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Architecture & Urban Design Project 2012 - 2020

Portfolio Yuval Eynath



Taibe Police Station Border Guard Memorial Netivot Police Station Family Health Center



Multi-Family Dwelling Buildings 6,11 and 12 Wolfson 50 Tower Shimon Rokach 34 Shapira Residence Officers Residence



Giborey Israel Complex Golomb Urban Renewal Hashalom Urban Renewal



DigitaLifta Newtown Creek Gowanus Rezoning Shenshan SCZ




More “Write as if you’d never talked to yourself And always kept yourself at arms length. Pass over in silence your dogs, cats, birds, Dusty keepsakes, friends and dreams”

Work & Experience

Education 2018





NYIT, New York City Architecture, Urban & Regional Design towards M.S. . Graduate with honour Western Galilee College, Acre Preservation studies towards M.BA Tel Aviv University Architecture towards B.Arch Graduate with honour Hebrew University Jerusalem Medical studies towards M.D Ohel-Shem High-School Biology and communications focus. Graduate with honour





Awards & Honours 2019






Graduate Scholar Award Scholarships for outstanding students Tel Aviv University technical studio’s outstanding project. Nominee for Sachar Ziv award Tel Aviv University urban design studio’s outstanding project. Nominee for Shachar Ziv award. Tel Aviv University dwelling studio’s outstanding project. Nominee for Shachar Ziv award Divisions commander’s honour for outstanding service Meir Brand’s scholarship for excellence in biology studies



New York institute of technology Research assistant with Belmont Forum’s Urban Living Lab, Urban Land Institute’s UHI mitigation Study and AIA NY Net-Zero initiative

NYC City Council Summer internship at the Community Engagement Division. Event Planning and Graphic Design YGAA Architects | Tel Aviv City planning, urban building plans, residential, commercial, and public buildings. OS Architects & City Planners City planning, urban building plans, residential, commercial, office and public planning Project Management Tel Aviv Museum of Art Architecture archive construction group for the opening exhibition of the architecture wing Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Division. Maps & aerial reading, guidance & operation room manning




M +19294629764 O +972546365755

Youval Eynath

Local# 916430024 Passport# 21406640




2015 Lumion

MS Office

2050 Gowanus as a Net-Zero district


2012 2008

Kindergarten Compounds Bat-Yam Municipality Community originated design

Kindergarten Compounds Ra’anana Municipality Integrated with public facilities

Urban store prototype design

The Human Parameter Tel Aviv ZeZeZe Gallery After Effects


Affiliation 2019

Urban innovation for Israeli cities

Cofix – Urban City Market Cofix Retail Cafe and stores




Youval Eynath




12-32 31st Dr. Long Island City New York, NY, 11106




Jerusalem, 27/01/1984





Net Zero Neighborhoods AIANY Planning and Urban Design


Wake Up city! Israeli Planning Administration


Music Notes




Languages English

Competitions & Exhibitions

SW & HW Skills

IN-SOURCE Urban Data Framework for sustainable Cities AIA New York Israel Association of United Architects Tel Aviv University’s Alumni Associations YIA –Young Architects Forum Merhav – Movement for Israeli Urbanism Tel Aviv University Students Union


Digital tools for humane design

Seminar Identities in Kibbutz architecture 2013


TAU Graduates Tel Aviv’s Central Bus station Preservation digital toolbox Historic Preservation Record


Documentation for Al-Manshia’s ruined 1918 estate and factory

Historic Preservation Record 2011

Documentation for an eclectic 1936 Tel Aviv residential building

Free Time







Shop Pets

21-22 23-24 25-26

Taibe Police Station | Planning of new building for Kedma District Headquarters. Permit approved, in Construction (2019) Border Guard Memorial | New building planning, and exciting building alternations creating the guard’s main memorial Netivot Police Station | New building planning for a 3 floors police station in Netivot, following the green building Israeli code. Family Health Center | Feasibility study and first design for a family center and 2 kindergarten classes in a vacant plot in Tel Aviv Raanana Kindergarten | Planning for a new complex of 3 kindergarten classes and a public multi functional space. Populated (2019) Neighborhood Police Station | Building alternations and addition of a new wing for the south Tel Aviv district police station


