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FROM THE CEO’S DESK A MILESTONE MOMENT The opening of Grace Garden represents a milestone accomplishment at YWCA Cass Clay and is a collective victory for all those fighting for a basic human right: a roof and solid walls to provide safety. A home. The YWCA Board of Directors, staff team, generous donors and many volunteers at YWCA are deeply invested in Grace Garden, and their labor has brought this initiative to fruition. Our team pushed past limits and used determination and drive to accomplish this amazing feat – providing safety and hope to approximately 75 individuals and families facing violence.

hopeful, motivated, inspired and optimistic. And, we know, their children thrive as well. YWCA’s goal is to empower women to live their best lives, safely and independently. Empowerment is a deliberate and compassionate approach to everything we do. It is a partnership process with those we serve. We are honored to have you partner with us in providing safety!

Erin Prochnow CEO, YWCA Cass Clay

We focused on housing because we know that when people have a home, they are able to take control of their lives. They feel empowered,


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YWCA CASS CLAY WELCOMES ALEJANDRA Y. CASTILLO, YWCA USA CEO YWCA Cass Clay was honored to welcome Alejandra Y. Castillo, YWCA USA CEO, to North Dakota at the begining of August. Never before has the CEO of YWCA USA, our national organization, visited North Dakota in YWCA Cass Clay’s 113-year history. Castillo is the leader of the largest women’s advocacy organization in the nation and joined us to celebrate the Grand Opening of Grace Garden: A YWCA Supported Residence. Prior to the grand opening, Castillo joined board members and staff to learn more about the impact YWCA is having in the region. “YWCA is one of the first and largest networks in the nation and world, serving more than 2 million women, girls and their families every year at over 200 local associations. As the largest network of domestic violence service providers in the country, we have a long history of providing services to survivors of violence from all walks of life.” said Castillo, “I am honored to be in North Dakota to celebrate our continued social impact and growth in our collective power with the dedication of Grace Garden.”

YWCA Cass Clay Team Members; Erin Prochnow, YWCA CEO & Alejandra Y. Castillo, YWCA USA CEO

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It can be so easy to forget that everyone’s life does not look like our own; the stability we have in our home is not found everywhere. The Clair’s Bears program allows us to do something, even if it’s as small as a soft, cuddly toy. Clair would have loved to be here to give kids something of their own to hold onto as they start their TOgoodness journeySUBSCRIBE to a better life. Thank the YWCA Cass Clay exists to help them along this path.



Founders of Clair’s Bears, providing a stuffed animal for every child in YWCA’s Shelter and Housing Programs

SPONSORS HELP STUDENTS START THE SCHOOL YEAR RIGHT Excitement filled the room at this year’s back-to-school party for all the children calling YWCA Emergency Shelter home. Balloons, treats and fun were all part of the festivities! The highlight of the joy-filled event was when every single child received a gift bag of new clothes and shoes chosen just for them by kind donors who shopped through our Sponsor-a-Student Program. Thanks to all the generous people who made this happiness possible. Because of you, every student had a back-to-school sponsor!

Back-to-school gift bags for students at YWCA Page 4 | YWCA | On A Mission | Fall Spring 2019 2019

CHANGE A LIFE EVERY MONTH BECOME A HOPE STARTER You’ve shown us that freeing women from abuse and providing healthy homes for children are priorities to you. Now may be the time to join a special group of supporters - donors who’ve made a commitment to the work of YWCA with a monthly gift in a way that’s satisfying and easy. When you give a set amount each month, you provide steady and reliable support. A monthly gift is simply deducted from your bank account or credit card. Whether a small amount or a stretch gift, your routine support makes a significant difference to safety for women. You’ll know you’ve answered a critical need each and every month. You can also budget a significant gift by spreading the financial impact across the entire year. We can budget better, too, and overcome the challenges of seasonal giving. Did you know that, on average, a third of gifts to charity are made during the holiday season and tax year-end? While funding also peaks in months of our special events, YWCA operating costs are spread out pretty evenly all year long. That’s why monthly donors help us function optimally, their much-needed support minimizing the imbalance. Our monthly donors are business owners, retirees, professionals who travel and young people starting their careers – all appreciating the ease of a routine deduction. We’re respectful of your needs, and you’re always in complete control. At any time, you may change your gift size or suspend it for a time if your personal situation changes. what your donation will accomplish

There is no set gift size to become a Hope Starter. Just indicate an amount you feel comfortable giving. You may also choose to give quarterly or at another interval. Giving is personal, and we are grateful and flexible in meeting your preferences.

