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To learn about a lifestyle of Selfcare and Wellness! To have FUN and prepare for some special pampering!

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Body – Innovative bath and body products with elegant and distinctive fragrances Beauty - organically inspired skin care products for both women and men. Organic earth minerals for a natural approach to beauty cosmetics. Style - soft silk throws handcrafted in India, and organic teas from Vietnam, organic wild crafted honey from West Africa Spirit – journals, candles, inspirational music, books and tapes-a holistic line that address all aspects of beauty from the inside out.

As a socially-responsible direct selling company, Soul Purpose will redefine empowerment in support of fulfilling individual purpose and vision through the marketing of exquisite, quality products illuminating body, beauty, style and person at a time.

You deserve the very best Organic Hand Care • Organic Foot Care •

Nature Based Wellness Sets • Nature Based Body Scrubs •

State of the Art Nutritional Products • 100% Soy Candles •

Organic Therapeutic Salves • And more! •

You deserve something special. Take care of yourself! 5

$17 6

$17 7

$17 8

Organically Nourish and Protect your Skin

• • •

Comforts and deodorizes Reduces swelling and inflammation Buffs away old skin Cools and refreshes Deodorizes stressed feet Whole set $79 10

Whole Set $48

Solid Perfume Essences Simple, uncomplicated, Take-Anywhere Fragrance Benefits: * Easy to carry in purse or handbag * Ideal for fragrance touch-ups anytime * Essential perfume oils in a moisturizing vegetable oil base * Alcohol-free $12 12

Shea! Shea! Shea! Body Balm! Healing blend of essential oils with 20% wild-crafted shea butter •

Rich vegetable oils condition and moisturize the skin •

Natural vitamin E heals the skin • Deeply moisturizes and protects the skin from the elements •

$22 13

Ultra Rich Body Custards! The crème brulee of moisturizers •

Hydrating benefits of honey, jojoba oil and milk protein •

Hydrating benefits of honey, jojoba oil and milk protein •

$22 14

Paraben-Free Lotion with Organics • •

Loaded with organic herbs and oils Enriched with our exclusive antioxidant blend of acai berry, oregon grape, red wine and vitamin D Wild-crafted un-bleached, non deodorized shea butter from Northern Ghana Healing, moisturizing and beneficial

$22 15

Vitamin D Enriched Shower Gel

Sugar-Based natural multi-use cleanser scented with our Journey of the Senses Fragrance Collection Naturally based, sulfate and paraben free Enriched with vitamin D, wild crafted shea butter, and an anti-oxidant blend of acai berry, green tea, oregon grape and red wine extracts

Get naturally clean from head to toe!

$22 16


Shower Gel, Solid Perfume, your choice of body moisturizer and Soy Candle $74

Sugar-Shea Body Scrub $17 19




A clean urban scent which incorporates An exotic blend of spiced mango, addictive a blend of fresh and tangy notes of coffee, and sensual nutmeg intensified Essential oil of sandalwood with citrus blended with lavender, with the mysterious warmth of spicier undertones of cinnamon, clove sweet spice, amber and nutmeg. This complex blend is rounded cardamom. It’s a dark, woody and woodsy notes. out by creamy vanilla and finished with precious experience that pulsates with woods and warm musk. a purely masculine sophistication. 20

Solid Perfume Essence Gift Sets


PHENOLMENAL!™ BALANCE PHENOLMENAL! support* * Life-long healthy living * Stress-resiliency * Optimal energy * Strong immune system * Mental acuity * And much more!

15 oz. $30

PHENOLMENAL! science* * A patented PHENOL extract delivering 150 times the PHENOLS found in raw berries! * The PHENOLS are extracted from blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, and elderberries – this blend creates a dynamic synergy * PHENOLS help you fight oxidative stress, a leading cause of premature aging and disease LOOK GOOD • FEEL GOOD • LIVE WELL™

Youngevity® COCGEVITY™ It is a proprietary blend of exotic ingredients and luscious fruits from around the world. Contains extracts of : Mangosteen Goji Berry/Wolfberry Acai Berry These whole foods are among the most highly sought-after fruit juices in the world!