Multi-Family Dwelling | Planning of New 6, 4 leveled, residential units in the newly built neighborhood of Nofim in Modiin. Residential Towers Kyriat Ono | Planning of 3 residential towers of 13 floors and 144 units as part of the neighborhood urban renewal Residential Towers Iben Gvirol | Feasibility study for residential complex of 44 on 9 floors. Schematic design and marketing plans Buildings 6 Ramat Alyashiv | Planning of residential tower of 9 floors and 13 units for a religious community in Lod. Permit (2018) Buildings 11,12 Ramat Alyashiv | Planning for construction of 2 residential towers of 13 floors and 94 units. Populated (2018) Wolfson 50 Tower | Planning of an 8 floors and 16 units in Neve Shaanan neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv. Permit (2018) Shimon Rokach 34 | Planning of a residential building with 3 floors and 4 units in a historical preservation building. Schematic design Beit Ha’Eshel Jaffa | Planning of a residential building in old city of Jaffa. 4 residential floors with 22 units and a commercial floor Shapira Residence | Planning of 2 residential towers with 9 floors and 82 units in eastern neighborhood of Lod Officers Residence | A new complex for officers in Mishmar Ayalon base including dwelling and community and education spaces


Wake Up City! | Open competition of the Israeli Planning Administration for urban renewal, Suggesting an urban tool box Bat Yam Kindergarten Complex | Bat Yam municipality closed competition for a community oriented design for 3 sites in the city Raanana Kindergarten Complex | Design of 2 kindergarten and multi-function public spaces complexes at a newly built neighborhood Cofix – Urban City Market | Open competition of a retail coffee chain suggesting a prototype for and urban and functional market Northern District Hertzlia | Close competition for planning a new neighborhood replacing an airport incorporation college and a park


15-16 15-16 17 18 19 20 35 36

Hosting Room at the Israeli Police Headquarters | A 430 sq. ft hosting room for international guests, including multimedia systems Arabic Educational Center for Police Officers | The center includes classes, auditorium and computer room replacing a gym Girls College, Bar Ilan University | An auditorium, library and synagogue with an public open roof at one of the university's buildings Historic Preservation Record Malchet 3, Tel Aviv | An eclectic 1930’s residential building in central Tel Aviv Historic Preservation Record Al-Manshia | A ruined 1918 Arab estate in the old train hub neighborhood of old Jaffa Historic Preservation Record Ashdot Yaakov | Documentation of a 1960’s people’s house at the Kibbutz as reflector of its identity The Human Parameter, Zezeze Gallery | Presentation of graduate project at an exhibition regarding parametric and humane design






Other Interior Competitions

Urban Renewal in Kiryat Gay by Building earthquake reinforcement incentives | A City-wide urban building plan, approved Urban Building Plan - Giborey Israel Complex | A local plan for a mixed use tower with and underground transportation hub Urban Building Plan - Golomb-Meselant Complex | A district plan for urban renewal including residential. Commercial and BC Urban Building Plan – Hashalom Road | A district plan for urban renewal including residential. and public, approved Municipal Center Harish | A plan for municipal center for the new city of Harish including city hall, emergency services and offices

Urban Planning

Projects Highlights

Gowanus ULI, Canal conservancy and NYIT workshop

InSource International Workshop at AIA NY

InSource International Workshop at AIA NY

AIA New York Net-Zero Neighborhoods for NYC web page including original graphics Net-Zero Neighborhoods for NYC Seminar Day, AIA NY

Architecture and Genetics, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Collaborated Publications

Gowanus Urban Climate Lab NYIT

The Human Parameter

Preservation Record – Beit Nameri

Gowanus Canal Conservancy During my 18 short months living in New York, My academic work was not limited to the local community Workshop campus. The different urban design projects included actual and close involvement with


stake holders, communities, none-profits and international and local experts. The inputs and outpost delivered, enriched not only my different academic projects but, more importantly, gave me a chance to understand local processes and view-points and understand their complexity

InSource International Workshop at AIA NY Gowanus Land surface temperature mapping map for ULI

Gownus’s Planning Seniors 3d online visualization tool created with InSource modeling team

Net-Zero Neighborhoods for NYC Seminar Day, AIA NY

Israel Police Force 443 Road, Taibe, northern Israel Regulation Plan, New Building Public – Police Station Lot – 3.2 acres Total 46,250 sq. ft floor area 2 Floors’, Future 3rd floore



‫ תקפה‬,133 ‫מח‬

New police station for the District headquarters replacing an exciting municipal station on the same site. In the station: Offices, dinning hall and kitchen, gym, communal areas, synagogue, energy center and underground water tank, storerooms, archives, outdoor cafeteria, parade place and entrance hall. Planning with pre fabricated Elements and re-planning of an exciting areas.


