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2012 SUMMER ISSUE | No. 6

YWAM India King’s Way Base

DELHI CENTER Greetings by the grace of the Lord, from Delhi Center Campus Ministry. We are call to be apostles for students in Delhi. Our vision is to open worship gatherings in 72 all campuses in Delhi Univ. and to raise up worshipers by the power of the gospel. What we focus on in our ministry is the evangelism as prior in the campus. So far we have 4 campuses - St.Stephen College, Ramjas College, Hindu College, Hans Raj College - in which we have been praying for and preparing for the His Kingdom. We meet students with CI(Campus International) Newspaper. We are the official publisher of this newspaper which has very practical biblical ideas about Christianity. Through this tool we expect people to come to realize the truth. Second, we pray. In these campuses, we run prayer station. We believe that God will work through prayer. We do not pray in particular places but try to open the booth continuously. So anyone can visit and be blessed by our prayer station. We see all people need prayer and spring of water of the truth. And if chances are there, we share the Lord's story that can save them from suffering. Third, we teach. We've been running 1st Mini DTS since 15th June (15th June - 20th July 2012). and so far 5 fixed members are participating (Mostly non-Christian background). Thanks God, by the grace of the Lord, one Hindu guy accepted the name of Jesus at the first lecture phase, and proclaimed that he died and was born again that day. We run the mini DTS on the purpose of evangelism. Forth, we pioneer. God has given us clear vision for pioneering. Every Monday we visit Nerhu Univ. and Jamia Univ (Islam based on campus). We visit and pray regularly and feel that God is opening the door. We see his vision is always making door. We also serve Nepal Kathmandu campus ministry by prayer, finance, and visiting. We visit Kathmandu campus ministry every year with Delhi univ. students. By this we serve Nepal campus ministry and train Delhi Univ. students at the same time. Specially this month (6th July~ 20th July 2012) as a outreach program of mini DTS, we are going to Nepal. During this program, we will be leading the worship service there. Please remember us in your prayer so that new leaders will come out in Nepal. KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



Fifth, we care for students. 1 on 1 group meeting is our strength. Every student must join in 1 on 1 bible class and we run study group with a book of 7step. Now we see students are transformed by the word of God slowly. Through this bible class, we provide a pastoral care to the student. Sixth, we run campus gathering. Every Friday, we serve a worship service for the student. We wait for tired, suffered, stressed and exhausted student to come and be recovered by the word of God that has endless vital and love. Thanks for your endless prayer support. As a part of God's ministry, time to time we feel we're approaching to impossible mission but we believe they will come true by the faith. Keep praying for us to have a strong faith and hope upon our God. Thanks. Brother Lee Delhi Center, Campus Ministry


elcome on board ladies and gentlemen, our lambu bhaiya Daniel greeted us on the hot afternoon of 22nd May and with no further desire to linger on to Delhi‛s heat we all head off in cool Volvo bus which windows cannot be open to the dismay of some sister like Sangte, Phillis, Lungning etc, it so turn out that they have to be ready with the polythene bags for any kind of out-come…




The sight of different kinds of people and things on the way did not stop to fascinate us, all the way till Manali. The dinner we had in dhaba was a disappointing one, it was ridiculously expensive tobah tobah.. no meat too, a minus point. Nevertheless everyone was excited and some were too excited they chatted the whole night. Sangte prepared masala tablet refreshment, some had it wholeheartedly but to some it tasted like donkey‛s shit (got to find out how they know the taste of donkey‛s shit:->). The meandering Beas river and the snow capped peaks were the first thing we saw as we woke up the next day, incredibly refreshing and cool. KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



Delhiwalas’ Break-time!!

Interesting Points We had masala tablet... Almost everybody had gas formation problem, some had to stand outside the room for hours fearing they might turn blue because of the indescribable smell.

