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If you’re ugly, there’s surgery for that. But if you have a terrible personality, there’s no science to fix that. Yve is going to make some. She’s going to find a way to be liked by everyone. To do this, Yve must collect data from the audience, and from her real actual life. Secretly recorded Skype conversations, a pie-chart analysis of her Facebook friends, and phone interviews with her parents. Yve will stop at nothing in the quest for MAX ACCURACY. Seeking to procure the golden truth egg and slurp the yolk of truth, Yve relentlessly assesses herself in a series of live scientific tests. Furiously ticking boxes when she succeeds, and never forgetting to celebrate with really really proffessional dance moves. Criteria is collected from scientific sources such as “the internet”. There are diagrams. Scientific ones. Audience members become increasingly implicated in her experiments, and only they can be the judge of her success and scientific progress. Yve presents her obsessive science at breakneck speed, fusing it with homemade music, a finger puppet, excellent dance breaks and an impressive array of arts & crafts. Part stand-up comedy, part presentation, part contemporary performance, Am I Good Friend? is a pie-chart filled adventure about who you wish you were and what you wish you weren't. An honest and heartwarming study of our desire to be liked by everyone. At only 18, Yve’s debut solo show sold-out at the Adelaide Fringe 2012. Now 19, she’s completed sold-out seasons in Sydney (Extended by demand) and Melbourne and will tour her show to London and Edinburgh before the end of August 2012. “If this comedy is anything to go by, Yve Blake could very well be the next big thing" -

Am I Good Friend? By Yve Blake – Touring pack



THE TEAM Yve BLAKE - Performer/Writer

At only 19, Yve Blake is already an award winning playwright. Having won “Best Play” at Sydney’s Fast + Fresh Festival at only 15, Blake went on to win Playwriting Australia’s "Kicking Down The Door" competition in her final year of high school. This year Blake’s work has also been commissioned by the Australian Theatre for Young People and published by Currency Press. She is currently a member of Advisory Panels at both the Australian Theatre for Young People and the Sydney Opera House, where she is mentored by producer Danielle Harvey (Former Exec. Director Sydney Mardi Gras). Yve has presented other self-written performance art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Griffin Theatre Company. She will soon be releasing a series of online performances entitled “I Can’t Take Them With Me” that responds to hoarded relics she has found in her bedroom on the eve of her migration to the UK.

watch Yve’s short Performance piece “The Super Wish Sparkle Fairy Who Makes Everything Better Inside”. Am I Good Friend? By Yve Blake – Touring pack





Georgia is a writer, director and producer for theatre, film, and radio. She has studied writing at NIDA, Metroscreen, UTS, and ATYP. Her first short play, Mollycoddled won her the Best New Talent Award at the Short + Sweet Festival , and was published in the UTS Writers’ Anthology. Her monologue Twisted featured in ATYP’s The One Sure Thing, and was published by Currency Press. Georgia’s film projects include Shoebox (writer, director); All Bound (producer); and Tell (writer, director, editor). Tell was nominated for Best Experimental Film at the Golden Eye Festival. Her theatre directing credits include Beach (Timothy Daly); Ruby Moon (Matt Cameron); and Am I Good Friend? which has sold out seasons at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Sydney, and will tour to Melbourne, London and Edinburgh throughout 2012. Georgia is currently working at ABC Radio National, and studying a Bachelor of Communications and International Studies at UTS. !

Am I Good Friend? By Yve Blake – Touring pack




★★★★★ “Once everyone had sat down, she began. Indeed, what she began is a treat to see…. The show is slightly philosophical and slightly scientific, but mostly it is just a barrel of laughs… A great set of writing and acting shows Yve Blake at only 19 to be a very talented young lady. The show is brilliant and the audience were all laughing from the beginning to the end. It is very wacky, entertaining and clever. I would pay to see this show again and, as it's a free show, it is not one to be missed.”

Timeout Melbourne

★★★★ "Sheer ingenuity”…."high energy hilarity and sly insight" … "Part-mad scientist, part-thespian and part-top knot-sporting uber teen” ... “Yve gets in your face, sure. From the moment we step into the space, she bustles in and takes over. She shakes hands with audience members, asks them questions, and ‘victory dances’ down the aisles, shaking her hips in their faces. It’s just that she’s so endearingly gregarious that none of this is threatening. In fact, when she dares to pull an audience member onstage, he seemed to be having even more fun than everyone else. Yve has cleverly paced her performance so that everything is light and snappy.” Am I Good Friend? By Yve Blake – Touring pack




★★★★ !"Blake's debut shows that she has talent to burn ... Blake, who is only eighteen, carried the show solo with great aplomb. A master improviser, when a prop unfortunately malfunctioned she effortlessly carried on, unruffled. She swept up the audience along with the experiment, and was careful not to break out of her ‘nutty professor’ character. ... if this comedy is anything to go by, Yve Blake could very well be the next big thing"

FringeBenefits “The audience was loving this girl's work" ... "I couldn't fault the gusto and dedication of her performance" ... "Yve Blake has an unbelievable stage prescence for a lady of 18 years of age"

SidneyCritic “4.5 out of 5!”

Am I Good Friend? By Yve Blake – Touring pack



TOURING HISTORY AUSTRALIA Adelaide Fringe Festival The Bull and Bear March 2012 SOLD-OUT


Melbourne The Butterfly Club July 2012 SOLD-OUT

THe UK London Preview)) The Bedford July 2012

Edinburgh Festival fringe The Cabaret Voltaire August 2012

Click Here to read Yveʼs Festival Blog Click Here to watch Yve’s Video Reporting for the Australian Theatre for Young People. Am I Good Friend? By Yve Blake – Touring pack



TECH SPECS Obviously sites and circumstances of future performances will differ so we welcome suggestions or solutions to our requirements from individual presenters and festivals. Please contact us directly to discuss any issues.

Running Time 55 mins no interval Billing Written and Performed by Yve Blake Directed by Georgia Symons Touring Company 1x Performer 1x Stage Manager Staging 2m x 1.5m empty stage space minimum Blank wall upstage (or alternatively a projector screen) Set Elements 1 x Metal easel (supplied by company) 1 x Bar stool (Company or Venue to provide) Lighting Venue to provide lighting equipment to achieve: 3x states: House Lights, General wash state, General Wash state with low glare on Projection Screen Sound FOH speakers with stereo RCA input (Venue to provide) ! For all enquiries please contact UK: (+44) 07446390841 AU: (+61) 0423058514 Am I Good Friend? By Yve Blake – Touring pack


'Am I Good Friend?' Touring Pack  

'Am I Good Friend?' Touring Pack