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Spring 2012


Alv J. Magnus Regional Elder

After spending several days at Restenäs in early February, I want to report that the ministry is flourishing! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Renovation is going on. A new roof on the dining-hall building is being laid, and soon the interior will be renovated, which is really the hub and central meeting place for guests, students and staff. The meeting hall in the “White House” has never looked better! It is inviting. I recall the prophetic words spoken over Restenäs by David Saunders years ago, that this place would be orderly and well kept, not luxurious, but pleasant, and where influential Swedish families would send their young ones for training. This word is gradually coming true.

Highlights: • KONTAKT gathered 60 young people, including 20 youth leaders. • 9 teams of staff and students went on a week’s Capital Outreach sharing the gospel. • 2 staff helped with a six-week anti-trafficking campaign in Nigeria. • A family of 5 was sent out to serve in Nepal. • Our Cambodia field workers are pioneering a new base and antitrafficking ministry. • Our fall schools served in Mozambique, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Spain and Sweden. • Restenäs hosted 60 leaders for EXPAND, a regional leaders gathering. • North Korean ministries donated 1000 pairs of shoes and food supplies to North Korea. by Tove Poulsen

Ekhagen’s new roof The Leadership Team is competent and devoted to the task. The financial management is done with utmost integrity and professionalism. To me, all this is greatly encouraging, as I have followed the ministry since the early eighties. The occasion for my visit this time was a Nordic gathering of leaders deliberating how to implement a word from the Lord about expansion. Well, it is already happening. New initiatives have been taken to start ministries in several capital cities in the north of Europe, most recently in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo. Since last year, a team of



10 have been involved in Tallinn (Estonia). Riga (Latvia) and Reykjavik (Iceland) have established ministries dating back three to five years. There are also new shoots, ministries involving preventative measures in the awful trafficking business as well as efforts to rescue girls being sold into that degrading “career”. This month three truckloads of relief goods will be going to a very poor part of Latvia, accompanied by more than 350 young volunteers, who will distribute the items, minister in prisons, orphanages and old people’s homes, and help start new churches. YWAM in Sweden is on the rise. It is healthy, vibrant and full of new life. It makes an old hand in leadership glad. May the good Lord continue to bless and build the ministry to the benefit of the lost and the needy.

Extreme Makeover, 17 - 19 May

Come join our staff team at YWAM Restenäs. Current opportunities: Graphic design, web design, video production, receptionist, hospitality, carpentry, general maintenance. We look forward to hearing from you.

God said “Capitals!” This November we sent out nine teams on a oneweek outreach to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Tallinn and Malmö, and some families ministered in Uddevalla. We worked with churches, the homeless and children, did prayer walks, street ministry, led Bible studies, etc. We joined EYE on COPENHAGEN, an initiative to see YWAM re-pioneered there. We gathered with past YWAM staff, pastors and friends and now have Eye on Copenhagen three people committed to stay in Copenhagen. The next Capital Outreach will happen May 7 - 13. Come with us!

Will you be there? At every Olympic Games, YWAM rallies thousands of people to communicate God’s story with the nations present. Have you ever been a part of an Olympic Outreach? It is electric and full of opportunities. God can use your life to change others’. This year’s Olympics happen on our doorstep, England, with 216 nations represented there. England and Sweden share their history, as English evangelists first came to Sweden with the Gospel. This outreach provides you a great opportunity to give back to England! This July 21 - August 5, we will train youth groups and individuals at Restenäs to go to London. 3000 of us from different nations will stay at the YWAM Harpenden base and go out daily for outreach into the city. Outreach will involve sports and arts activities, children’s clubs, prayer walks, street ministries, etc. YWAM is working together with local authorities, 1850 churches, 60 missions organisations. It is an opportunity of a lifetime! Sign up today! Bring a friend, a team. We will train and lead the teams. Don’t miss the wave! Contact: +46 (0)73-071-5997 The source of Joy Outreach to Mozambique Was there an experience during your outreach that had the most impact on you? We spent a lot of time with children, as well as visiting a local prison. It was amazing to see how the children were joyful in spite of their poverty and lack; how the prisoners who came to believe in God danced and laughed, though being deprived of freedom and experiencing hardships. This joy seemed to have no Samuel Bengtsson, Varberg basis. I spent time seeking God to understand where Disciple Training School student this joy comes from. I realized that the only thing that really matters is who I am in God. I am God’s beloved son, brother of Christ, prayer warrior, part of the body of Christ. Everything I do I want to do honoring God. This is the source of joy. What are your immediate and long term plans? I will be doing the Bible Core Course this spring. In the future I would like to go to Africa and serve God there.

