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Journeying alongside

the Grieving

“Most people do not know how to grieve properly and completely following a major loss. We either try to bypass the pain, get busy to forget about it or merely suppress the grief. If we do not deal with the grief in the right way, it will not go away, no matter if the loss is recent or has happened many years ago. We may be able to function but the unresolved grief, like bitterness, will slowly eat into our bodies and in latter years, surface as depression, cancer, ulcers or other mental and physical sicknesses.”

A Community Lecture on grief support of the bereaved by:

Grace to Grieving Persons

Edmund Ng: Edmund is Malaysia’s first and only Certified Thanatologist (Grief Therapist) with postgraduate qualifications in Counselling (Australia) and Thanatology (USA). Since 2007, he and his present wife Pauline have reached out to a large number of grieving bereaved persons, both on one-to-one sessions and collectively in Support Groups. Both had experienced first-hand the deep pain and loneliness of losing their respective spouses in a sudden. Cherene Wessels: Cherene has been working as a bereavement educator and counsellor for over twenty years. She serves as advisory member of Compassionate Friends Inc and the SOLACE Support Group for Widows and Widowers. She is a clinical member of the Australian Counselling Association and has served on the Board of the National Association for Loss and Grief. She is currently director of Grief Management Services Pty Ltd. Topics include the Grieving Process, Learning to Grieve Properly and Completely, the Latest Researches on Grief Counselling and Rebuilding Your Life After Your Loss. Come and talk with our team of trained caregivers comprising widows, widowers and grieving parents who have themselves journeyed through their own losses. A grief shared is a grief halved.

Date: 20 Aug 2011 (Saturday) Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Club Time: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Admission is free but prior registration is required. No walk-ins allowed due to limited places. Grieving Persons are to register by calling 012-387 8668 while Caregivers are to register by email using the Registration Form. All registrants will be given an Entry Reference Code for admission purpose. GGP Outreach Bhd Fax: 03-2164 5355 Email: Website: PC / INDESIGN CS3 ================== THAM 2011 ID : 615557-GGP 21 x 4col TAN : 22/7/2011 Alt: Sean 25/07/11 ==================

Community Talk-For the grieving  

“Most people do not know how to grieve properly and completely following a major loss. We either try to bypass the pain, get busy to forget...

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