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Youth With A Mission Restenäs, Sweden

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Dear Friends, Reflecting on this past year I have been so struck with God’s faithfulness. Pondering the events of 2007 my mind fills with the ways He has used this place to Mobilise, Train and Send missionaries to build God’s Kingdom among the Un-reached. What has been accomplished this year has been a result of the combined effort of the staff, students, friends and partners of YWAM Restenäs. Looking back, I am beginning to see how God has led us in furthering his Kingdom. Crossing our campus I see people walking from building to building, going about their daily work or studies. I have begun to realise that they are filled with many dreams: dreams to bring release to those held prisoner in the sex trade and other injustices, dreams of seeing Sweden and Scandinavia revived by His gospel, dreams of people in our focus areas hearing the gospel and seeing lives transformed, dreams of training

people so that they can fulfil all God has for them, and many other dreams. It’s like peering into a microscope. I begin to see how our corporate dream is made up of a compilation of many individuals fulfilling the dreams God has given them. It’s like many droplets of water blending together to become a mighty river flowing out to the nations from this nation. This realisation fills me with gratitude to our staff for what they have done, and to God for sending such people here. As you read on, I hope you, too, will be awestruck by what has been accomplished this year, through all of us, staff, students, friends and partners of YWAM Restenäs. To God be the glory!

Philip McCurley

Looking back Good news! Our Restenäs population is growing. With four different schools running this autumn, we experienced a total of almost 200 people working and studying on our campus. That’s not including our winter/spring schools and other events held from January through July. All of these are a result of God’s faithfulness. We held our first ever North Korea Study School (NKSS), which gave us a deeper understanding of North Korea, one of our focus areas.

NKSS students enjoy an after-lunch ice-cream during the first snowfall this autumn outside of the dining hall.

Youth With A Mission / Restenäs 239 / 459 93 Ljungskile / Sweden

The Solbacken Project, an initiative to renovate our student rooms, has already brought in around 107,000 Swedish kronor out of the 150,000 that is budgeted. One entire floor has now been renovated, and the second floor we hope to complete by next summer. One of our School of Biblical Studies student graduates walked onto the stage at the University of the Nations “Celebrate Asia” Conference in South Korea, to receive her degree. Our Mobilisation Team is on the cutting edge of mobilising for missions. They were part of the Frontier Missions Strategy Consultation we hosted in April, out of which came an invitation for them to lead a mobilisation workshop at the YWAM Europe Staff gathering in Herrnhut, Germany. Many YWAMers at the event benefited from what they had to share.

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Mirjam Thiessen, one of the MOB leaders teaches a workshop at Festival of the Nations in Hernnhut, Germany.

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Org# 858500 5633

Looking ahead Our 2008 India Focus DTS is processing several applications for the January school. The first IFDTS was launched last January. We sent a small team there in March which are now hosting other teams from Restenäs and elsewhere. We have received very encouraging reports about several ministry opportunities in the city where our team lives. Please pray that this year’s IFDTS be full of students, so we will have plenty of people to send there. The school starts 10 January, 2008. In March we will celebrate our eleventh Korean Discipleship Training School. What a tremendous bless-

Stay tuned as we prepare for our summer mission trips, with plans to send teams to the 2008 Olympic Games in China. Teams will also be travelling to India, and even Skåne! Would you like us to send a poster to hang in your church? Or would you like our mobilisation team to come and share more about mission trips? email them: If a summer mission trip isn’t possible, perhaps you would like to attend our ‘In Touch Renewal Gathering’ July 13 -19.

Our summer Renewal Gathering offers a great summer holiday in a YWAM environment. There is a sense of God’s presence, a great atmosphere and ministry times too.

Our KDTS teams perform Korean cultural, as well as western, dances during their outreaches in Scandinavia

Or if you have an autumn to spare and need to refresh your communication skills, we will host our first School of Communication Foundations (SCF) next September. See the SCF video on You can visit our website for information on any of these schools and events.

Upcoming Events in 2008 January 7 - March 28 - School of Biblical Studies part 2 (SBS II) January 10 - June 27 - India Focus Discipleship Training School (IFDTS) With a special focus on Northern India. March 3 - August 15 - Korean Discipleship Training School (KDTS) April 07 - June 27 - School of Biblical Studies part 3 (SBS III) April 07 - June 26 - Bible Core Course (BCC) July 7 - August 1 - Summer Mission Trips to China, (July 22 - August 13) India and Skåne July 13 - July 19 - Renewal Gathering - A week of renewal for former YWAMers and friends of YWAM.

To mobilise, train and send missionaries in order to build God’s kingdom among the unreached

As of January 2008 we will discontinue our standard monthly email updates. Instead, we will send email articles from time to time as stories are made available. Also, we will increase our printed newsletters to four a year.

ing our Korean staff and students have been to Scandinavia since the first KDTS back in 1998! The 2008 KDTS doesn’t plan to change that course, as teams will be sent to parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The trip to Herrnhut was done in the classic YWAM style, which included 30 happy Restenäs staff piled into a rented bus for nearly 20 hours on European roads and highways! Such a trip reflects the commitment and desire of Restenäs, and the rest of our YWAM family in Europe, to respond to God’s call to “get back to our roots” – a call which came as a result of 50 days of prayer across YWAM internationally in the spring of 2005.

2007 Winter Eng  
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