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FROM THE CEO’S DESK LIGHT AFTER THE DARKNESS OF 2020: SPECIAL GIFT HELPS TO MAKE NEW HOUSING INITIATIVE POSSIBLE The long 2020 months of pandemic brought trials, heartache, and challenges for our team and women served by YWCA. Into this darkness came two amazing points of light. The first was a $2 million gift in December from MacKenzie Scott, an American philanthropist whose donations to charities in all 50 states was more generosity in one fell swoop than given by any living donor in history. She was, in short, spectacular. Her $2 million to YWCA Cass Clay, the largest single gift in our history, will soon make a historic difference.

You see, mere days separated news of her gift and a call informing us of a possibility to expand to the Presentation Center convent building next door. YWCA leadership and our board swiftly began conversations about the feasibility and impact of such a project. It felt both possible and true to our vision. We had made it a strategic priority in 2015 to grow our supportive housing for domestic violence survivors, already more than tripling our program size. This new opportunity – a second point of light – felt like the next right step.


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Our new residence will be called Lantern Light to honor a ministry of caring for widows and orphans late into the night by Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters. For me, Lantern Light will also represent the shining brilliance of Sisters of the Presentation and trail-blazing philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Their lasting brightness will be the difference stable homes bring to generations of women and children on long journeys to rebuild their lives.

Erin Prochnow CEO, YWCA Cass Clay

HERS IS A BEAUTIFUL STORY OF A MOM AND A LIFE RESTORED – AFTER SUICIDE ONCE SEEMED LIKE THE ONLY OPTION Not every survivor is as joy-filled and effervescent as Janine is today. Yet, the depths of her suffering were once so painful that she saw suicide as her only option. She attempted to end her life two years ago. It left her hospitalized for months. In 2020, she was pregnant and mom to three children when she summoned the courage to leave her abuser, knowing the burden of going it alone as a single parent. Staying at YWCA Emergency Shelter, she planned. And she delivered a healthy baby. We connected her to many services, including driving lessons that led to a license.

We introduced her to a pastor to grow her healthy support network, which led to a congregant’s donated van. We encouraged Janine to apply for better wages, and she works now at her “dream job” as a nursing assistant at the same hospital that cared for her as a suicide survivor. Women who come to the doors of YWCA need support and encouragement. It can seem overwhelming. It shouldn’t seem impossible. Just $44 provides a night of safety to start the journey for a survivor of domestic violence, human trafficking or homelessness due to poverty.

Mike and Charleen Solberg are local community members who want to give others the same opportunity Janine had for safety. They’ve pledged a dollar-for-dollar match for every donation up to $10,000 given through July 15. Please help us reach this full amount with your gift of any size!


At this year’s Women of the Year event, we shared one family’s story of three generations of service to YWCA on our board of directors. Watch it now by scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera! YWCA: On A Mission | Summer 2021 | Page 3

MEDICINE COMES TO US: Women safely gain care within YWCA shelter at new Sanford Health Residency Clinic Enormous good can come through modest resources in the hands of caring people.

preceptor for medical, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant students.

That’s the story of Sanford Health’s new, free clinic held every other week at YWCA Emergency Shelter.

Through the clinic, medical residents gain a real, sometimes raw, and very human experience in family practice.

It is game-changing, yet requires only the most basic and easily-carried resources: a blood pressure cuff, laptop, scale, stethoscope, and handful of other things. Most essential is the medical expertise of University of North Dakota doctors in their residency training and their supervising physician, Dr. Lara Lunde of Sanford Health. This Sanford residency program team has held clinics at YWCA Emergency Shelter on the second and fourth Mondays since launching last December. Women sign up for times between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to be seen at the Residency Clinic. Cases range from ordinary infections to things typical only at an emergency shelter: an eye struck by an abuser and now swollen shut. At one February clinic, the doctor saw 10 patients, ranging from a 70-year-old woman to a nine-day-old baby. Women received care in the place they feel most safe. Most were unlikely to have journeyed to any clinic on a day that began at 22 below zero and reached a high of just two below zero. The clinic was arranged by Dr. Lara Lunde, a Sanford family medicine doctor who’s also a community Page 4 | YWCA: On A Mission | Summer 2021