Finally reached the ‘Shanti guest house‛ riding on the most bouncy auto we have ever sat on, got to use helmet next time:-). The rooms were clean, crisp and fresh, it was a beautiful place with the perfect view of the valley and also of the mountains. The place is such that one brother confess ‛I meditated for 5 minutes and man I got list of revelation but in Delhi even if I meditate for 30 minutes no revelation sometimes‛ I think this sentence just did the speaking for the place. The tiny fields and fruit orchard, deodar and pine trees was just so beautiful. Some of us went for trekking, some to Solang valley, to downtown, to hot spring and some decided to cool off and rest at home. Birthday celebration and game-time in the evening was fun (who wouldn't when it is led by our own school teacher Thomas and Henna). Almost everything was perfect, almost because there was no meat. Without meat it was almost like not eating meal. Widia could not stop talking about pork in his fridge at home. We had a very different kind of pasta there and none of the Delhiwala is interested to try it again, you got what I am saying? But altogether we had a great time. 25th.. back to the steaming Delhi. Hallelujah!!!!!

ASSAM CENTER Hello, love and greetings to you from Assam Jorhat Center. We are so much thankfull to almighty God because He has been answering all our prayers day by day! These are the ministries which have been going on. * 5 students graduated from DTS (5th of June) * Sister Atula from last DTS has joined us as a full-time staff, and two more brothers are not yet confirmed. Please pray for this too! * One of our staffs, Narola has been going under TB medicine course medication. She is present at home Nagaland and please pray for healing for this sister. * All children are in exam this period. Please pray that they could get good mark. KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



We are also expecting some new things to happen in ministry from God within these several months. So please Pray For: * Stiching Ministry * New area target and location, both for Church Planting and Children Ministry * Recruiting two more volunteer staff * For brother staff to join our Center May the Lord bless you all. Thanks! Brother Tiyong Assam Center

MANIPUR CENTER Hi to YWAM King's Way family and all mission partners, greeting from Imphal in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ hoping that all is well, same to us by God's mercy. I on behalf of our team we send a big BIG thanks for standing with us in your prayers, giving so much concern towards us and always being encouraging us with generosity. May God bless you, your family and your ministry. Ministry Report What We Do Now *Our Center staffs are fully preparing for the upcoming DTS will commence on 9th of July 2012 *Traveling to different districts along with outreach team from Bangalore and School of Music and Mission to promote our upcoming DTS *Helping out Kolkata DTS Team in their ministries Thanksgiving *We are thankful to our God for His faithfulness, for the countless miracles which are happening everyday! *We thank our mission partners who are with us and are willing to help us in any areas when we need help *We thank God for the committed Manipur Center team *We thank God for His provision which happens miraculously




Prayer Points *Pray with us for the upcoming DTS so that we could have around 20 students *Pray for all our staffs so that we could handle all our responsibility with the fear of the Lord *Pray for every each DTS guest speakers so that they will be able to turn up on time *Pray for our financial and material needs for individual staffs and in ministry (We needs PA system, furnature, computer, projector, four wheeler vehicle, etc) Plans and Visions We hope to expand our ministry every year and we have a plan to start a ‘House Of Prayer’ from July 2012, leading by Sister Hau. Please do pray with us for our plans and visions. Thank you and bless you all. Brother Mang Manipur Center


YWAM India King’s Way started from Delhi, the capital of India. King’s Way family has now grown to 8 independent pioneered bases throughout North region of India. Our vision is to ‘train’ and ‘reach-out’ to India and the nations.


King’s Way base has pioneered ministries such as Children, Stitching, Medical, Church Planting, Campus, Sports, and Training(DTS, SOW, ESL). Every summer and winter, we invite outreach team from various of countries to share the gospel to local Indians. We also hold a yearly mega event on January- ‘Revival Meeting’ for children who live in slum area.


Email: / Web: / Phone: +91) 11 3262 8146 KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



YWAM King's Way Base Newsletter Summer Issue  
YWAM King's Way Base Newsletter Summer Issue  

YWAM King's Way Base Newsletter Summer Issue