the Calgary women and their families who depend on us.

Cathy Connolly, President


IN 1910… the YWCA of Calgary was providing accommodation to house young women coming to Calgary to find work.

IN 2010… we continue to provide safe, secure and affordable housing to women and their children.

First YWCA Board of Directors 1910-1911 • Courtesy, Glenbow Archives: NA-2315-2.



TIONAL HOUSING & TRANSI 455 women and 105 children came to us for a roof over their heads.

68 women and their children found long-term, affordable housing through our new Community Housing Program.

IN 1910‌ The YWCA of Calgary was providing English as a Second Language classes to new immigrants flooding into the new city. A labour bureau was also set up to help young women coming to Calgary find gainful employment.


IN 2010‌ People still look to the YWCA of Calgary to improve their lives through ESL and skills training to help create brighter futures.

2,562 new Canadians took ESL and Canadian Employment Skills courses at the YWCA. 34 women graduated from Vermilion Energy/YWCA Skills Training Centre to begin new lives and new futures in new careers.


Teach a woman to fish, and she will feed herself – and her family – for a lifetime. VISION STATEMENT A cornerstone for women and their families.

MISSION STATEMENT To offer programs and services for women and their families, providing them with the skills, abilities and opportunities to contribute to and benefit from healthy communities.


The founding mothers of the YWCA of Calgary knew that “health and hygiene” were important for young girls. W A gymnasium and swimming pool were part of the original building.

IN 2010… YWCA Fitness on 5th carries on this tradition, as a co-ed fitness facility.


720 Calgarians were members in pursuit of healthier lifestyles.


875 subsidized client passes made sure that women who wanted and needed to get W healthy, were able to try.

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From behind closed doors and out of the shadows‌ IN 1910‌ Women were being abused. But it was considered a private matter, not to be discussed in public. Still, some found their way to safety at the YWCA.

IN 2010‌ The YWCA Sheriff King Home is a leader in domestic violence programming and services.

351 women and 405 children were kept safe in the YWCA Sheriff King Home shelter. 1,153 men and women received counselling and support on how to heal from the cycle of domestic violence. 441 children and youth took part in programs to prevent abuse or start to heal from experiencing it.

The only constant is change... As the needs of the Calgary community have changed, the YWCA has changed with it. The YWCA of Calgary today offers many more programs and services than it did in 1910. 311 youth connected through our group Youth Advocate drop-in programs at one of three suburban locations. 81 children who otherwise could not afford it made lifetime memories at summer camp. 838 children and 960 parents took advantage of early childhood, parent education and family support services through the YWCA Parent Link Corridor. 230 children received professional and accredited child care at one of our three centres. 1,587 children and youth took advantage of our home and school support programs.

A home to call her own Reprinted with permission from the Calgary Herald | By Valerie Fortney | April 7, 2011 Carrie Daniels’ one-bedroom apartment would fit into the family room of Calgarians who worship monster homes. For the 53-year-old mother of three, though, this cosy space is more than just her castle, it’s her respite from a life of despair, a miracle she’s been praying for years to come true. “I’d pass by other people’s windows as they had dinner,” she says as she relaxes Wednesday in an easy chair in her living room. “I would think, ‘They don’t realize how fortunate they are to have a home.’ “ In November Daniels joined the ranks of the fortunate, as the first resident of an innercity apartment building purchased by the Calgary Homeless Foundation [and run by the YWCA of Calgary] to provide affordable housing to homeless women. It became a reality, thanks to a $1.59-million grant from the city, along with an interestfree $681,000 line of credit from First Calgary Financial. The line of credit has since been paid, courtesy of David Bissett, a businessman who has given millions over the years to various Calgary initiatives. Known as The Ophelia, the building offers 15 bachelor and one-bedroom apartments for about $350 month, with 80 per cent of the units designated for low-income women transitioning from the YWCA Mary Dover House program, and the rest from other agencies that serve women experiencing homelessness. An hour before a cupcake ceremony celebrating the project, and with officials from government, the YWCA of Calgary and others in attendance, Daniels welcomes me and my Herald colleagues, videographer Rick Donkers and photographer Leah Hennel, into her new home. But she does so much more than that. By sharing her compelling story, she opens her heart and soul to us, strangers, to educate us about homelessness. Daniels, a 30-year resident of this city, has long been part of a segment of society that struggles daily with poverty. Yet she always managed to keep a roof over the heads of her now-grown family doing whatever she could, from babysitting to housekeeping. Seven years ago, after her youngest son moved out, she found that a minimum wage existence wasn’t enough to pay the rent and bills.