For residents of YWCA shelter, a most basic need – their health – is addressed. This better prepares them for life’s hard work of gaining employment, facing abusers in court, rearing children as single parents, and more. Women are diagnosed and treated for most anything not requiring lab tests or x-rays; and even those types of health issues can be seen for triage to the proper clinic site and provider. Typically, 10 to 12 women and children get care in a day. “Being seen onsite makes an incredible difference. Think of the mom who would otherwise have to take the bus to a clinic across town with her other two children in tow. It’s an enormous challenge to keep appointments and make health a priority when your life is in crisis,” says Shelter Services Director Angela Daly. “Dr. Lunde cares about people. She has so much compassion and empathy.” The experience of a shelter clinic also impacts those giving care, shaping residents into better doctors. “They see the realities of people in crisis and trauma,” Daly says, adding it can open eyes to

health resource struggles, like the woman in mental health crisis being told the next available appointment is six weeks away. This new clinic is the second invaluable partnership between Sanford and YWCA. Sanford also provides an RN onsite at the shelter. She learns about women’s health concerns and helps set goals, discusses ways to manage stress, clarifies medications, helps establish health insurance, shares choices for local health providers, and otherwise navigate a complex health system. In 2020, she averted 249 ER visits and 22 ambulance transports, and is critical to YWCA’s onsite respite care for homeless women recovering from illness or surgery at the shelter.

Passion for clinical care “outside the clinic” runs deep in Dr. Lunde and the UND residency program director Emily Gard, a social worker and manager of Family Medicine Clinical Operations at Sanford. A similar experience shaped Dr. Lunde’s own training. “This is medicine without white coats and clinical exam rooms. The ability to connect in an atypical setting while providing real medicine, the heart of medicine, is hard to teach in any other way. The residents can’t stop talking about the experience and are lining up to get it. They find it both impactful as well as educational - which is the goal,” says Dr. Lunde.

Registered Nurse Allison Wolf fills this position, and she carried through even more responsibilities during the pandemic.


Wolf cannot, however, diagnose or treat illness, so she’s grateful the new clinic brings compassionate care that reduces delays in getting health resources. “Women get the medical care they need and receive essential medications. Many times, they were kept from seeking medical care by their abuser, or had their medications thrown out or kept from them.”

• A mother and her two small children got medical care for their skin irritations. They feared getting on the bus to a clinic due to the domestic violence situation they left.

• An elderly woman gained heart and asthma medications, and attention to sores across her legs.

• A sexual assault victim received follow-up care to ensure her recovery from the assault.

The UND School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency in Fargo accepts six residents each year into the three-year program. That means 15 to 18 are typically at Sanford gaining broad experiences in family medicine, considered “whole person medicine” for birth until end of life.

• Referrals for laboratory and ultrasound tests were made for a medical condition not diagnosed prior to the woman’s shelter stay.

The YWCA clinic is popular among trainees because they see many patients and experience the rewards of helping underserved people.

• Children and infants received well child exams that otherwise would have required bus waits and rides in frigid winter weather.

• A woman received care and referrals for a mammogram and laboratory tests. She, too, was frightened to leave the shelter due to her abuser.

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INTRODUCING LANTERN LIGHT: A YWCA SUPPORTED RESIDENCE YWCA to bring new Lantern Light residence for survivors of domestic violence By 2023, YWCA will bring new, safe, and affordable housing in Fargo at the former convent building of the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The vacated convent is adjacent to YWCA Emergency Shelter. “Empty quarters will find new life, and women still very much in need of healing will find a short path to a caring team and empowering programs of YWCA,” says YWCA CEO Erin Prochnow.

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YWCA has begun work to secure an estimated $6 million in state and federal grants to renovate the building throughout 2022. The goal is to have 19 new residences ready in early 2023, atop the four that YWCA has been leasing since 2015 in a wing of the convent. Both parties collaborated to name the new housing site Lantern Light: a YWCA Supported Residence. In 1770s Ireland, Nano Nagle, foundress of the Presentation Sisters, cared for widows and orphans after her day of teaching children. Bringing food, medicine, and comfort late into the night, she carried her lamp through alleyways and became known as the Lady of the Lantern.

“Lantern Light honors our founder Nano Nagle and the spirit of her charism. It will be a place of safety and hospitality that kindles hope for the future,” says Sister Mary Margaret Mooney. The one- to four-bedroom spaces at Lantern Light will be home for approximately 60. YWCA staff will have presence onsite to help women as they overcome barriers in life. It’s typical for women to live an average two years in YWCA housing as they rebuild physical, emotional and financial health, paying up to 30 percent of their income in rent.

