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2nd year architectural technology 2011

Yusuf Sampson 210044594

STW exercise 1 22.04.2011 Structure in my design primarily plays the role of articulating spaces and volumes, that is, to clearly define and establish, and to create and/or break visual and spatial continuity.


A person standing in a blank, undefined space has nowhere to go, nothing to guide them and nothing to follow. Put up four gum poles and suddenly a space is created, even though no walls are up the gum poles create a defined space by their size, positioning and proportions. Trim the gum poles to the floor and a space is still created, with openness allowing thoughts thread freely to their destinations. The framed gum pole structure is used to create planes, not necessarily to enclose space but more to create a spatial zone within the boundaries of the plane. A gum pole itself has a spatial field about itself and can be overpowering if gum poles are used inappropriately. To integrate vertical gum poles into the desired boundaries of the space makes the effect more subtle and enjoyable, and to use longer spanning horizontal gum poles reduces the number of vertical gum poles required, freeing up the space. The spans can’t be too long, even over a short four meters a gum pole supported on only two ends will bow under its own weight. A suitable frame must be created and shorter members can be used to create long spans. Although gum poles are linear elements, they can be used to create circular or curved forms, although excessive amounts of supported junctions are required to construct the curve. It is easier, less time and material consuming to stay with more, but not completely, rectangular/linear forms. For the open areas of my hub, I have used machined gum pole decking (special order at the pole yard as they use pine/meranti for decking) as it allows for sand, dirt and water to fall between the gaps making it easy to keep clean and it dissipates sound well and looks good, whereas I have used marine ply for the floor and ceiling of the private seating area as it is more formalized, transmits sound better and gives a cleaner look. I have also used marine ply in smaller quantities as it is very expensive and even if it is free, the person supplying your free marine ply will not be happy if you use a million marine ply sheets for your structure.


Thinking architecturally, Righini P. Architecture, form space and order, Ching F.

STW exercise 1