$23 starts the change with the first hour of safety and consultation with a caring advocate $44 kindles a light in the window and provides the first night of shelter $88 provides shelter for a mother and child for one night $____ other amount that I can contribute monthly to bring hope

Detach at dotted line & mail in enclosed envelope

Yes, I would like to become a Hope Starter!   

I will give a monthly donation of:  $23  $44  $88  $_______ Please automatically charge my credit card on the 15th of each month. Please note: Your first donation will be charged when we receive your request. All following donations will be charged on the 15th of the following month.

Enclosed is a cancelled check. I authorize monthly bank transfers. I am already a monthly giver and want to update my monthly donation amount to $_______

Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Name:

Exp. Date: __ __ / __ __


Address: _________________________________

Phone: (_____)__________________________

City: __________________________________

State: ___________________

Zip: __________

Signature: ______________________________

Email: ____________________________________

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A YWCA SUPPORTED RESIDENCE Grand Opening Event | August 13, 2019

YWCA Cass Clay unveiled a new $7.1 million permanent supportive residence, Grace Garden, at a Grand Opening Celebration on Tuesday, August 13, with the help of our collaborative partners, dignitaries and special guests including, Alejandra Y. Castillo, YWCA USA CEO. Grace Garden is located at 1480 E. 16th St. in West Fargo, ND. It has 30 apartments that are fully furnished for the approximately 75 individuals who have experienced violence and homelessness that will move in by the year’s end. In addition to safe, secure housing, YWCA will offer case management and supportive services on site to empower those calling Grace Garden home. Residents will have access to nursing care, an employment coach and other mentors to grow life skills. They’ll live close to schools, job opportunities and transportation routes. YWCA’s 29 years of experience in providing supportive housing has proven that these supports are key to success. “The structure is complete. The rebuilding of lives begins. Here, individuals and their families will be empowered to reach a state of stability and live free of fear,” said Erin Prochnow, CEO, YWCA Cass Clay. Grace Garden sits footsteps away from the office where a pastor’s servant heart set things in motion in 2016. Pastor Joel Baranko of Lutheran Church of the Cross approached Prochnow inquiring about unmet community needs and how the congregation could be helpful. She identified affordable housing as a crucial need and the conversation turned into action. Page 6 | YWCA | On A Mission | Fall 2019 Page 6 | YWCA | On A Mission | Fall 2019

“I approached the conversation assuming more emergency shelter space would be the answer to how the YWCA might utilize additional property if made available. I quickly learned the value of permanent supportive housing. It was easy for the congregation to get behind the vision because of the YWCA’s history, leadership, and reputation for success in serving women and children,” said Pastor Baranko. “Together, we are changing people’s lives for the better not only today, but for generations to come.” Pastor Joel Baranko, Lutheran Church of the Cross

For many years, applications to YWCA Supportive Housing far outstripped the number of units available. Last year alone, 162 women and children applied for the program and only 22 were able to gain homes. “In 2015, YWCA set an ambitious goal to double the number of homes through YWCA Housing within five years to address the lack of supportive housing,” said Prochnow, “With the addition of Grace Garden, we have exceeded our goal. Expanding to 70 supportive housing units is growth of about 270 percent in four years.” The new housing is called “permanent” because it doesn’t impose a deadline for moving out. It allows residents time to gain stability only after resolving complete financial ruin by abusers or navigating single parenthood as the sole family income provider. For some, the timeline is lengthy and challenging, and having the permanent housing means vital stability so children can grow and learn in a safe and healthy environment while adults can pursue their life goals. Grace Garden was funded in large part through programs administered by North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA). The state agency awarded development assistance to the residence through the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit, $672,500 in credit authority that brought $6 million in equity to the project, National Housing Trust Fund, $325,549, and the state’s Housing Incentive Fund, $500,000. The North Dakota Department of Commerce is supporting the land acquisition for Grace Garden through the Governor’s Community Development Block Grant Funds.