Cocogevity™ contains Cocogen Extract which is used to make high quality, great tasting highly velvety chocolate. It also contains a very unique blend of whole fruit pulp and whole food juice. Rich, dark chocolate is known to contain many healthful nutrients, including antioxidants and beneficial phytonutrients. Supports optimal health and

wellness. 32 oz. $57.90 LOOK GOOD • FEEL GOOD • LIVE WELL™

Youngevity® Anti-Aging Daily Premium Pak™

Available in 30 packet or 60 packet containers. . 30 count - $65.00 60 count - $123.50

The most convenient way to get 66 daily Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Plant Derived Nutrients and Essential Oils! The Anti-Aging Daily Premium Pak goes where you go - and you can take the amount that's right for you: the average, stressful, or high energy lifestyle!

Benefits gained from daily supplemental regimen of vitamins and minerals: * Promotes improved energy levels * Supports the immune system * Neutralizes free radicals * Fortifies bone structure * Promotes efficient digestion * Supports healthy blood pressure * Promotes normal cholesterol levels * Lengthens physical endurance LOOK GOOD • FEEL GOOD • LIVE WELL™

Youngevity® POLLEN BURST™ POLLEN BURST™ This first-generation anti-aging drink helps the body eliminate free radicals and toxins, while providing “all-day” energy without caffeine jitters! • Contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. • Contains green tea extract and B vitamins. • Promotes headache and joint pain relief. 30 Packets $80 or$2.65 per packet

• Curbs appetite.*

What is Deep Tissue Detoxification?

5 Day Cleansing Supports and Promotes: •

Optimal Health and Wellness

Healthy Digestive System

Healthy Skin & Hair

Healthy Energy Levels

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Optimal Cardiovascular Function


Ovation Lifestyles

Coming Soon!

New Products we will offer in 2009 for our “lose weight look great” program!

Award winning Mineral Makeup −

Prices Vary

Long lasting total coverage for a flawlessly smooth complexion Quick and easy application methods for virtually water and sweat proof coverage Conceals, corrects, and covers most known skin discolorations and conditions while still allowing skin to breath

Award winning Mineral Makeup −

Completely talc, filler, and dye free thus skin allergies are extremely RARE

No man made color dyed chemicals, that can be harmful to your skin.

absorbs excess oil on contact with skin and minimizes lines, wrinkles, and pores. Prices Vary

Award winning Mineral Makeup

− −

Our cosmetics provide color without the waxes, oils, preservatives and other additives that more traditional makeup contains. Safe for sensitive skin and skin recovering from laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and plastic surgery

Because our mineral makeup does not have any preservatives, it is much more appropriate for sensitive and acne-prone skin. (Bismuth, a filler used in other mineral makeup lines can clog pores and create or worsen acne lesions) Natural protection from ultraviolet rays. This is a result of the presence of titanium dioxide. Prices Vary

Nuo NUO addresses all three issues (decreased lubrication due to age, diminished blood flow to the pelvic region and decreased levels of estrogen and testosterone) of why women lose the desire for sexual intimacy without the use of harmful chemicals or preservatives. In other words, NUO remains true to the NuVANTE philosophy of producing products that are simple, active, and clean. NUO’s ingredients enhance lubrication, increase blood circulation to the pelvic region (the vagina and clitoris in particular), and work at a hormonal level to improve tissue sensitivity and responsiveness. (Which is why we urge women to use NUO on a daily basis and not just prior to sexual intimacy.)

1 oz. $59.95

14 Single use Pks $67.95

NUO has been well researched and evaluated in medical practice, and the results and testimonials are overwhelming.

$20 • • •

Clean burning soot-free Natural, biodegradable Made from renewable resources Kosher and supports family farms Burns longer than paraffin wax Can be used as warm massage body oil, cuticle softener Softens elbows and feet


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Our partnership with Hidden Beach Records allows for us to offer brand new music from Artists such as Jill Scott, Kindred the Family Soul, Bebe Bebe Winans and Tony Rich before it hits the record store!

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Gorgeous Jewelery, Wraps, Organic Wine and Handbags too!

From The Suzanne Collection! We truly are a complete Lifestyle Company! Prices Vary

Just some of the stars in support of Soul Purpose!

Actor/Musician Terrance Howard

Author Zane

Singer Jill Scott

Singer Will Downing

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