“I slept in my car sometimes, other nights on friend’s couches,” she says. “I was lucky, I had a lot of good friends.” Last summer, she turned to the YWCA of Calgary. The organization, as part of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness, was involved in The Ophelia. A few months later Daniels was given the keys to her apartment. “As soon as I closed the door behind me, I just started jumping up and down,” says Daniels, the tears starting to flow as she recounts that joyful day. “I just couldn’t stop crying. It was just a miracle. I phoned my best friend and told her, ‘You’ll never guess what? I have a home!’ “ As Daniels shares her story, Robina King, the newest tenant of The Ophelia, joins us. “I just kept moving and moving and moving,” says King, a 54-year-old grandmother of her years long struggle with homelessness. “You walk like you’re going somewhere, but you’re really not going anywhere.” King says, through tears, she now walks with a purpose. “I have a home to come to now, at the end of the day . . . You don’t know how good that it is until you go without.” Before Daniels heads down to join her neighbours and the visiting VIPs for the cupcake ceremony, she makes sure to mention one more important part of her new routine. “I say, ‘Thank you, Creator, for this place.’” [ Note to reader: the financial transactions referred to above are reflective of the Calgary Homeless Foundation and not the YWCA of Calgary.]

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A LOT CAN HAPPEN OVER 100 YEARS February 16, 1911: The “Old” YWCA building on 12th Avenue S.W. formally opens.

November 5, 1973: Women’s Resource Centre opens.

April 1911: Underwood block is rented to allow for overflow demand for rooms. This is called “The Annex” and is rented until August 1919.

May 4, 1974: The YWCA holds a mortgageburning ceremony to celebrate that the new building is now debt-free.

1913: The YWCA of Calgary expands to Banff and purchases the Banff Chalet.

September 14, 1983: The YWCA Sheriff King Home opens.

1929: Jessie Mary Chapman, “Chappie” the most famous of the YWCA Travellers’ Aid workers arrives in Calgary.

1983: The YWCA of Calgary Alumnae forms, comprised of former Board members, staff and volunteers.

1938-39: The YWCA of Calgary swimming pool closes and repairs are made to it.

June 11, 1985: The YWCA of Calgary residence is renamed the YWCA Mary Dover House.

1941: The YWCA main building becomes the first billet for the newly-formed Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC).

July 18, 1995: The YWCA of Banff is created as an autonomous YWCA, and is no longer affiliated with the YWCA of Calgary.

1946: For the first time ever two women, Anna Gunn and Vera Jacques, are appointed to the YWCA of Calgary Advisory Board.

1998: Fitness centre rebranded as the “YWCA Fitness on 5th.”

February 12, 1947: The YWCA owns three debt-free buildings including the main Calgary building, the Banff Chalet, and Holiday House in Banff. July 1950: Camp Kinnaird in Sylvan Lake is purchased and opens. October 6, 1954: New swimming pool and annex opens. 1969: Travellers’ Aid program closes. 1971: The “New” YWCA of Calgary building opens between 4th and 5th Avenue S.E.

December 2001: Camp Kinnaird is sold for $1.5 million. 2002: The YWCA Women of Distinction becomes Woman of Vision, a partnership between the YWCA of Calgary and Global Calgary. 2006: The YWCA of Calgary launches signature fundraiser WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES® for men to support solutions to domestic violence. 2008: Vermilion Energy/YWCA Skills Training Centre opens in the community of Ogden. 2010: A century of serving Calgary women.

