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YWAM India King’s Way Base

In 2011, total 6 DTS schools were held at King’s Way base training centers and many students joined as staff at our different bases. Thank God for this grace.

Hello King’s Way base family! And our friends, families, and supporters! Well it’s already the end of year 2011. Time really goes fast! And our King’s Way base Newsletter is issuing 4th version, which it started from early this year. Thank God for His provision! Year of 2011... We cannot deny that it was a very special year for our King’s Way base family. First, it was a year 2 teams were pioneered under our base; Kolkata and Agra. We believe we have made one more step to accomplish the vision which Hongjin has - to pioneer 40 cities in nations. So now we have Delhi, Greater Noida, Imphal, Jorhat, Kohima, Kolkata, and Agra which makes 7 different cities which King’s Way base pioneered. And around 4 teams are planning to pioneer next coming year 2012. Please remember in your prayer.

The things which happened this year to us was like a precious gift from God. And this is why we choose to worship Him and praise Him more and more. We hope all of you could prepare your new year well with the Lord. With love, Editing Team

30 Nov 2011, Staff Conference

On January 2011, N.Delhi’s yearly project ‘Revival Meeting’ was held successfully, a collaboration with Mercy(Children) and Church Planting(Zion Church) ministry. It was held for 4 days and around 3,500 people came to participate.

From 28th November to 3rd December, our 14th Staff Conference was held at Delhi. And all leaders and staffs from pioneered bases came all the way to Delhi. Most of all, the best program was from the main speaker, Korea’s Hallelujah Church senior pastor, Rev. Kim. He challenged us through his message and everyone had a great revelation. Moreover, we had worship services, small group times, lovefeast, sports day to strenghthen us to continue our ministry. The 5 day long Staff Conference trully was a great and needy times for all our staffs.




North Delhi

Greater Noida




King’s Way Nagaland

West Delhi Agra

King’s Way bases are now in total 8. Our long-term target is to reach out to 40 different places and cities. We believe God is able to accomplish our target!


All our King’s Way base leaders were reunioned at the 14th Staff Conference which was held 28th Nov to 2nd Dec. These guys are our foundation of our family! From left to right - Mang(Manipur), Changsoo(Kolkata), Suprim(W.Delhi), Daniel(N.Delhi), Tiyong(Assam), Hongjin(King’s Way Director), MC(Nagaland), Shik(G.Noida), Bhagat(Agra)

Center of most recently pioneered base, Agra. All N.Delhi leaders including Hongjin visited Agra base on Nobember and blessed the Center and Bhagat’s team.

All YWAMers at Delhi gathered and had sports day on 11th of November. This day our King’s Way base sisters totally rocked!




Women Conference was held on February, and all North Delhi sisters particupated the week long program.

There was Christmas Celebration on 16th of December for all YWAMers at South Delhi. Everyone who came were Kings and Queens!

Greater Noida base started Mobilizing Ministry, aiming to reach out to local people through different ways of sharing the gospel.

N.Delhi and G.Noida staffs gathered and participated a Leadership Seminar on February. Brother Vijay was in our midth and spend a precious time.




.schedule North Delhi Base

West Delhi Base

11~12 Jan - Children Ministry Revival Meeting 23Jan - Eng DTS starts (Widia) Jan~Feb - Outreach team(Korea) hosting

1 Jan - New Year Service

Greater Noida Base

23 Jan - Eng/Kor DTS starts (Shik) Assam Base (Jorhat)

23 Jan - Eng DTS starts (Tiyong) 10~13 Jan - Mini DTS Jan - New believer’s program

Manipur Base (Imphal)

16 Jan - Eng DTS starts (Mang) Feb - Church Planting Ministry starts Nagaland Base (Kohima)

6~8 Jan - Youth Conference at Tripura 20 Feb~22 Mar - Titus team(Taiwan) hosting - Father Heart Seminar Agra Base

Kolkata Base

Jan - Eng/Kor DTS starts (Changsoo)

Jan - Open Taekwondo ministry Feb - Reach out to athlites in Agra Stadium

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Please pray for King’s Way pioneered bases. Each team’s ministry cannot work without your intercessory prayers. Especially do remember all the DTS schools and school leaders which will start on January 2012.


YWAM India King’s Way started from Delhi, the capital of India. King’s Way family has extended to 7 more independent pioneered bases throughout North region of India. Our vision is to ‘train’ and ‘reach-out’ to India and the nations.

Ministry King’s Way base has pioneered ministries such as Children, Stitching, Medical, Church Planting, Campus, Sports, and Training(DTS, SOW, ESL). Every summer and winter, we invite outreach team from various of countries to share the gospel to local Indians. We also hold a big event on every winter- ‘The Revival Meeting’ for local children to adult believers.

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YWAM King's Way 2011 Winter  

YWAM King's Way 2011 Winter