Proximity of Lantern Light to YWCA Emergency Shelter will provide a campus-like environment. Just footsteps away, survivors can make use of programs like licensed childcare, tutoring for children, youth activity programs, and an education and employment program to help women find jobs or gain education or skills training. Building operating costs for Lantern Light will be covered with rents paid by housing assistance and occupants. Staffing and support resources will be supported through annual investment growth from YWCA’s endowment. The endowment grew significantly in 2020 with proceeds from the building sale and a $2 million gift from U.S. philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. YWCA will fundraise an estimated $1 million to scale the endowment to the size needed for Lantern Light cash flow.

LARGEST GIFT IN HISTORY: $2 MILLION FROM PHILANTHROPIST MACKENZIE SCOTT YWCA Cass Clay received a $2 million gift from American philanthropist MacKenzie Scott in late 2020, with instructions to use the donation as seen fit by our organization. The donation to YWCA was among a sweeping $4.1 billion in gifts Scott made across four months in late 2020 to charities in all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. Scott took a data-driven approach to identify organizations “with strong leadership teams and results.” The process involved analysis of community needs, program outcomes, and each nonprofit’s capacity to absorb and make effective use of funding.

Her team deeply researched 822 organizations, ultimately landing on 384. Said Scott: “We do this research and deeper diligence not only to identify organizations with high potential for impact, but also to pave the way for unsolicited and unexpected gifts given with full trust and no strings attached. Because our research is datadriven and rigorous, our giving process can be human and soft.” A portion of Scott’s gift will address pandemic-related 2021 funding shortfalls. The greatest portion will be placed into YWCA’s endowment to create investment growth that annually pays for YWCA staff and supportive services at Lantern Light.

Visit ywcacassclay.org/lantern-light to learn more and sign up to receive information about future opportunities to help! YWCA: On A Mission | Summer 2021 | Page 7



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COMMUNICATIONS Karen Stensrud Bell Bank

TO THE 2021 YWCA WOMEN OF THE YEAR We are incredibly grateful for those that joined us both in person and virtually for the 48th annual Women of the Year event on Monday, April 26th! This year we honored 40 women and businesses. The evening culminated in the announcement of the 2021 YWCA Cass Clay Women of the Year recipients in 12 different categories. A special thank you to Dakota Medical Foundation for generously matching donations made during the event!

FAITH COMMUNITY Lisa Hanson Atonement Lutheran Church The Next Step ND

HEALTH & WELLNESS Cassie Kasowski Beth’s Place

Charlene Kuznia Down Home

COMMUNITY & VOLUNTEER SERVICE Hamida Dakane Afro American Development Assoc.


EDUCATION Holly Erickson Heritage Middle School West Fargo Public Schools

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Holly Anderson Elinor Coatings


YOUTH ADVOCACY Carolyn Strnad Clay County Collaborative

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LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Agnes Harrington ShareHouse

Holly Anderson Tammy Jo Anderson Taft Sue Baron Ashley Blazek Dr. Carrie Brower-Breitwieser Hamida Dakane Edward Jones Holly Erickson Brooke Erstad Amy Feland

Pat Fredrickson Kodee Furst Lisa Hanson Agnes Harrington Laetitia Hellerud Stacey Hone Sally Jacobson Kara Jorvig Cassie Kasowski Heather Keeler


YWCA ADVOCATES TRAIN IN ALLSTATE’S PURPLE PURSE CURRICULUM In April, YWCA Cass Clay observed Financial Literacy Month by training 10 local advocates on the use of the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Moving Ahead Curriculum. The training was made possible by a grant from The Allstate Foundation. This grant also helps YWCA continue providing financial empowerment education to help survivors of domestic violence, 99% of whom experience financial abuse. Last year, YWCA’s team shared Allstate’s Purple Purse resources with 231 women.

Sue Klose Charlene Kuznia Amy Longtin Dr. Erynn Millard Dr. Roxanne Newman Dr. Tracie Newman Andrea Olson Dr. Carol Roth Brittany Sachdeva Chelsey Steinlicht

Karen Stensrud Carolyn Strnad Christy Tehven Dr. Shelby Terstriep Siri Thaden Angie Thier Marissa West Dr. Abbey Wick Cindy Yeager Tania Zerr

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Our Deepest Gratitude

A sincere thank you to those who have honored someone they care about with a gift to YWCA. Laura and Cash Aaland in honor of Agnes Harrington

