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CEEDer evaluation General Questions What is your goal of CEED experience? I want to get better at my work but also I have some very specific goals for my CEEDer experience. Even though I don’t count with much time, I want to get people to learn about my beautiful country and culture, create and alliance with another LC in which we both be benefit, learn how another LC works, and finally but not less important to practice my Japanese and get better at it.:) Did you achieve it? Show ○○% and Why? Yes I did! 80%. Because I had many opportunities to meet many AIESECers and talked lots of things about AIESEC. Besides, it was great to pay a visit at SPLC and HILC. They showed me how their LC work and what the plan will be done in this year. I felt that I am part of their LC, as a member. From this CEEDer experience, I knew what works LC should do and how to discuss with teammates about year plan. It was pity that I can’t get along with more AIESECers, although SPLC arranged many opportunities for me. Because the time was too short and my schedule was had already arranged. What did you get through this experience? Many friends, of course!:) And I understood more AIESEC knowledge when I saw they struggled to arrange new plan for this year. Learning by doing is a good way to know more AIESEC deeply. Besides, I improved my Japanese little by little and knew more Japanese culture by traveling to Kamakura. Above all, I contacted many Japanese students and worked together. What is good point? Why? Before going to SPLC, I calmed myself down and thought about I want in my AIESEC experience. And then I started to plan my AIESEC experience and made it connect to my career. I reviewed myself and set my goal. In CEED period, I was influenced by AIESECers I met and told to. It’s amazing to get to know what thoughts the young people in different places have in their mind. I can see many great people and have many opportunities to exchange ideas with each other.


Do you think CEED is beneficial for students? Yes/No and Why? Yes, I think CEED is beneficial for students. Because CEED is a good opportunity for foreign students getting to know how different LCs work on AIESEC in different countries. In this CEED experience, I can get many experience and useful information from foreigners AIESECers directly. Therefore, I can have general idea in my mind. For me, I was deeply affected the invisible power on members of SPLC when they worked on their year plan day and night. At same time, I would like to bring the power back to our club and affect my partners. It is a great feeling to work together for same goal with all of us. Their action told me and let me know one thing that “We are a team! We should take responsibility to achieve goal in our year plan. “ How to make use of this experience after going back to? First, I can share members that this wonderful trip to pay a visit SPLC and know many AIESECers in Japan.

And at the same time, introduce the situation of AIESEC in Japan.

Second, tell everyone that AIESEC is really an international organization. Wherever you go, you can contact AIESECers.

They are willing to

share with you their experience and their dreams. “Contact AIESEC, We connect together” is what I deeply feel and get to know in this trip. And now, it’s our slogan on our AIESEC T-shirt. (Right) I hope everyone can feel implication of the slogan from joining AIESEC.

At last but not the least, keep

affecting others and letting everybody know what AIESEC is at my school.

Expectations I expect I can review myself after this CEED experience and understand what influence I have to change other. Being a “Change agent” is my goal in AIESEC and in my life; because I believe that everyone can make the difference in the world. So, it’s important to build a LC at my school with my partners as first goal. I hope I can set up a pluperfect LC like SPLC and have opportunity to brand our thoughts at my school.


Digression Do you like SPLC? Of course yes! I love SPLC.:) SPLC are really kind to me and willing to introduce AIESEC in Japan for me. I can get to know the situation of AIESEC in Japan easily when I was with them. And SPLC tried to find many AIESEC opportunities for me and enrich my living in Japan. They did help me a lot! I couldn’t have good time without them when I was in Japan for almost a month. And now, we still keep in contact with each other. Encourage each other to do works on AIESEC. I left encouraging message for SPLC as following:

++Tue, 3 Apr 2007 20:51:22 +0800 (CST) Dearest SPLC members, How are you? It's Yu-shun from Taiwan. I hope you all still remember me!>"< I heard that you all are busy for recruitment from Sayuri. I also did the same things the other weeks. It was a huge stress for all of my partners and me. Finally, we overcome this stress and we achieved it!! We tried to let students know our club exist at my school.(Our club formally established this semester.) And few people join us and our PBOX!!^^ OK! I give you a tip because you all are my best friends. ^__________^ Just go on and show your passion to freshmen! I believe that you achieve your goal!!! GOGOGO!!!!! Best regards, Yu-shun:) ++ Wed, 16 May 2007 21:38:23 +0800 (CST) They replied me photos they took with freshmen.(Right) =======================================

Although I came back to Taiwan, I still feel I am with them in my heart. I am deeply impressed all of things I contacted in Japan and touched by all of SPLC members.




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