Entrance and Cafeteria

Section B-B (South to North) ~1:500

Entrance Hall Northern Facade

With OS Architects, 2015

Wing Division Ground Floor ~1:1500

Eastern Faรงade ~1:500

Wing Division First Floor ~1:1500

Permit Ground Floor Plan 1:1500~

Regulation Plan | Lot Changes Feasibility Study Schematic Design | Planning alternatives Permit | Preparation and approval Tender documentation Construction Documents Construction Administration

Israel Border Guard Home Base, Eiron, northern Israel Master Plan, New Building Public – Museum and a memorial Lot – 0.45 acres Total 6,670 sq. ft floor area Tribune and a tower



Master Plan for the Israeli Boarder Guard memorial site, including a museum, library, memorial hall, classrooms, workshops, auditorium, offices, outdoor energy center and site landscaping. The first stage of the plan included planning under an exciting tribune and an additional new wing including the memorial, interactive passage ways, wall of names and gathering area.

Regulation Plan | FAR Addition Feasibility Study Schematic Design | Planning alternatives Permit | Preparation and approval Tender documentation Construction Documents Construction Administration

Width Section 4-4 ~1:1500


Interactive Passage

North West View

Memorial Hall

Permit Plan ~1:1500

Gathering Hall

New Wing Section 3-3 ~1:1500

With OS Architects, 2014

Ground Floor Plan ~1:250

Israel Police Force Netivot Civic Center Master Plan, New Building Public – Police Station Lot – 0.75 acres Total 27,600 sq. ft floor area 3 Floors

Width Section B-B

Southern Facade

Ground Floor Plan

11-12 With OS Architects, 2015 Tel Aviv Education Dpt. Neve Avivim, Tel Aviv Feasibility Study, Design Public – Kindergarten Lot – 0.35 acres Total 16,200 sq. ft floor area 2 Floors


Site Layout Plan

Ground Floor

First Floor

Ariel Construction LTD Nofim, Modiin, Central Israel Design, planning and regulations Residential – Multi family & cottages Lot – 0.2 acres Total 16,500 sq. ft floor area Basement, 2 living floors and rooftop



‫רחבת כניסה וקפיטריה‬

Northern View

Planning 6 residential units in the newly built neighborhood in the edge of the city of Modiin. The feasibility study and regulation requirements study were held whit a close coordination with the city’s DOP and the engineering company developing and landscaping the area. The units with topography of the site created a unique design solution that includes longitudinal 4 levels allowing maximizing of FAR and allowing a large outdoor area for each unit

Regulation Plan | FAR Addition Feasibility Study Schematic Design | Including Marketing Design Permit | Preparation and DOP meetings Tender documentation Construction Documents Construction Administration

Section A-A ~1:350

With OS Architects, 2017

Southern Facade ~1:350

Northern Façade 1:550~

Basement Level ~1:750

‫מבט מצפון‬

Eastern Façade 1:550~

Section B-B1:550~


‫חלוקה לאגפים קומת קרקע‬ ~1:1500

‫ בקשה להיתר‬,‫תכנית קומת קרקע‬ ~1:750

Entrance Level ~1:500

‫לובי כניסה‬

Kardan Real Estate and Development Ramat Eliashiv, Lod, Central Israel Permit to construction Residential – Multi family & cottages Lot – 2.2 acres Total 161,500 sq. ft floor area 2 13 floors buildings and one of 7




The Master Plan for Ramat Eliashiv complex was made in the office at 2012, since, the building were built in different phases. My part of the proses was completing the construction documentation for buildings 12 and 13 (13 floors each, 94 residential units) alongside approving a during-construction-change permit. Building 6 was the last building to be built on the complex. Before its planning a feasibility study was held to maximize FAR considering the time passed from approving the master plan, following a schematic design accordingly


Commune open space

Regulation Plan | FAR Addition Feasibility Study Schematic Design | Building 6 Permit | Buildings 12, 13 Tender documentation Construction Documents Construction Administration Building 12,13 positioning plan 1:1000~

