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YWAM India King’s Way Base

Greetings to our King’s Way Base family!

pioneered base.

For this issue, we would like to focus to our pioneered bases at North East region and West Bengal region. Check out their current issues, prayer points, and ministry status.

Please do remember him in prayer to settle down in peace.

Other than pioneered bases, brother Bhaghat moved out to Agra as a 7th King’s Way

Thanks and with blessings, King’s Way N. Delhi, Editing Team

Assam Base Dear Friends in Christ, We the Jorhat YWAM staff would like to convey warm Love & Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord savior Jesus Christ. These are the few lines our ministry report: Jorhat is one of the main cities in Assam. Out here our YWAM centre is located at North Eastern part of the city. We do here three different types of ministry such as, Church Planting Ministry, Children School and Discipleship Training School. So far we have 6 full-time staffs and 4 volunteer staffs. We had different experiences within this year 2011 according to different ministry, which we are going to explain one after another in brief. 1. Church Planting Ministry This ministry is totally depending on God's miracles, even if we share Gospel so many times to the people unless they would see God’s miracles happening in their personal lives. It’s very difficult for them to believe in the Christ. In the same way God understand their mind and desire, so Holy spirit has been actively working in our ministry area. At the beginning of this year a Hindu woman mother of one daughter name called Ruba, 20 years old, she was on sick-bed for 42 hrs voiceless without drinking and eating anything only less breath. She was unconscious, all her family members and friends were crying around her for 2 days. They have called our team (YWAM) to pray for her. We were praying a lot for around an hour and at last we started calling her loudly, slowly. Then she responded to us with a small voice, and it was after 42 hours. Everybody were amazed and shouting those who are around her. She woke up and started eating and drinking little by little. KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



Another Hindu fellow name Brofflo Gogoi, he got an accident and dislocated his foot very badly swelling and paining a lot. He went to different people for massage but it was became worst and worst. At last, he called me to massage him. I went and massage his foot prayerfully. And within a week, he could able to walk normally, people around him were asking how you have got cured, and he is said it was by Jesus Christ. These two people are truly witnessing the living God's mighty work to the people. 2. Children School Ministry Children are the gift of God. When we see children without proper care from their parents, we question to God, what is our part helping them? God inspired us to educate and to feed them spiritually. As our teachers have reached out to poor children throughout the year, and we felt that there is no hope in their lives because their parents does not care them physically and spiritually. So we started to have more burdens for them. As we were praying how we could take part in teaching and equipping them, we realized that we should do the things which our Lord Jesus had assigned us to; taking care of innocent children with loving heart. We request to pray with us pioneer 4 children schools in different locations (80 children). 3. Discipleship Training School We sometimes see young people around here living hopeless lives and we advide them to take the DTS. And when young people start their DTS, they feel themselves as if they are in another world. But as time passes by, they slowly start to discover what their true lives are. At the end of the lecture phase, they confess how God had changed their lives through His grace. Some of students dance and jump around when they experience the healing and deliverance in them. This year in 2011, we had 7 students in our first DTS, and all of them had a dramatic transformation in their life. During their outreached, they experienced God's miracles and the goodness of God through sharing testimonies. By the grace of God, 3 of students joined as staff at YWAM, and the rest are doing second schools under YWAM. These are our next upcoming events and plans (October-December) for remaining 2011.

3. Advent Christmas celebration 4. Children school winter camp 5. Staff conference to Delhi Kingsway Base 6. Staff conference to Dimapur Base (Region) Please pray for us continuously to fulfill our target. Thanks and may God Bless all of YOU. Brother Tiyong Jorhat, Assam

1. Staff fasting & prayer day 2. Staff Development Program KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



Kolkata Base Hi greetings from Kolkata base! The monsoon which started from June has not ended yet but we are doing fine here. Our English DTS which started on August is going well. And with the outreach teams, we’ve been going here and there for many ministries. Our staff Joyce is serving at DTS full-time, and for us, we are only supporting her with prayer as we cannot be involved in DTS fully. For our Center which we’ve been praying for, we finally found the place and it’s now on process. The land owner is nice and we are having good relationship with the neighbors. On October, we are planning to go to an outreach together. We are traveling to Guwahati, Shillong and Nagaland, then will come back to Kolkata for short while then will head to an Island called Sundol Bun. 6 of our students and our base staffs and please do pray that we could experience the true work of god. After coming back from outreach, Joyce and I will be going to Delhi to participate the King’s Way Base Staff Conference. We are now preparing a bilingual (Eng-Kor) DTS which will start on January 2012. For this, a sister from Korea will join us from next week. Please pray for us regarding to good students and speakers. We have a good news as a surprise which someone proposed us with a better place for our Center. Nothing is confirmed yet as everything happened in sudden but we are asking the Lord’s will. Please pray that this will happen if it’s God’s will. May the Lord’s blessing be upon all King’s Way bases! Thanks and with blessings, Changsoo and Eunhee Kolkata