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O, Erin Cass Clay CE A C YW ; n ve e John Ho U.S. Senator Ambassadors he Chamber T d n a w o n Proch Grand Opening Pr og


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Multiple community partners joined in the planning, funding, and building of the residence. Gate City Bank pledged the largest single investment in YWCA Cass Clay history, $1.5 million to provide startup costs and the first 10 years of supportive staff services at Grace Garden. “When we announced our commitment to the Grace Garden project in 2017, we were excited to build upon our long-standing partnership with the YWCA. Two years later, it’s humbling to see the project come to life. We are proud to see our gift provide the resources needed to help women and their children on their journey to a better life,” said Steve Swiontek, Executive Chair of Gate City Bank. “At Gate City Bank, we believe that it is our responsibility to make a difference in our community, For a Better Way of Life.® We accomplish this by investing in our customers, team members and communities. The Grace Garden Housing Project supports this mission through a proven program of education and employment coaching, health services and the support of Steve Swiontek, Gate City Bank YWCA advocates.” Thanks to the financial support the project received, YWCA did not need to conduct a capital campaign to build Grace Garden. YWCA fundraised and organized a “Plant a Seed” campaign for household goods from toasters to towels to start families toward healthy futures. Residents of Grace Garden will receive rental assistance from the Housing Authority of Cass County through a $2.2 million, 15-year contract that provides 30 Housing Choice Vouchers to ensure every apartment will be affordable to the families who will call them home. Individuals and families will be asked to pay up to 30 percent of their income towards rent. Construction on the two-story building began last summer and was complete in August 2019. The property includes one-to-four-bedroom apartments, a fitness room, community spaces for classes and gatherings, and a playground. Grace Garden will be a foundation for change. Here families will begin a new chapter, grounded on stability, filled with hope, and supported by YWCA.

David Shultz & Amanda Ha gen of Shultz + Asso ciates Archite cts

ers & Stakeholders

Community Lead

Mayor Bernie Dardis & Local Law Enforcement

All Grace Garden Grand Opening photos in this publication provided by: FATCat Studios

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HUD REGIONAL ADMINISTRATOR AND OTHER OFFICIALS VISIT GRACE GARDEN YWCA Cass Clay was honored to have officials from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) visit Grace Garden in August before families moved into the residence. Leaders from HUD’s regional office toured Grace Garden and discussed our longstanding partnership to provide YWCA’s Supportive Housing Program. Visiting officials included Evelyn Lim, Regional Administrator HUD Region VIII; Velma Navarro, Regional Public Housing Director HUD Regions VII & VIII; Lori Strange, Public Housing Program Manager HUD Region VIII; and Joel Manske, North Dakota HUD Field Office Director.

Left to right: Joel Manske, HUD; Erin Prochnow, YWCA; Evelyn Lim, HUD; Joe Rizzo, Beyond Shelter, Inc.; Lori Strange, HUD; Velma Navarro, HUD.

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Our Deepest Gratitude A sincere thank you to those who have honored someone they care about with a gift to YWCA.

Thank You

In Honor Of...

Arlys Torgerson In honor of Agnes Liudahl Jeannine Galbreath In honor of Agnes Liudahl Tracy & Nick Lee In honor of Amity Carol & Darrell Dodge In honor of Evie Mae Bottrell Gwen Hodgins & Gary Lynn In honor of Evie Mae Bottrell Chad & Stephanie Kost In honor of Evie Mae Bottrell Colette & Lowell Bottrell In honor of Evie Mae Bottrell Lori & Doyle Thompson In honor of Evie Mae Bottrell Lisa Gibbens In honor of Evie Mae Bottrell Nancy Evert In honor of Harriet Evert Darlene & Herman Peterson In honor of Karen Erdmann Dixie & Rocky Miller In honor of Karen Erdmann Cindy Mauritson In honor of Karen Erdmann Carolyn & Duane Radeck In honor of Karen Erdmann Barbara & Ronald Rheault In honor of Karen Erdmann Kathleen & Lonny Vigen In honor of Karen Erdmann Lisa Gibbens In honor of Katie Mastel UBS Financial Services In honor of Lee Nelson Jane Nissen In honor of Susan Nissen Thompson Haberfeld Direct Inc. In honor of Steve Swiontek

