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news update February 2011 edition

G’day from Ken Hi! I hope you enjoy these stories from PNG and want to remind you as well as sharing in the success stories of others, you can have some of your own. There’s a lot I’ve been able to experience in my role as a volunteer, that I don’t think exists in many other places. From starting new YWAM centres in Darwin to meeting the Governor of the Gulf Province of PNG, it ’s been a rich experience. One that I would recommend anyone get involved in doing. I encourage you to personally adventure with us into PNG this year as we keep pushing forward to give life.

Ken Mulligan - CEO YWAM Medical Ships - Australia

Primary Health Care volunteers faced the realities of the issue of cholera.

An up-close look at PNG’s Cholera Outbreak As the news of the cholera outbreak in Papua New Guinea continues to roll in, a team of 19 volunteer YWAM students head straight into the thick of things in PNG’s Western Province. Commencing their work, they were amazed by the impact that this disease can have on a community. Medical Coordinator and Primary Health Care Trainer, Hannah Peart wrote in a letter: “It is crazy to see the effects of cholera in this area. You can’t buy baked goods or have large gatherings around food. The schools closed in October last year.There are signs everywhere telling people to be careful.” The interesting facts turned to more sorrowful ones when she reported, “There are temporary wards for cholera now and they even had to bring in a shipping container for the deceased victims. It has changed a lot of how they do things here.” The report wasn’t all doom and gloom, however. Peart reported that the situation is coming under control and that the team put in place by the provincial government has done an excellent job. Deaths have dropped to an appropriate standard. Now the main health risks surrounding the outbreak are side effects such as malnutrition, which is manageable.

Henry’s Unfading Hope

Featured Crew Member: Helen Middleton After 412 days in the hospital, Henry was full of hope and a thankful heart.

Meet Henry. He is 34 years old, married with 2 teenager daughters and was living a happy healthy life until 2007. It was in 2007 when he was first diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) and started treatment. However, he was not able to finish his treatment so by late 2007 he was back in hospital to receive another dose of treatment, but his condition did not improve. It was discovered that he has MDR (Multi-Drug Resistance) and was quite possibly the first confirmed case of MDR in the Western Province. Since then he is on a new treatment plan, which has had its ups and downs. He’s spent the last 412 days in hospital so considers himself the father of the war and knows everybody! I asked him if he has down days and how he feels about being in hospital for so long. His response was that his wife is beautiful, his daughters are amazing, his God is big, and with only 3 more months in hospital, he wants to see it through so he can be well.   It was a really special time to sit with this man and his wife and swap stories. The outlook for Henry could go either way. One thing is for sure; he wants to live and is believing that he will survive!


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Q: When did your life start involving ships? A: When I stated working for Disney Cruise Line in February 2004, I worked in the Youth Activities department for 3 years and was the Cruise Director’s Assistant for a year. Q: What motivates you to do what you do? A: There is no other feeling in the world than being able to give someone the means to live life to the full. I love that my involvement with YWAM Medical Ships enables me not only to take young people into PNG, but also help the people in PNG through the work of the ship. Q: What was your first experience of Papua New Guinea? A: December 2009. I took a team of 9 young people to villages around the Port Moresby area, working with churches and youth groups. Q: What Disney character reflects you? A: Peter Pan Q: Where in the world have you been? A: I have been very blessed in being able to see a lot of this beautiful world, and have been to a total of 23 countries. Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A: I see myself still serving with YWAM Townsville and potentially still working with the YWAM Medical Ships ministry.

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The February 2011 News Update  
The February 2011 News Update  

This news update features stories on the cholera epidemic, as well as higlights one of our crew.