Greetings in Jesus name! My name is Joyce L. Hmar from Manipur, North East of India. I have four elder sisters and one elder brother and my Mom and Dad. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. From the time I could understand what is happening around, all I knew was that my Mom and Dad were very Mission minded. So my desire was to have a job and support a missionary as much as I can support, but I could not see myself achieving the goal. Though I was born and brought up in a Christian family I never had the real Christian life and there comes a time when I felt lost and desperate for having a real life worthy of God but every door seemed to have closed for me. In the year 2008 January, one morning I was washing cloths and listening to some music and the two line of the first really spoke into my heart. The song says, “Dear friend check your life – do you feel peace in your heart? Are you satisfied the way that you live? Do you think the one who created you will be happy?” When I heard this song, I knew that God will not be happy in the way I live my life. Then the second songs came to my heart saying, “Knowing not how to go, my people are faltered. Their desperate cries reached into my heart. For those that groan in the bondage of sin, who will go forth for me to proclaim them freedom? Whom shall I send?” This challenged me tremendously that I decided to respond to God with the same song which says “Here I am send me”. I kept seeking God and I wanted to know what the purpose is for my life in this world. Then later I was told by someone about YWAM, that DTS KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER

is the right place to seek God. In the year 2010 April, God opened the door for me to go to DTS and I could really see God molding me and making me in every area. I began to fall in love more with Him and have a deep desire to know more about Him and set my foundation stronger with His word. I see myself that I’m in a right place where I can help people to find their purpose in life, setting free and letting them know who they are in Christ. So I made a commitment for 2 years to serve in DTS after my DTS graduation. And the first school that I staffed, God did great things in our student’s life. One of our students was assaulted when she was just 6 years old and she has been carrying her hurt, pain and burden for more than 10 years, but she was set free by the grace of God.

about it and I had peace in mind though I was very afraid to go to a new place meeting new people. This was a great challenge for me to take a step. But after coming to Kolkata, God comforted me from Job 42:2 and Isaiah 41:9. I could really see how God is training me in the area where I am weak especially building relationship with others which is one of the greatest struggle for me all the time. And at the same time He also deals me with my pride. My commitment: • Continue to be in the mission wherever God wants me to be. My vision: • Help people to find their purpose in life, set them free from their bondages and letting them know who they are in Christ.

Prayer points: • To continue to walk in After staffing in one school in obedience Delhi, the leaders ask me to • God’s guidance for my future pray to move to Kolkata. I pray step. PAGE 4


• For God’s provision • For wisdom, knowledge and understanding Thank you! With blessings, Joyce L. Hmar Kolkata

Manipur Base Hi! Mission partners, Thanks for your valuable prayer supports. Through the answer of your prayers now we are at the end part of our DTS lecture phase only two weeks remain now. 1. Give thanks to God for what He had done in Imphal DTS: i) For Gods uncountable miraculous provision ii) For His faithfulness iii) For His guidance iv) For His faithful servants/staffs.

2. Some of the prayer points: i) Our DTS will go outreach from the 26th sept.-20th Nov.2011,to Jiribam, Silchar, and Bangladesh., So pray that God will work in a special way through the outreach team in all the location (just one team). ii) The 22nd Nov.2011 will be our DTS graduation day, pray that all student will graduate. iii) Pray that God will provide finances for our travel expenses to attend YWAM King's Way Conference in Delhi, in the first week of December 2011 and to attain North East YWAM Conference at Dimapur, from the 13th-15th Dec.2011. May God Bless You All. Thank you. Yours in Christ, Mang Tonsing Imphal, Manipur KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



Nagaland Base Greetings from YWAM Kohima! Our 8 months of Journey ministering in Kohima was totally God’s Grace and YWAM King’s Way family’s prayer have enable us to the date today. Under the ministry title of 'Father Embrace Ministries', we have been teaching 'The Father Heart of God and Healing the wounded heart' and the doors widely open for us to penetrate deep inside of crowd of the churches and allow spirit of God to work in them. Churches like Baptist Mission Church, Christian Revival Church, Union Baptist Church, [Power Comm.] Ao Baptist Church, Students Christian Fellowship have openly received the teaching and we believe there is Agape reformation happening in the town through the revelation of the Father's Love, healing, forgiveness and rooted in sonship. God is in business of revealing himself as a Father. YWAM Imphal DTS received the teaching of The Father Heart of God. The humility of the leader and staffs have broken the shame based culture and then students were able to received the love of God. Five days wasn't easy cause all the five days was the time of healing and brokenness. There was awesome presence of God to the amazing groups. Ministry to the college and High school was one of the most exciting ministry we have partnering with Power Comm. Recently we visited the patkai college, the number gathered was more than 1000 students, as we were ministering the presence of God came very powerfully that most of them were slain by the spirit of God, receiving deliverance, healing and the Love of God. In Patkai College, more than 80 gave their life to God and 200 above students rededicated to God. The ministry went for 5 hours and then we reached home midnight from Dimapur. We do have Hostel Ministry, reaching to the hostellers with the Teaching of The Father Heart of God and inner healing. So far we have finished 4 hostels and it was great time ministering seeing their life being transformed. Testimony: After ministering with the Father's Love, a KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER