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Anna King & Coworkers In memory of Anna Davis Kathryn Benson In memory of Carol Chose Karen Olson In memory of Edith Dawson Randy & Chelly Johnson In memory of Edith Dawson Marvin Degerness In memory of Edith Dawson Shirley Green In memory of Edith Dawson Joan Macdonald In memory of Geneveive Korsmo, Joyce Sillerud, and Jan Tracy Shirley Montgomery In memory of Gloria Pechtel Jill & Jason Gustofson In memory of Gloria Pechtel Orlan Swenson Family In memory of Jamie Lund Joan Macdonald In memory of Janet Miller and Jolanta Czernek Connie & Kevin Carlsrud In memory of Kris Sheridan Carolyn & Donald Opgrande In memory of Kris Sheridan Kristi & Bradley Sturn In memory of Kris Sheridan Susie Barta Jordan In memory of Kris Sheridan Carol & Hugo Moeckel In memory of Kris Sheridan Sandy Huseby In memory of Kris Sheridan Shirley Nelson In memory of Kris Sheridan Julie & Tracy Wanzek In memory of Kris Sheridan Jeff & Kathy Botnen In memory of Kris Sheridan Paula & Scott Breidenbach In memory of Kris Sheridan Melissa Mozley In memory of Kris Sheridan Willy Jacobson In memory of Kris Sheridan Arleen & Steve McKay In memory of Lavern Frank Beverly Krein In memory of Liz Leroy Rebecca & Jeffrey LeDoux In memory of Lyle Duden Willy Jacobson In memory of Mary Kathryn Schottenbauer Flinn Gini Duval In memory of Rev. Janet R. Miller The Lubken Family In memory of Richard and Jennifer Lubken

36th annual Chocolate Fantasy and Chili, too! A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to all who attended YWCA Cass Clay’s 36th annual Chocolate Fantasy and Chili, Too! on September 5th! This one-of-a-kind, deliciously sweet event is a great way to show your support for YWCA’s Emergency Shelter as we help women and children transition from fear to freedom. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a soaring success, from attendees and donors to volunteers and sponsors. Your support changes lives! There be |aOnfull recap |of day’s festivities in our next issue. Page 10will | YWCA A Mission Fallthe 2019

CONTINUE TO HELP HOPE BLOSSOM YWCA’s Supportive Housing Program offers women and their children the opportunity to live in a safe, furnished apartment while paying approximately 30% of their income back to rent – empowering them to regain stability and sure-footing. Through our Plant A Seed Campaign which began in June 2019 all 30 apartments at Grace Garden were outfitted by generous community members and businesses. Now, as individuals and families transition out of YWCA’s Housing Program and new families arrive, household items will be needed for those ready to begin again. By providing essential household items such as kitchen supplies, bedroom linens & decor, bathroom towels, cleaning supplies, and more, or generously outfitting an entire apartment for a family in need, you help families start their journey to independence with all the comforts of home. This is a great opportunity for individuals, businesses, clubs and church groups. To join our list of supporters that will be contacted as apartments become available for outfitting in the future or to let us know you will be dropping of supplies, please complete our Interest Form at: www.ywcacassclay.org/housing/ Through your kindness, someone who has experienced much hardship will know they are part of a caring community that supports them on their journey forward.

TOP NEEDS You can donate the things women need on their journeys to independence. The families we serve need new and gently used:

Pots & Pans


Cleaning Supplies

Nonperishable Foods

Tissue & Paper Towels Donations can be dropped off at the Emergency Shelter between the hours of 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday. Before dropping off any furniture donations, please call Michaela at 701-478-2386, to be sure we have adequate storage space available. A complete list of urgent needs can be found at: ywcacassclay.org/urgent-needs

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A glimpse inside apartments at Grace Garden. Photos provided by: FATCat Studios

U.S. Postage PAID Fargo, ND Permit #890

YWCA Cass Clay 3100 12th Avenue North Fargo, ND 58102 (701) 232-2547


RACE: Are We So Different This fall, YWCA Cass Clay’s Racial Justice Committee in partnership with MSUM will host a series of community dialogue events in conjunction with the Science Museum of Minnesota’s RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit. The exhibit is currently on display at the MSUM: Livingston Lord Library in Moorhead, MN. Monday, September 16, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 15, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Thursday, November 14, 2019 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. There is no cost to attend but registration is required as space is limited to 35 attendees per session. If you are interested in joining us, please visit: www.eventbrite.com andPage search ‘YWCA RACE Exhibit’ to register. Refreshments 12 | YWCA | On A Mission | Fall 2019 will be provided.

Profile for YWCA Cass Clay

September 2019 | YWCA Fall Newsletter  

YWCA Cass Clay is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

September 2019 | YWCA Fall Newsletter  

YWCA Cass Clay is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.


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