Belief Check What do you learn in the SBS? We learn to see the Bible for what it is, rather than just a theological statement. The Bible holds timeless principles that we can apply in modern society. How have you been transformed by the SBS? It made me re-evaluate beliefs I had before. I learned the value of being humble and being open for correction of my beliefs, holding truth as most important. Would you recommend the SBS to others?

Calle Hjelte, Örebro School of Biblical Studies student

To make true teaching of the Bible a foundation of one’s life, to stir one’s passion, to see more of who God is and to learn His character. This is why one should do an SBS.

Fall 2012 Schools North Korea Study Seminar (NKSS)

God loves North Korea! Are you longing to be an expression of God’s love for the North Koreans? Welcome to this seminar, which is full of interesting and challenging teaching, worship, intercessory prayer, networking and much more. We believe this seminar is a very good “first step” for everyone who has a heart for North Korea. 25 August - 8 September 2012 - English/Korean -

Disciplship Training School (DTS)

Longing for a deeper relationship with God? Enjoy adventure? Want to be part of seeing God’s kingdom come to your community and the nations? Then the DTS is the right place for you. Join us for this exciting six-month journey of revelation, inspiration, and transformation. 12 September 2012 - 23 February 2013 - English/Swedish -

School of Intercessory Prayer (SOIP)*

The SOIP is a three-month course where you will venture deeper into your relationship with God. You will practise hearing His voice in corporate worship and intercession times while receiving training in the principles of intercession, prophecy, worship and spiritual warfare. Join us as we intercede for individuals, cities, nations and the areas of society. 20 September - 15 December 2012 - English-

School of Biblical Studies (SBS)*

Join the nine-month SBS and study all 66 books of the Bible. Our goal is to see you grow in your relationship with God and be better equipped to make Him known among the nations. We desire to change the world through the Word! First term: 20 September - 14 December 2012 The full 9 month SBS ends 28 June 2013 - English -

School of Communication Foundations (SCF)*

Good communication is a life-long learning process that we practise every day. By improving our communication we can build better relationships with God and others. The SCF develops both practical skills and a stronger foundation in your God-given identity. This is a school for everybody, doing anything. 20 September - 15 Dec 2012 - English -

* DTS is a prerequisite

Coming up in Spring 2013… • Korean Discipleship Training School (KDTS) • Bible Core Course (BCC) • School of Worship (SOW) • School of Biblical Studies II (SBS)



Slavery abolished? In December 2011 I met a beautiful Nigerian woman who had endured suffering beyond my imagination. I had heard of Human Trafficking (HT) before, but I had never realised that the inhumanity of today’s trafficking is equal to that of the slavery abolished in 1807. ‘Favour’, lured by the false promises and bound by the financial debt imposed on her, walked the desert in Algeria with others trapped like her, having nothing but their own urine to drink. They were transported through the border to Libya in a truck with heavy barrels, used as seats for local men, set on top of them. In her new “job”, Favour was forced to please 50 men a day, sometimes 150. Now back in Nigeria, she lives with a painful reminder of the nightmare, being HIV positive, but she has a hope. How many die without hope? Zhenya and Maria with the team in Nigeria Europe in my heart Maria Svensson and I had the privilege of joining the Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking (MeCAHT), run by Media Village, YWAM in Jos, Nigeria. MeCAHT consists of three stages. First, a full-feature film, “Europe in My Heart”, is soon to be released on both national and international levels. Sponsored by the Danish government and starring some of Africa’s most famous actors, the film portrays the story of a Nigerian village girl who falls victim to traffickers. Second, in November-December 2011 we trained 150 volunteers representing various spheres of society. With them, we held sessions in local churches of Benin City, also labelled the “hub for traffickers”, showing the film and teaching people how to protect themselves. Third, a safe house is to be built in Jos to provide shelter and vocational training for the victims of HT, and a school is to be launched providing training for those willing to dedicate their lives to working with victims of HT. 75,000 slaves stranded As many as 75,000 Nigerian children, women and men are said to be stranded along the route to Europe leading through Mali, Algeria and Libya or Morocco. Only 10% of those leaving their country reach Europe, only to be enslaved there. 80% of all African prostitutes in Europe, including Sweden, are from Nigeria, mostly Edo State, Benin City. Yet almost half of the Nigerian population is Christian. Though the Church in this nation is weakened by certain beliefs, it has a part to play in solving the problem of HT. From God’s perspective, church should support justice in society, I believe. William Wilberforce spent his life fighting slavery and he won the battle. Will we allow our lives to be claimed by the battle for freedom of 30 milion people said to be enslaved today? If you would like to know more about MeCAHT or Favour’s story, please contact Maria or me at, by Zhenya Zhyvova

