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To know God and make Him k nown

What a summer we’ve had!

Pray for the young people our Mobilisation Team meets, that a heart for missions will grow in them. Pray for Daniel who will be working with a team in Northern India for the next two to five years. He left us this week. Pray that our Restenäs family will continue to grow in a healthy and caring manner.

Praise Thank you God for the incredible people who live and work on our campus. You’ve given them what it takes to make missions happen! Thank you God that with your help, our Maintenance Team, although small in numbers, is doing some wonderful renovation of apartments and raising the standard of our facilities. Thank you God for Daniel and Astrid that were just sent out from Restenäs as longterm workers, for the 20 students in our DTS this autumn and our 4 students for the nine-month SBS!

It has been suggested that this hasn’t been the best of Swedish summers, but at Restenäs the sun has been shining every day. Sure, the clouds came and tempted us to open up our umbrellas, but it never occurred to our staff to use them. Sometimes the winds blew hard, but no branches were broken, not even a blade of grass was out of place. All metaphorically speaking, of course! However, it goes to show the kind of people who live and work at Restenäs. When one of us is feeling the pressure to give in to ‘bad weather’, another comes along and encourages him, pointing to the break in the clouds. We are truly becoming a family, and we are showing that we can weather any situation when we stick together. Non-staff family members have also felt encouraged, such as summer Mission Trip participants and those who attended the 2005 Renewal Gathering. One of our current DTS students commented, after attending a recent going-away party for one of our newly-sent missionaries, “I never want to leave this YWAM family!” Obviously, our goal is not to keep people here, although we are still in desperate need of filling some vitally important staff positions. Restenäs is a springboard into missions. We want to train missionaries and send them, either back into their own communities or out to the unreached edges of the world. We hope your summer was as ‘sunny’ as ours. If it wasn’t, then we hope the stories in this newsletter will brighten your weather report. Here’s to a sunny autumn! Your friends, The Restenäs family

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A Weekend in Action de sign by Leia Gra ha m

“- Did you pack the brochures?





- I thought you were going to do that! OK, I’ll get them... Would you carry down the TV and make sure we bring a table? Oh, another thing. I didn’t have time to buy peanuts and milk! Could we swing by the store on the way? - Yeah, we can do it when we stop to get petrol. Speaking of the car, did you check that we reserved it for this trip?

- No, but I’ll go and look. It’s better to be sure!” It’s time again! The Restenäs Mobilisation Team is in action. We’ve been to many conferences and festivals during the past year, Jesus Rock and Frizon, just to mention a couple. The destination this weekend is the student organisation New Generation’s yearly conference. Our minibus is full to the brim and headed for Scandinavium, Gothenburg, where over 4000 young people are gathered. These kids have one common goal: to bring Jesus to their schools! Together with around 20 other organisations, we have the privilege of meeting these kids for a few days, and our team’s specific goal is to inspire them for missions. We accomplish that with the help of a display area, which I, in an un-Swedish moment, would say is very cool! It turns out that I’m not the only one of that opinion, because people are constantly peeking in and curiously admiring our party tent à la Ethno. Some stay for a cup of hot chai (tea), or to have their hand painted with henna colouring; others ask questions about missions. One girl exclaims with shining eyes and refreshing confidence, “I want to become a missionary to India!” There are many long talks and short talks, deep talks and fleeting

Leia Graham (USA), a member of our Mobilisation Team and resident Henna artist, paints a design on a girl’s foot at Frizon.

talks. Pictures from the recent Mission Trips can be seen in one continuous flow on the big TV. We meet Indians, Turks, Ukrainians and Cambodians. One thing all the visitors have in common is that they love our red, inflatable chairs! These are a wonderful invitation to a few minutes of needed rest in the conference rush. Many participants simply pass by, glance at the pictures and grab a handful of peanuts. I pray a silent prayer, a cry from my heart: “God, let these pictures stick in their minds. God, wake up a longing in these young people’s lives!” The weekend is coming to an end, it’s past midnight and we’re all very tired. To mobilise for missions isn’t glamorous. It entails long days, late nights, tired brains and sore feet. But we’re united in our conclusion – it’s all worth it! Please pray for us. Pray that our work will bear fruit: that we will see large numbers of young people in next year’s summer Mission Trips and DTS, and that many of them will go out as long-term missionaries in the future!

Two young men enjoy their free cup of Indian chai while sitting in our red inflatable chairs at the New Generation conference in Gothenburg.

For more information about our summer Mission Trips, go to or email:

The Making of a World Changer Daniel Karlsson is a young man with a heart to reach the unreached. By the time this newsletter is in your hands Daniel will have left his homeland of Sweden destined for a state in Northern India, where he will work with a team to bring the Good News to the unreached.

