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Youth With A Mission KOSOVO

Coffee Shop Ps . 18 Ministry


One cup of coffee one opportunity to make God known

History An epic war took place between Kosovo and Serbia in 1998-1999, and it is considered by many as one of the wars with the most terrible destruction in the post-WWII in Europe. According to estimates, 12,000 innocent civilians were killed, close to 1 million Kosovars were displaced, and property destruction was in the billions. Kosovo achieved independence on February 17,2008. Facts and Numbers • Kosovo is in Eastern Europe, in the middle of Albania, Monte Negro, Macedonia and Serbia. • Population is 2 million people, where 92% are Albanians and 8% Serbs, Bosnians, Goran, Ashkali, Turks, Roma and Balkan Egyptians. • Capital city is Prishtina, where is as well the main universities. • Main language is Albanian.

Kosovo Prishtina

Kosovo became a country in 2008

Ywam Kosovo Vision We see God raising a generation who are so hungry for God,who are seeking Gods kingdom, who are going to be a strong army for God, who are going to bring a revival in the body of Christ, and through their intimacy with God they will run to reach Muslims in Balkan YWAM - is one of the first movements that came to Kosovo in 1999 right after the war in Kosovo. Immediately YWAM was ready to help poor families with aids, helping building their houses and being around people who were so discouraged. As YWAM Kosovo we have been functioning in many different ministries like running coffee shop, ministering in churches, youth meetings, teaching in University of Prishtina, running prayer and worship nights for 24hours, evangelism in coffee shops reaching students, praying for sick people in hospitals, worshiping God in streets of Prishtina, praying and interceding for forgiveness and reconciliation in the bridge of Mitrovica, etc. God has been blessing us so much during these years.


Coffee Shop Ministry Vision Psalm 18:16 - 19 Our vision is to see young people coming to Christ through this coffee shop. Why Coffee Shop 1. 73% out of 2 million of population are young people, 15-25 years old. 2. 15.000 young people come every year in Prishtina to start university. 3. Most of their time they spend in Coffee Shops. 4. First and only Christian Coffee Shop in Prishtina for now. 5. A meeting place for Christians and non-Christian people. 6. A place where the gospel will be in each table. 7. A supporting place for Christian community events. 8. An outreach place for outreach teams. 9. A place for weekly Christian activities (worship, prayer, movie nights and youth activities) 10. A place where Christian values will be present all the time (love, joy, peace, relationship ect).

Prayer Needs * Prayer partners who will continually pray * People to help us run the coffee shop * Partnership in sending outreach teams. Financial Needs Total cost to run coffee shop is 20.000 €

- Renting place for one year cost 15.000 € - Electronic equipments 2.000 € - Renovation and buying new 3.000 € tools for Coffee

for students.


Kreshnik & Arberesha Ceka

Tel: +377 44 67 67 49 Email: Web: Post Address: YWAM Kosova 10.000 Prishtine P.O.BOX 16 Kosove, Via Albania

God Bless You

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Coffeshop Ministry Ps 18  
Coffeshop Ministry Ps 18