college going boy approach me and said, thank you for changing my heart, he said, after I received your teaching I went to my father and said sorry for being rebellious son, but I also shared to him, why I was angry. He said, when you got married to second wife, I was ill-treated many ways by step mom, and I thought I can run to you but you never listen to me. You have insisted me to adjust but you have always supported her. I felt in my own house, I don't have anyone to talk too. So I hated you and decided to live my own lives. But now I want to forgive you of what I went through and love you as my dad and as soon as I said please forgive me dad, my dad broke in tears and we wept together. It was awesome presence of God. I don't know what the future holds but I truly know God is changing me and He will change my Dad too. The above story is the voice of thousand young boys and girls who have become victim of Fatherlessness but we believe revolution has begun through the heart of the Father's Love and walking in Sonship. PAGE 6


Upcoming events: - Father heart seminar 8th-10th with Sharon Hostel - Open table tennis tournament on 13th-16th September - Father heart seminar on 20th-22nd of September - Ministering to the youth of Ao Baptist church on 25th September - Father heart seminar with Students Christian Fellowship on 31st September - 2nd of October - Ministering in Modern College on 13th of October Prayer request: - Pray for staffs to join us - To pay off the center we have rented - Atsu is still in medication - For small car Thank you. Mwchang (MC) Kohima, Nagaland


YWAM India King’s Way started from Delhi, the capital of India. King’s Way family has extended to 6 more independent pioneered bases throughout North region of India. Our vision is to ‘train’ and ‘reach-out’ to India and the nations.


King’s Way base has pioneered ministries such as Children, Stitching, Medical, Church Planting, Campus, Sports, and Training(DTS, SOW, ESL). Every summer and winter, we invite outreach team from various of countries to share the gospel to local Indians. We also hold a big event on every winter- ‘The Revival Meeting’ for local children to adult believers.


Email: / Web: / Phone: +91) 11 3262 8146 KING’S WAY NEWSLETTER



Lecture 2 (Daniel)


Worship 2 (Sung)

Small Group 1

Tea break

Small Group 2

Base policy

11:30~12:30 PM

12:30~2:00 PM

2:00~2:30 PM

2:30~3:30 PM

3:30~4:00 PM

4:00~5:00 PM

5:00~6:00 PM



7:00~8:30 PM

Movie time

Tea break

Small Group 3

Worship 4 (Matthew)


Lecture 4 (Pastor.Kim)

Tea break

Base policy (Iris) Registration (Boboi,Iris) Morning MC (Widia) Afternoon MC (Tiyong)

Morning MC (Iris) Afternoon MC (Suprim)

Morning MC (Newman) Afternoon MC (Mang) PAGE 8

Ministry presentation (Shik)

Small Group (Boboi)


Ministry pioneering project

Tea break

Ministry pioneering project

Worship 6 (Akui)


Lecture 6 (Pastor.Kim)

Tea break

Lecture 5 (Pastor.Kim)

Worship 5 (Lee)

Meditation (Jos 1:1~9)

Be strong & courageous


Movie time (Phillis)

Small Group (Boboi)

Tea break & Registration

11:00~11:30 AM

Lecture 3 (Pastor.Kim)

Small Group (Boboi)

Lecture 1 (Hong Jin)

10:00~11:00 AM

Worship 3 (Maji)

Meditation (Rev2:1~7)

Remember His first love


Worship 1 (Shik)

9:00~10:00 AM




Meditation (John15:1~17)

8:30~9:00 AM

6:00 PM~

Remain in Him





Abide & Expand! (Joshua 1:2~9, John15:5~9)

2011 11th King's Way Base Staff Conference

Morning MC (Maji)

Love feast 2 (Rocky & Iris)

Love feast 1 (Widia & Sung)

Lovefeast 2 (7:00~8:30 PM)

Dinner (5:30~7:00 PM)

Lovefeast 1 (2:00~5:30 PM)


Lecture 8 (Widia)

Tea break

Lecture 7 (Shik)

Worship 7 (Daniel)

Meditation (Jos1:10~18)

Claiming our inheritance





Sports Day


YWAM King's Way Base 2011 Fall  

YWAM King's Way Base 2011 Fall

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