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2nd year architectural technology 2011

STW exercise 2 06.05.2011 1. My selected HUB function is meeting. Meeting where people within a particular community can commence in the activity or the action of ‘meeting’. The structure will serve its function, for people to meet at this hub, this central point, and either move on to their desired destination from there, or sit down at the hub in provided private or open areas making use of the meeting place and the partial shelter it provides. 2. My main architectural idea is to use vertical elements, ground and overhead planes to create space defining planes for the meeting place, clearly displaying public and private areas by allowing or interrupting visual and spatial continuity. 3. My attitude towards space is such that public areas are open, and hold visual and spatial continuity between public spaces with small changes in level and shape of the ground plane, and in addition to this, the scale of public areas against private areas, public areas being the larger, open spaces with ease of access and circulation. Private areas are protected by interruptions in visual and spatial continuity with devices such as change in texture of the ground plane, overhead planes creating a distinct feeling of entering a different space, and more direct, physical devices such as screens and handrails. All of these devices serve to define the space, and create partial shelter, not to enclose the space, although the degree of enclosure defines the space, it is still connected to the public areas and open spaces. 4. The relationship between form and function is that form follows function. A function can be defined as a block or any other geometric shape/line, and therefore functions can be arranged in these basic shapes, around which the form develops. 5. The technology used is the major consideration in the design of the hub. When a form is developed, it must be within the limits of the versatility of the materials used, the junctions and joinery possible and structural constraints. Technology is used not only for strong, lasting construction, but for aesthetic appeal too. This means that the structure will not be hidden; it will be exposed and it will be constructed in such a way that it remains aesthetically appealing and not overpowering.

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