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Yuto * Tobe Komoriya

Introduction When people chosen and worn cloths, people might struggled what kind of fashion is the best. In fashion, there is a ward “fashion is decided by choosing shoes”. I couldn’t remember when I met shoes for the first time. However, I can remember when I was an elementaly school studnt. I really wanted to get a sneaker of NIKE. One year ago from now, when I considered about what is the most important thing in fashion, I remembered and found the ward. In young days, I didn’t have none of interest about shoes, but I couldn’t cared about shoes because I thought that shoes weren’t cheep and couldn’t imagined shoes that I want to get it. Therefore, I hadn’t knowledge to find and choose shoes. Later, I started to study art two years ago and then I understand spectrum of colour. After that, it became easier

than before and remembered the ward. Therefore, I started to choose cloths from shoes. Interior of shoes, sneakers has a lot of different design and color variations, and people can spend their lives comfortable than others as I chosen that my topic is sneakers.

History sneaker was sold in 1916 for the first time by Keds because then Keds made the shoes a catchphrase which was silent shoes. the origin name of shoes is “Sneak” in English. Materials of shoes were different between leather shoes and sneakers because sneakers were made by soft materials , and leather shoes were made by hard materials. Therefore, the shoes were called the name that people can steal up bihind person silently. However, intelligent adult people disliked an image of sneaker “tennis shoes” Sneaker became popular from the later part of 1970 because NBA in USA invited 4 team from ABA as shoes makers extended their business.

In the 1980, NIKE became popular because NIKE was a sponsor of Michael Jordan.

In the 1990, it was the time of sneaker boom as a lot of sneaker magagines were sold. Interior of sneakers, AIR MAX 95, whixh was sold by NIKE, was the most popular sneaker in those days.

WHat is the most poupular shoes maker and shoes.

Air force Created by legendaly NIKE designer Bruce Kilogore, the NIKE Air Force 1 was first released in 1982. They were named after the airplane that the president of the US travels and were the first NIKE shoes that featured “Air� techonology.

sneaker graphic

This Waking Moment Sticky Sneaker

Levis X Jordan Box graphic

the graphics was designed for the collaboration by I Love Dust.


Just look the shoe! You can see a city. It was designed by Asics sub brand Onitsuka Tiger.

Trizzy Likes: Burger Sneaker

The sneaker was created by Olle Hemmendoff who is a Swedish illustrator/designer and was commissioned by NIKE to “interpret� their sneakers.

N.A.H.U.L. x Sneaker Pimps 2008 Mexico

The sneaker was created by NIKE SB “Day of the Dead” Dunk Low creator N.A.H.U.L. to achieve this final product. It is the world’s largest touring sneaker show.

Jack Spallow

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sneaker magagine  
sneaker magagine  

every sneaker funs just look it! Please!