Donna Bossman in honor of Verna Anderson

Katie and Brennan Forward in honor of Dr. Carrie Brower-Breitwieser

Sue and Troy Anderson in honor of Gloria Wadeson

Kriss Burns in honor of Holly Anderson

Macy Francisco in honor of Celine Francisco

Tracy Anderson in memory of Elaine Holm

Carrie Carney in honor of Karen Stensrud

Anonymous in honor of Dr. Tracie Newman Anonymous in honor of strong women

Daniel Carlson in honor of Fargo

Jay Carney in honor of Laura and Cole Carley

Anonymous in memory of Robert Scheel

Rachel and Josh Clarke in honor of Ruth Hanson

Anonymous in memory of Robert Scheel

Noelle Clouse in honor of Amy Longtin

Anonymous in honor of Laetitia Hellerud

Helen Correll in memory of Thyra Hoehn

Anonymous in honor of Kodee Furst

Patricia Crary in memory of Robert Scheel

Anonymous in honor of Sheri Peterson

Nicole Crutchfield in honor of Hamida Dakane and Laetitia Hellrud

Rachel Asleson in honor of Hamida Dakane Samantha and Chris Bachmeier in honor of Kara Jorvig Sandra Badinger in honor of Josie Kolodejchuk Margaret Bailly in honor of Agnes Harrington Debra and Gary Ball-Kilbourne in honor of Cindy Yeager

Sara Watson Curry in honor of Tony Ocana and Eileen Busleig Jennifer Dahl in memory of Bob Scheel

Julie and Dan Bommelman in honor of Andrea Olson Page 10 | YWCA: On A Mission | Summer 2021

Pamela Green in memory of George Mallick Mary and Douglas Griffin in honor of Dr. Carrie Brower-Breitwieser, Dr. Roxanne Newman, Dr. Tracie Newman, Brittany Sachdeva, and Siri Thaden Constance Grondahl in memory of Bob Scheel

Cheryl Hackey in memory of La Rue Flaa

Julie Erickson, Perry Rust, and Al and Jenny Erickson & Family in memory of Bob Scheel

Gay Blazek in honor of Ashley Blazek

David Geske in memory of Bob Scheel

Priscilla Drayton in memory of Robert Scheel

Neal Beitelspacher in memory of Ruth Beitelspacher

Ashley Blazek in honor of mom and all the incredible women met and are yet to meet

Caley Gasch in honor of Dr. Abbey Wick

Cheryl Hackey in memory of Sylvia Myers

Richard Engen in memory of Gloria Engen

Kristine Bjelde in memory of Janet King

Julee Gartner in honor of Kodee Furst

Gretchen and Eric Dobervich in honor of Holly Erickson

Linda Bates in honor of Cindy Yeager

Sally and Bob Berrell in memory of Robert Scheel

Jeremiah Gard in honor of Sally Jacobson

Cheryl Hackey in memory of Thomas Vangerud

Tammi Jo Barta in honor of her mom

Kathryn Benson in honor of Erin Dahl

Tracy Frank in honor of Karen Stensrud

Janessa Delvo in memory of Joan Wall

Jessica Ebeling in honor of June Hayer; to honor her dedication for encouraging servant leadership to the three generations in our family

Tammi Jo Barta in honor of Sue Klose

Jason Franciso in memory of Grandpa Tony

Cheryl Hackey in memory of Edward Moen

Adrienn Halland in honor of Kara Jorvig Kellee Hann in honor of Amy Longtin Ashton Hansen in honor of Kara Jorvig Arlene and Court Hanson in memory of Doreen Taber Brian Hayer in memory of Bob Scheel

Emma Erickson in honor of Holly Erickson

June Hayer in honor of Erin Prochnow

Dorothy and Charles Erstad in honor of Brooke Erstad

Brian Hayer in honor of Christy Tehven

Marlene and Napoleon Espejo in honor of Stacy Hone Kathryn Fink in honor of the staff Wendy and Gary Fisher in honor of Cindy Yeager Janel Forster in memory of Harriet Ficek

Brian Hayer in honor of June Hayer Tyrel Hegland in honor of Agnes Harrington Jodi Hendrickson in honor of Edward Jones Sandy Huseby in memory of Bob Scheel and Bob Alin

Adam Isakson in honor of Laurie Isakson Mary Jo Jacobson in honor of Karen Stensrud Willy Jacobson in memory of Jean Price Racheal Ann Johnson in honor of Cassie Kasowski Maureen Jonason in memory of Jeanne B. Kelly Phyllis and Verdell Jordheim in memory of Audrey Casperson