HIGHLIGHTS Our Centennial year, 2010, was a busy year. Here are some of the highlights: •

We launched our new Community Housing program by opening The Ophelia – a 15-unit affordable housing complex in partnership with the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

One of our favourite alumnae and favourite people, Doreen Orman, received the national Ann Northcote Award from YWCA Canada for her commitment of 60 years of volunteer work.

Another incredibly successful RBC KEEP A ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS® event was held in April! Donations totaled more than $248,000 – our thanks to the 150 participants who spent a homeless (and somewhat sleepless) night on our gym floor.

Calgarian men strapped on their high heels for the fifth consecutive year to take part in the WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES® event in September. You amazing men – you raised a record $316,000 in support of the YWCA Sheriff King Home!

Yahoo! To celebrate our Centennial, we took part in the 2010 Calgary Stampede Parade by entering a float in which we won “honourable mention.”

Noted Calgary playwright Nancy Millar had all the right stuff and our Alumnae had all the right moves when the Centennial play Creaky Doors Last the Longest had a two-night special engagement at Knox United church. The play took the audience through our 100-year history in vignettes spanning 10 years each and showcased many of the alumnae, including Lil Tyler, Marcia Davis, and Doreen Orman – even the YWCA of Calgary’s former CEO, Jill Wyatt starred in the final vignette, as herself!

During one of Calgary’s most active and interesting municipal election campaigns, the YWCA (along with our sector partners) hosted a mayoral forum on domestic violence. It was a huge success that shone a spotlight on the issue of domestic violence in our city.

• A hearty pat on the back for ourselves! We were recognized three times as a leading Calgary non-profit organization, receiving the Enbridge Volunteer Calgary award for Leadership in Volunteer Engagement; the City of Calgary Award for Community Organization – Advocate; and, most recently, we were named one of Alberta’s Top 50 Employers. •

Our thanks also to the many generous corporate employees who provided their time, talent and treasure to improve our facilities. Many projects were completed including: bedroom and family room “refreshers/facelifts,” meal preparation, food and basic need drives, and childcare cleaning.

We said goodbye to two long-time leaders of the YWCA: In August Jill Wyatt, who was the organization’s visionary CEO since 2001 left; and more recently we bid adieu to COO Arlene Adamson who spent nearly a decade advancing the mission of the YWCA locally and nationally.





$ 5,212,069

$ 6,610,728

$ 4,304,605




$ 8,528,859

$ 4,597,164

$ 3,682,757



$ 1,487,975

$ 1,453,546



$ 1,686,974

$ 1,998,155



The YWCA changed its financial year end from December 31 to March 31 during this fiscal year. These figures represent a one-time 15-month fiscal period (January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011). Fund Development and Communications 8% Administration 13%

GOVERNMENT PARTNERS AND FUNDERS Alberta Children and Youth Services | Alberta Employment and Immigration | Alberta Health Services Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs | Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Calgary Board of Education | City of Calgary – Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Government of Canada – Citizenship and Immigration Canada | Service Canada

COMMUNITY PARTNERS AND FUNDERS Alberta Health Services: Addictions and Mental Health Services Aboriginal Friendship Centre | Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters | Aspen | Bow Valley College Calgary Catholic Immigration Society | Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations Calgary Domestic Violence Committee | Calgary Family Services | Calgary Homeless Foundation Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank | Calgary Inter Agency Council Homelessness | Calgary Jewish Centre Calgary Learning Village Collaborative | Calgary Learns | Calgary Police Service Calgary Public Library | Calgary TeenZone | Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation Calgary Home Builders Foundation | Calgary Women’s Shelter Network | Cardel Homes CBC Radio | Centrepoint | Children’s Legal and Educational Resources Centre Community Kitchen Program of Calgary | CTV Calgary CUPS Health and Education Centres | ENMAX | Global Calgary HomeFront | Immigrant Services Calgary | Kids Up Front Foundation Calgary Jewish Family Service Calgary | Momentum | Prairieaction Foundation RESOLVE Alberta | Strengthening the Spirit United Way of Calgary and Area | Victorian Order of Nurses Volunteer Calgary

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Jill Wyatt and Paul Lewis YMCA of Calgary Ian Young YWCA of Banff


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