‫מבט מצפון‬

Buildings 6, ground floor ~1:250

Buildings 6, residential floor 1:350~

With OS Architects, 2016

Building 5, section B-B, Eastern façade 1:250~

Yitzhak Wiess Entrepreneurs Wolfson 50, Tel Aviv New Building, commercial GF Residential – 16 units Lot – 0.1 acres Total 13,800 sq. ft floor area Basement, 7 floors and rooftop


Residential Floor

Western Façade

Section A-A

Southern facade

17-18 With OS Architects, 2015 Beni Lotan Entrepreneurs Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv Building and Preservation Residential – 4 units Lot – 0.15 acres Total 8,600 sq. ft floor area basements, 2 residential floors

Section B-B

Ground Floor

First Floor

‫תכנית קומת כניסה‬

Milmor Group Shapira, Lod, Central Israel 2 New Residential Towers Residential – 81 units Lot – 1 acre Total 87,000 sq. ft floor area 11 Floors


Positioning Plan

Residential Floor

Southern Facade

‫חזית דרומית‬

19-20 With OS Architects, 2017 Israel Defence Force Mishmar Ayalon Base Permit Planning Residence and commune spaces Lot – 0.25 acres Total 24,300 sq. ft floor area basements, 2 residential floors

‫ב‬-‫חתך ב‬

Ground Floor

Residential Floor

Section B-B

‫תכנית קומת כניסה‬

Israel Power Compony Central Tel Aviv Urban building plan Office and commercial tower Lot – 1.3 acres Total 807,300 sq. ft floor area 60 Floors and underground hub



‫תצ"א אזורי‬

An urban building plan for an office and commercial building in Tel Aviv’s developing business center. The site, today a generator warehouse, is to occupy a main station of the future Tel Aviv Metro, and in proximity to the Hashlom train station. As so, the plan aims to create a complex underground hub connecting the main tower of the business district with the transportation hub with 4 underground commercial floors. The plan also had to consider the boarding highway future cover up.

Background Analysis Feasibility Study | With DOP Schematic Design Documentation | With DOT Depositing Public Hearings Approval


Western View

Street View

With OS Architects, 2018

Top View

Ground Floor

Suggested Underground connections

Land Use Blueprint

Tel Aviv Municipality Neve Shaanan, Tel Aviv Urban building plan Mixed use complex Lot – 7.1 acres Total 867,600 sq. ft floor area 312 units in 355,200 sq. ft



An urban building plan for urban renewal in the Golomb-Meselant complex near Tel Aviv’s southern transportation hub. Today the complex is made mostly small illegal manufacturing buildings. The plan draws an intensive residential area along a linear public green space integrated with commerce along the main streets and a main employment center on the north part. Some of the site’s challenges was the topographic slop and the proximity for main public transportation tracks

Typical Residential Floor ~1:3000

Golomb st. section ~1:2500

Layout Plan ~1:3000

With OS Architects, 2016

Ground Floor Land Uses ~1:3000


Background Analysis Feasibility Study | With DOP Schematic Design Documentation | Toward depositing Depositing Public Hearings Approval


Linear Park

Suggested Layout Blueprint ~1:2000

Ashdar Enav LTD. Hashalom road, Tel Aviv Urban Building Plan Mixed use complex Lot – 4.3 acres Total 871,100 sq. ft floor area Max 30 floors and 4 basements



An urban building plan for urban renewal in Derech Hashlom – Hammavak complex on the border between Tel Aviv and Givatayim. The Planed includes all the required documentation which were developed with environmental, land scape and transportation advisors and coordinating with both municipalities. The Plan was depositing after a the formal prosses of approval and than was revised and changed to its final approved form – plan TA 4386 Ground Floor Land Uses ~1:2500

Roof Layout Plan ~1:2500


Southern View

Background Analysis Feasibility Study | With DOP Schematic Design Documentation | Toward depositing Depositing | to the regional council approval Public Hearings | and following changes Approval

Exciting Buildings

Suggested Layout Blueprint ~1:2000

With OS Architects, 2015

Width Section ~1:2500

Graduate Project Azrieli School of Architecture Tel Aviv University Guided by Arc. Eithan Kimmel July 2013 Graduates Exhibition, CBS, 2013 Human Parameter Exhibition, 2014