Natalie Molstad in memory of Mary Wilson

Laura Sokolofsky in honor of all Jefferson families helped by the YWCA

Meg Morley in honor of Patricia Coffey

Karen Stensrud in honor of her mom and aunt

Meg Morley in honor of Mrs. North Dakota America 2020 Amy Longtin Bryan Nermoe in honor of Brittany Sachdeva Virginia Newman in honor of Dr. Tracie Newman

Jenna Kahly in honor of Carolyn Strnad

Jessica Offerman in honor of Ashley Blazek, Laetitia Hellerud, and Christy Tehven

Nancy Kelly in honor of Dr. Abbey Wick

Derrick Olson in honor of Andrea Olson

Timothy Kreft in memory of Betty Kreft

Mary Ann Phillips in honor of Karen Stensrud

Beverly Krein in memory of Liz Leroy Tiffany Lawrence in honor of Brittany Sachdeva Janice Lebga in honor of her mom and grandmother Rebecca and Jeffrey LeDoux in memory of Bob Scheel

Lori Plankers in honor of Angie Their Priscilla Randklev in memory of Theo Thompson Neena Ravindran in honor of Holly Anderson Lacey Romie in honor of Edward Jones

Mary Jo Lewis in honor of Agnes Harrington

Susan Rosvold in honor of Dr. Carrie Brower-Breitwieser

Angie and Terry Lipp in memory of Marjorie A. Stoa

Jessica Roth in honor of Dr. Carol Roth

Nicole Lockhart in honor of Empress and the Immortal Heart

Laura and Ben Roth in honor of Dr. Carol Roth

Bonnie Loomer in honor of Amy Longtin

Nicole and Alora Rude in memory of Dennis Kumm

Denise and Mark Magness in honor of June Hayer and Jessica Ebeling

Brittany Sachdeva in honor of her mom

Cynthia Magnuson in honor of Edward Jones Norma Mahler in memory of Carla-Marie Ferry Johnson Zienneker

Gautam Sachdeva in honor of Brittany Sachdeva Linda Schauer in honor of Christy Tehven

Angela Mathers in honor of Heather Keeler

Sherri Schmidt in honor of Pat Fredrickson

Jean Marie McGowan in honor of Siri Thaden

Kim Seeb in honor of Angie Thier

Patricia McLaughlin in honor of Sally Jacobson Carrie McLeod in honor of Lisa Hanson Melanie and Gregg McNutt in memory of Stephen Whalen Em Messelt in memory of Marny Foster

Karen Seljevold in honor of Dr. Roxanne Newman

Helen and Homer Stensrud in honor of Karen Stensrud Daniel Stoa in honor of Sherry Stoa Sara Stolt in honor of amazing staff Maureta Studebaker in honor of Nancy Lunde Chad Terstriep in honor of Dr. Shelby Terstriep Rosemary Thomas in honor of Agnes Harrington Carolyn Trana in honor of Alice Hanson Ranelle Turman in memory of Dan McShane Sondra Vick in honor of Betty Dahl Deborah Wald in honor of Kara Jorvig Rebecca Walen in honor of Karen Stensrud Diane and David Wanner in memory of Carla Hubbard Diane and Dave Wanner in memory of Ruth Reimers Kristin Warling-Severson in honor of Luaine Warling Robin Wick in honor of Dr. Abbey Wick Abbey Wick in honor of Holly Erickson Sue and Roger Wick in memory of Sarah “Sally” Vandergon Carolyn Wright in honor of Erin Prochnow Cindy Yeager in honor of Hamida Dakane Jessica Zenker in honor of Shanna Bergh

Terry Shiek in memory of Diane Auksela Karen Skarpness in honor of Norean Hoots GaNe’ and Michael Skatvold in memory of Loren Vandal YWCA: On A Mission | Summer 2021 | Page 11

U.S. Postage PAID Fargo, ND Permit #890

YWCA Cass Clay 4650 38th Ave. S, Suite 110 Fargo, ND 58104-8529

YWCA’S TOP NEEDS You can donate the things women need on their journeys to independence. Our current top needs include:


Cleaning Products


Other Hygiene Items

Adult Multivitamins

(shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body lotion, etc.)

Donations can be dropped off at YWCA Emergency Shelter Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM, or shipped to 3000 S. University Drive, Fargo, ND 58103. Our full needs list and a link to YWCA’s Amazon Wish List can be found at ywcacassclay.org/urgent-needs