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news update September 2011 edition

G’day from Ken As I write this, we are sailing into the Western Province on our last outreach in PNG for 2011. We look back over the lives that have been affected and see that hope is continuing to be restored and needs are being met. The volunteers who have come along on our journey have been a major part of seeing all of this happen. They have given so much, and I know that we will continue with the same passion and excitement throughout our last outreach, as if it was the first. I am certain that, as this outreach ends and our trip back to Townsville begins, we will continue to have much to share. We look forward to our arrival into Townsville to celebrate an exceptional 6 months and will continue to share stories of hope, even from the shores of Australia.

Ken Mulligan - CEO YWAM Medical Ships - Australia

Volunteers from Outreach 6 return from their sail into the Western Province

PNG Sustainable Development Fund Partners Up and Provides Fuel YWAM Medical Ships is thrilled to announce that the PNG Sustainable Development Fund offered to provide the funds for 17,000L of fuel to ensure the ship continues to sail this year, and in turn, continues to do healthcare in the remote area of the Western Province. In terms of distance, the amount of fuel that’s being funded takes the ship from Port Moresby to and from the Western Province twice, then back to Townsville in late September, and then back to Port Moresby again when outreaches begin in 2012 (about 3,000 kilometers). The burden of fuel costs has been lifted and YWAM is thankful for the support of this new partner. YWAM Medical Ships has been looking for partners to back the work of the ship in this practical way. When entities like the PNG Sustainable Development Fund see the work of the ship and decide to provide for different needs of the ship, it allows the volunteers to get on with what they’ve come to do - to give to those in need. The fact that we have partnered with a group in PNG is a great encouragement to the work of the ship.

Story Continued... Jacob also spent time working with the girls’ parents, preparing them to continue teaching Katey and Ema after his departure from Hula.

The two girls, Katey and Ema, getting ready for the days lessons.

Signs Of Life Sign language is not something most people in the western world think twice about, but to those in remote, developing communities, sign language is generally a new and much needed form of communication.

Not only do Katey and Ema now have a foundation to develop better communication, but their hopes to receive an education have also been restored. Jacob is arranging to send teaching resources to the local school in Hula so that the girls can continue learning with the support of their parents and local teachers. He hopes that they will soon be re-integrated into the schooling system, which will expand their opportunities for the future. Katey’s father believes that these girls are already eyeopeners in their community, where only a few weeks ago, deaf people were regarded as a lost cause. Both Katey’s father and Jacob hope to raise awareness of this need and call teachers to go to these locations, bringing the opportunity of education to those who otherwise would go without.

In the small PNG village of Hula, two young deaf girls struggle to be heard and have only developed basic communication skills within their homes. Katey, 8, and Ema, 9, have been deaf since birth and, as a result of their limited communication, have had no access to education and a bleak outlook for their future. A few weeks ago, a YWAM team visited Hula and was introduced to Katey and Ema. Jacob Newman, one of the volunteers, saw the opportunity to use his sign language skills to teach Katey and Ema the concept of sign language in the hopes to improve the communication within their homes. Over his two week stay, Jacob was able to teach the girls and their families signs for names, actions, and items around the house; Katey and Ema were incredibly receptive. It quickly dawned on them that they too have the ability to communicate and that there is a way for them to express their needs and emotions.

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The September 2011 News Update  

This months news update features the PNG Sustainable Development Fund Partners Up and Provides Fuel, and a touching story about two deaf gir...

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