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Overall Reflection on the Internet Playground Yang Yu What I experienced It’s my first assignment in Tue. I experienced a total different education system from my country. I realized the relationship between the teacher and students here is equal. I can find help from teacher and classmates if I meet any problems. What I need to do is to make full use of the resource in the campus. At the beginning of this assignment, I felt confused and did not know what I can do with Php and Mysql. Then I learned more on the Internet, especially with the help of the teacher and classmates, I began to understand each kind of code and which code I should type in to meet my requirement. At the end of my project, I am even interested on building a website. Although I need to learn more about how to build a website. The reason why I chose this assignment was to help me to get anunderstanding of how to build showcase for each semester. Although I maybe use other tools to build the showcase, this assignment at least told me what I can do if I want to build a website, and I know how to do with the html and Css. I think it’s a huge progress for me.

What I learned 1. About Php and Mysql


As my previous study was furniture design and manufacture, I have no knowledge of interaction technology before. During this assignment, I learned how to use Php and Mysql to build a website which contains a database. With this assignment, I got a preliminary knowledge of the programming for website. 2. Html and CSS With more work on the project, I also wanted to do more about the format of the website. So I found how to do it with html and CSS. I learned how to change the background color, the text position, add images and so on. Although these are simple codes, it let me know many knowledge that I have never known before. About the showcase, I think I will be more confident on it, as I have learned how to build a website with different programming. 3. The way of learning Except the assignment’s purpose, I also experienced the way that I should learn in Tue. I need to make full use of all the resources I have. I should try to solve problem in different ways, not only by myself, but also share with others. What I need to do more 1.

Update my learning in time Actually at first, I did not know I need to send reflections. I am also

afraid to talk with the other classmates and teacher. I did not know what


I can do with them, but it’s really too difficult for me to understand the codes by self-learning. However, I found it was not so difficult, I began to try my best to contact with them and shared the problems. I realized the importance of updating my learning to make sure in different periods I get feedback about my problems and progress as well. 2.

More knowledge on php with html and CSS The assignment is only two weeks’, there are still many areas

about php that I do not know. In the future study, I think I will do more on it and make my showcase more dynamic. 3.

Improve the final project There are still many problems of my project.

For the images, I

could not to make sure that every image fits the setting perfectly. I could not change the position of each furniture, is it possible to use the database to store each furniture’s top, left and use $ to make it possible? I think I will do more on it. In addition, I need to create more opportunities for users to choose.


Overall reflection of Internet Playground  
Overall reflection of Internet Playground  

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