A five-year plan With the recent addition of Jez Simpson and Svenn Strandberg to the staff at Restenäs, there has been a renewed impetus to repair and improve our water and sewer system. At a recent Board meeting a five-year plan was put forward tackling the huge issue of water treatment, water supply and quality, sewer and rainwater runoff systems upgrading. The first stage to take place during 2012 is twofold. The installation of sand filters will remove the majority of the iron content from the water supply. A pumping system which will use both bore holes will reduce demand on one bore hole, giving more time for each to replenish. This should reduce the salt content over time, and also provides some security of supply should one borehole pump fail. We see this plan as the beginning of getting our infrastructure back to a good standard.

Clean water Next step would be hooking up to the communal sewer line, a project that could cost us well over 3 million kr. Please pray with us, that the Lord will bless and prosper these goals. This cannot be done without support and help of friends. Would you consider praying and giving toward this goal? By Jez Simpson, Finance Leader

Writers’ Workshop with Janice Rogers • Dates: 21-25th May 2012 • Language: English and Swedish • Place: YWAM Restenäs • Contact Kristin Skaug +46 (0)522 210 20 • Cost 1800kr (incl basic housing and all meals)  1300kr (lunch only)   1500kr Full-time YWAMer or Student (incl housing and food)

You’re bursting with ideas, your story is captivating and you would like to put it in writing, but you are not sure of your talent as a writer… In this week-long workshop, you will learn how to write a compelling story as you identify and address the reader’s felt needs. You will develop your story, learning how to tighten your focus and build dramatic and engaging scenes. You will learn principles which work in any language. Come and discover how you can serve God through being a writer. Janice Rogers led the first Authors Training School in YWAM in 1986. Since then she has trained hundreds of writers from more than 30 nations in writing schools and seminars. Janice has written and edited a number of books, including five with her brother, Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM.

Engage . Equip . Act Coming up: 5 - 7 May 7 – 13 May 12 May 14 - 18 May 17 May 17 - 19 May 21 - 25 May 21 July - 5 August 12 September 20 September

Youth Leaders Gathering Outreaches to Northern Europe’s Captials Jesus Manifestation, Stockholm Worship Seminar with Daniel Lehmann, Kona, Hawaii Spring Party, starting at 12.00 Extreme Makeover, work weekend Writers’ Workshop with Janice Rogers, USA Olympic Outreach, London DTS begins SCF, SBS I, SOIP begin

Please pray with us for:

Partner with us:

• Our staff serving in Nepal, India, China, Cambodia, Turkey, Thailand • Full financial support of all staff • Release of visas for foreign staff and students • Strong foundations, wisdom and lasting fruit in the pioneering School of Worship • Skilled staff in the area of web-design, video, fundraising and maintenance • Release of new water & sewer system for Restenäs • More regular financial supporters for Restenäs • Favour and strategic partnerships in Sweden

We invite you to partner with us through prayer and financial giving. You can become a Restenäs Partner by supporting us with 200 kr. or more monthly. As a Restenäs Partner you will be taking an active part in youth being set on fire for Jesus through Mission Adventures and schools, people trained for missions and the work place, sending people to the least reached, and much more. If you would like to help us, please see our bank information below and contact us. Every gift, small or big, helps.

How to give: Account Holder: UMU/YWAM, Restenäs 239, 459 93 Ljungskile, Sweden Payments within Sweden: Bankgiro number: 676-7354 or Postgiro number: 896156-7 International Payments: Swedbank, Box 775, 451 26 Uddevalla, Sweden, IBAN: SE1880000836833449408370, SWIFT-address: SWEDSESS

Find us here: YWAM Restenäs ywamrestenas

Youth With A Mission Restenäs 239 459 93 Ljungskile Sweden

Tel +46 (0) 522 21020 UMU Team: Tel +46 (0) 73 071 5997

2012 Spring Eng  

YWAM Spring 2012 Highlights: Alv J. Magnus Regional Elder Ekhagen’s new roof

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