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THE ARRIVAL OF the YWAM MEDICAL SHIP in NEWCA STLE “YWAM Australia & PNG Ship Tour” edition 001

Staff of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) walking out to Nobby Harbor to welcome in the Pacific Link to Newcastle

One of the first moments of spotting the Pacific Link on the horizon

Waving and welcoming in the crew of the Pacific Link that travelled 6 days from New Zealand.

Excited YWAM Staff, students and locals at the Newcastle Forshore dock welcoming in the YWAM medical ship to Newcastle!

Throwing the mooring lines across to the wharf.

Hannah Peart, Medical Coordinator, getting interviewd by local news

Cees Bol, Ken and Robyn Mulligan, Director of YWAM Ships, and Captain Jesse Miisa

created: february 22.2010 : edition 1 photo credit: Joanna Orpia, Jordan Norris, Stephanie Anderson, Mic Withall

Arrival of the YWAM Ship in Newcastle  
Arrival of the YWAM Ship in Newcastle  

This is the first edition of the YWAM Ship Photo Magazine. This edition covers the arrival of the YWAM Ship in Newcastle on February 17, 200...