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Overall Reflection Innovative Concepts to Business

I like to communicate with different people. I would prefer to do more social things rather than research or design individually for a long time. I think business design may be an option for me to do after graduation. So I chose this module to learn more about that and develop my skill in Designing Business Process.

Yang Yu 23/05/2014

What I learned Basic knowledge about business design I have no clue about business design before, but after this module, I have a basic knowledge about the whole process of how to make a design product into a business case. What I really learned about is the Benchmarking, Service Blueprint, Board of Innovation, roadmap and Finances. With the lectures in this module and the practice in Blimey, What I learned most is the methods or tools in business design and I know how to apply them into different design products.

Business could bring more values to design Business design is not that difficult. However, it needs consider exhaustively, like the whole process of how to use the product, the exactly target group, the values why this product distinguishes with others, the retail margin and so on. We could not miss any details as the investors always have question about something. I think business also add

values to design. For example, in Blimey, when we want to extend the cooperation with other stores, we also think about rich the function of what VIPs would hear. We also think the city explorer could also be used for exhibition guiding tool for nonVIPs.

Design is the basic of business I had a very deep understanding that a design idea should be clear and simple. In my previous project, I always make the product have many functions, I think this would be add values to the design. However, I did not think that specific, like the customer journey, users actually would feel very complicated. There were many details that should be figured out. In addition, a good design is the basic of a successful business. The key point is the idea.

Other Growth

First, I learned a lot from my team members, I always feel that my ability is much lower than Dutch students. I am a little afraid of doing something individually in a group as if I could not do well, it will bring loses for the whole team. But in this module, with the encouragement and help of my team members, I become more actively to try new things and become more confident to express my opinion and make stuffs. Second, I got a lot of inspirations about how to make an interesting and attractive presentation. One investor said you should imagine the audience is only 12 years old. You need to think more about how to present. I think I will do more to make a better presentation later because I realized the importance.

Future steps I really want to learn more about business design for the next semester. As business design concludes many things, I want to explore more. I will read the book "Business plan" and try to make a business plan for my next semester's design project, then ask feedback from professors in Business Design.

Innovative Concepts to Business Yang Yu

Overall reflection yang yu  
Overall reflection yang yu