27-28 Graduate Project, Tel Aviv University, 2013

DigitaLifta was the graduate project for the 5 years architecture program at Tel Aviv University. The project examines the connection between organic architecture – one that evolves during time and is location, culture and environment dependent, to the systemic-digital design using different inputs in creating an objective, ever changing planning prosses. The project asks about the ability of the algorithmic prosses to fully replicate the long term evolutionary prosses creating, with various inputs, organic and meaningful places. Can algorithm handle cultural, historical and social significance, replicate them? replace them? The project first analyses the historic conditions that followed the village development up to it’s last days at the 1948 Israeli independence war. The topographic slope had a major part of the villages “DNA”, and while examining the connection between the physical and social conditions, an urban “Genome” was distillated; a system of “laws” that followed the village’s development in its long history. In the modern Israeli reality, since 1948, the deserted village was surrounded with high ways, was disconnected from the city life while being physical enclosed by it. Combining all this, the project asks “what would happen if?”, how, with It’s Genome in mind, the village would have developed to an intensive urban fabric at today city.

Historic Development Diagraming and Modeling

First semester final project Project New-York Studio Urban and Regional Design MS New York Institute of Technology Guided by Prof, Jeffrey Raven December 2018

29-30 New York Institute of Technology First Semester Project

The Newtown Creek district, located on the border between Brooklyn and Queens, NY, was the site chosen for the first semester if urban design studio at the NYIT Urban design masters program. The site – located at the center of NYC is surrounded by rapidly growing communities, and is in an immediate need to adjust to the changing technologies and climate being one of the few active and natural water body of the city. The site hold a rare opportunity creating a new kind of industrial eco district, sensitive to its natural and human environment, self sufficient, while providing for its surrounding communities and the city as a whole. With the Eco-district protocol in mind, the site was analyzed by environmental, community, resilience and equity parameters to create a frame work for the intervention. The eco-social frame work was than translated to a special pattern of streets, parks, connection, transportation and general land use to than be filled with the different industries in a way that allows circular economy between the industries and the population. The suggested new eco-industrial zone attempts to achieve a low-emissions environment, enclosing energy and food cycles, while self supplying for its community with food, jobs, opportunities, social and ecological resilience and water access.

Net-Zero – Scoping & Goals

Current Condition 2019

Net-Zero Food & Energy Diagrams

Land-Use Inventory 2050

Climate Strategies

Business as Usual 2050

Best Practice 2050

Second semester final project Urban Climate Lab Studio Urban and Regional Design MS New York Institute of Technology Guided by Prof, Jeffrey Raven May 2018

Flood Predictions





Energy Hub & Park

Local Food-Hub

Suggested Figure-Ground Green Training Center

Suggested Land-use

Suggested Urban Scheme

District System Mapping

New York Institute of Technology First Semester Project


District Green Path

The Gowanus canal area is on the verge of transforming from its current condition as a scattered industrial zone with very low residential density; The northern part of the canal is designated to become a high density – mix use district with the NYCDCP rezoning plan, currently at an advanced draft stage following various studies and public engagements. The southern part of the canal, a part of the southwest Brooklyn is facing development pressures and is in a desperate need to adapt to current times. The Climate Lab Urban Design Studio suggested imagining the area around the canal as a unify ecodistrict, assuming the same population suggested with the rezoning – the site was reimagined as a net-zero district where planning is derived from flood predictions and Urban Heat Island effect mitigation

Urban transect topographic sections layering Inner Block Public Space

Layered Site Analyses

Final Project (Third Semester) International Design Studio Urban and Regional Design MS New York Institute of Technology Guided by Prof, Jeffrey Raven December 2019

Current Urban Transect

Suggested Urban Transect


The international design studio was to suggest a master plan for Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone’s coastal area. Accordingly with the Shenshan Administration brief, the coastal area was to be develop to populate 1.5 million residents and 1.5 visitors/tourist, all while using and preserving its natural resources of beaches, island, Mountains, rivers and vegetation, considering the regional connections and local heritage and creating sustainable development. The design proposal set to rethink the classic urban transect, while incorporating the Urban-Suburban-Rural spectrum into the 3D and topographic reality. The urban morphology and fabrics were driven from analyzing and rethinking the current development of Chinese “pop-up” cities – aiming to layer and mix the segregated urban morphologies of Chinese cities

Urban Transect Elements By Topographic Level

New York Institute of Technology First Semester Project

Current Morphologies and development Analyses

‫מגרשים ‪3 ,2‬‬ ‫המגרש‬

With OS Architects, 2015



Jewelry Design with brass. Hand sawing/ laser cutting

Pencil, chalk and water color sketches and drawings Technical Drawing

Digital drawings


Paper modeling

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