What is your project? D: My [project] is two-fold: 1. To see the local church leadership raised up.

Tell us your life story “in a nutshell”? D: I was born, raised on the island of Tjörn and saved at age 17. At 22 a longing began to grow in my heart to go to India to share the gospel and see churches planted. in 2001, I did a Discipleship Training School at Restenäs. Afterwards, I wanted to continue working with the DTS there, but the opportunity wasn’t available, so I pursuaded the maintenance manager to let me cut grass during the summer months. This was my door of opportunity to continue working with missions. The following year I joined the DTS team. Last spring I attended a three-month, School of Biblical Studies core course. And now, in just a few days, I will move to Northern India! This time at Restenäs has played a major part in preparing for my time in India.

There has been a lack of leadership development since the church was established there seven years ago. 2. To reach people in the neighbouring cities and towns, and to plant churches there.

How has God confirmed your decision to go to India? D: In many ways. For example, He recently led me to read Acts Daniel studying the Bible during his SBSCC 13:47: “...’I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’” Soon after that, a godly woman was praying for me in church, and she gave me the Old Testament reference to that same verse Paul was quoting, from Isaiah 52:10: “...all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God.” I also have seen an increase in my church’s desire to support me in my decision. For example, they are covering the costs of my international insurance while I am in India. Also, last spring, God said to me, “Now is the time to go”, and even to a specific city.” I saw God could use me there! How long do you plan on being in India? D: I am going to stay there from two to five years depending on how long it takes to finish my project.

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It sounds as if God has made it easy for you to get to where you are today. D: Honestly, it has not been all easy. One of my best friends has said, “Life is like a walk on roses; sometimes you step on the leaves and sometimes you step on the thorns”. Obedience costs something! But the rewards of obedience, and the joy it brings to you and to God, make it all worth it. A Bible verse that has encouraged me often is Matthew 28:18-20. The last part of verse 20 says, “...and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”. I know that when I obey God He will always be with me. If you could say one thing to the Church in Sweden, what would it be? D: Take young people’s passion seriously. When I was nineteen years old my pastor allowed me to preach a sermon one Sunday. The sermon was only eleven minutes long, but by allowing me to do this, my pastor gave me the opportunity to grow, to study the Bible, and to taste what it’s like to serve God. I’m grateful to him for believing in me. If you could say one thing to Swedish young people, what would it be? D: In *Joshua 1:5 it says, “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you”. Just as God used Joshua in the way He did Moses, I believe God wants to use our young people of today in the same way He used our missionaries of yesterday. And I also believe, with all my heart, that God will use Restenäs to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. If Restenäs is going to fulfil its destiny, it will need many young people to come and be trained and sent. *Joshua 1:5 is one of Daniel’s life verses.

Prayer has been an important part of Daniel’s decision to go to India. Sgt. Daniel sports military gear and water gun as he plays the part of a kidnapper for a friend’s pre-wedding party.

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The Making of a Missionary Step 1: Lay down your rights – Decide to let go of trying to always plan things your own way. Believe that God can

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lead you best, then let Him do it. Step 2: Pray! – Without prayer you can’t expect to go in the right direction. Spend time praying. Get to know God and let him lead you. Step 3: Expose yourself to missions – Do a DTS or a Summer Mission Trip. Volunteer at Restenäs or another mission organisation or mission-focused church. Support a missionary through prayer or finannces. Read newsletters or missionary biographies. Step 4: Dig Deeper – Keep a journal of what God has been speaking to you. Take bold steps to obey Him when he tells you what to do.

Make Missions Happen! Being involved in missions doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job and leaving your home and family behind. There are other ways to support the work to which God has called us all. YWAM Restenäs

Get a taste of missions

depends partly on the support of “volunteers” and “supporters” who know the importance of supporting missions through their gifts, talents and resources. Will you pray and consider how you might be able to join us in making missions happen?

Whether you’re a YWAM veteran or you’ve just heard about us, why not ‘Try Missions’? Visit our web site for information on schools or staff opportunities.

School of Biblical Studies Core Course: 17 apr - 7 jul 2006 “SBSCC gave me tools to study and dig into the Bible. It equipped me not only to learn but also to give it away through teaching, preaching and small group Bible study. This school has given me hunger to study the Bible more.” Niklas Bidås (Sweden)

Korean Discipleship trianing School: 6 mar - 18 aug 2006 Restenäs has had the pleasure of hosting a large number of Korean students, and we run a Korean/English DTS for this reason. The Korean Christian culture has had a strong positive influence in the world, especially in the area of intercession.

School of Live Production: Tentative - March 2006 “I am not called to preach or sing, but God told me if I used my hands and heart, people would get saved.” Jacques v.d. Ploeg

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