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27.3.2011 - 30.3


* Photo by Interzum Guangzhou organizer.


On the fair

We are happy to welcome you at Talent stand 2011 and offer this brochure, representing the best that we have. Take the opportunity to discover our modern design concepts and high quality. Hoping that you will find this brochure useful, we would certainly be very pleased if you contact us on the phone or via email. Many thanks for your attention to our company.

Talent is a modern office furniture production company which discovered their potential output participating in the exhibition. The Talent stand presented the most popular and recognizable company brands: elegant and modern DAO-Office collection, classical Monarch and graceful PROFIO. However, being the exhibition participants for the fourth time here in Guangzhou, this time we are aiming to show the company's achievements and nearest development perspectives.

New collections Special offers

Special attention was paid to 2011 Talent collections: V2, PIN, TECO KING. The variety of reasonable designer decisions and the specific materials at a reasonable price appeared to be suitable for both bigger companies and smaller firms. As a result of cooperation with the Russian partners it became possible to create a new brand – DIRECTORIA, demonstrated at the exhibition 2011 to represent the company in Russia. The DIRECTORIA collection is recently promoted all over Russia. A number of catalogues were issued to give the detailed information about the Talent company collections.

In 2011, having estimated the customer's demand for new generation interior decor, the Talent company is renewing the classical MONARCH, PRIVILEGE and INTER collections. Our specialists will integrate the wall panels, the coffered ceilings and the premium class furniture to create a unique image of your office. We are also happy to introduce our special offer 2011: our designers will offer you professional supervision throughout the project, production and assembly stages.

CIFF 2011

Collection 2011

TECO KING Being recently introduced at the exhibition, TECO KING presents the new line of TECO collection that was especially developed at customer's request. The new TECO KING follows the concept of beauty and comfort and at the same time offers some unique ideas in the combination of the materials and forms. The functional designer decisions, such as usage of the metal framework create the best image to emphasize your status.

TECO KING line offers the office furniture of extended size veneered with natural ebony in glossy finish.

Choosing TECO KING you will be able to furnish your office with state-of-the-art equipment. Thanks to the in-built cord management system, it has become possible to complete your office with a paper shredder, a mini-bar and other pieces of modern equipment, not sacrificing a single detail of the interior.


CIFF 2011


The office cabinets of this collection are arranged of diverse model units and completed with wall panels, conference tables and pullout units to meet any customer's requirement. The sofas and the arm-chairs are also available to make a comfortable recreation area.


CIFF 2011



Collection 2011

PROFIO PROFIO office furniture is available in two color options, the first being exotic zebrano light veneer, the other being ebony umber veneer. The combination of wooden surfaces with originally shaped aluminum insets is an interesting touch in the collection's design. The plentiful choice of furniture items in the collection, modular approach of building desks and cabinets and comfortable space-saving softseated furniture are to the collection's advantage and allow decoration of the office area according to custom design.

A well decorated office area is not purely a comfort matter, but first of all it is the opportunity for each company to form its own image. It is easy to build up the image of a contemporary, flexible company, entirely successful in business, by furnishing your office with PROFIO office furniture.


CIFF 2011


Easy, clear lines of the desks represented in the PROFIO collection combine harmoniously with the material color and texture of zebrano veneer. Thanks to special woodworking, and the “open pores� lacquering technique, zebrano natural colors shine with extraordinary glow and beauty. Intricate aluminum profiles in table-top and support joins add a special touch to the refined desk design.


The desks may be made with table tops of either wood or glass. Three colors are represented in the collection: white, brown and orange. All desk designs include a modesty panel mounted under the table top.

CIFF 2011

Original armchairs with high backs for directors perfectly match the desks.


The austere style of PROFIO conference tables will perfect the working area and create a conference and negotiations area. Their regular shaped table tops rest on supports decorated with curved aluminum insets. The splendid shape options, both of the conference tables and of the small tables, will add an impressive appearance and elegance to your office. The cable conduits and entries are provided for the conference tables.


The simple shaped soft-seated furniture and coffee tables offered in the PROFIO collection are represented in a variety of colors: the leather color depends on what the client desires. Clear shapes and lines and small dimensions mean PROFIO soft-seated furniture can be placed in any interior creating an environment of comfort and ease.

CIFF 2011


Collection 2011

PIN At the exhibition we had an opportunity to present the new PIN collection, featuring the most fashionable modern design ideas. Simple shapes, reasonable mobility and shaded colours will bring the light feeling of comfort to your office environment. The aluminium structural elements and decorative details became the charming peculiarity of the PIN line, making it a collection of the special style.

The exclusively-shaped and therefore unusually-sized cabinet with roller doors will provide an ideal in terms of comfort and functions piece of office furniture.


CIFF 2011


Desks and conference tables, sofas and arm-chairs together with the presented cabinets will complete the inimitable composition of your office in the PIN style.


CIFF 2011



Best price

DAO Office DAO Office presents the economy class furniture taking the original design of melamine wenge colour coating. The peculiarity of this line is the usage of metal insets which put the accent on the furniture shape, creating a brand new image. The modern design of this collection emphasised by the rich colour finish will transform office with your unique style.

The desks in this line are compact in size and are available with 60mm thick, 900mm wide and optional length of 2200mm, 2000mm or 1800mm desk tops. The models are supplemented with the crocodile embossed leather covered shields under the top.

There are also some additional options provided, such as the detachable unit, the side unit having a hanging drawer, the three-drawer pullout unit and the wide two-drawer pullout unit with two doors.


CIFF 2011


This line is completed with the conference tables assembled of model units, the sofas, the occasional tables and the arm-chairs decorated with metal insets. The set of cosy office chairs for both executives and staff members created in DAO style will capture the ideal office design of this line.


CIFF 2011



Collection 2011

V2 In 2011 the Talent team are happy to present the new collection of modern office furniture - V2. The special feature of the new collection is the metal framework, designed to emphasizethe natural ebony veneer finish with a hint of granite.

The metal framework is the innovation created exclusively for V2 collection. This key element in modernization of the furniture shapes offers a revolutionary different way to make designer decisions. It is now more than possible to transform any area of your office to meet the business process demands all owing your staff to achieve their best performance at all times.

At the same time the metal decorative details of this collection is an accent to any office decor adding that specific hi-tech feeling of modern design trends.


CIFF 2011


The simple desk design makes a perfect combination with specific cabinets and chest of drawers, as well as with the sofas and the armchairs of V2 collection.


CIFF 2011



Redesigned in 2011

MONARCH The classical style in the office design has always been considered the perfect taste. The dignified appearance and luxury of classics predefine the idea of classical style in contemporary office design. Representing inspirational project solutions in classical style, the furniture collection MONARCH will transform your office environment with an appealing style. With its top quality wood, tone on tone colour depth and luxurious leather finish combined in variety of elegant models this collection will capture your idea of modern office with a difference.

The MONARCH collection gives you the opportunity to make an excellent choice, whatever your needs. Desks with practical side units, showcases and bookcases with glass doors, different shaped desktops and additional detachable units, cabinets and chests of drawers; coffered ceiling and wall panels; armchairs and leather sofas, functional and elegant chairs, occasional tables and telephone tables will complete your office furniture composition.


CIFF 2011


The sophisticated gold embossed leather of the desktop adds to the glamorous interior. The patina finish of the renewed MONARCH collection will bring style to 贸our office environment. The deep colour of the cherry tree veneer sheets makes the wall panels especially impeccable.


The presented wooden coffered ceiling and the wooden wall panels give the impression of a harmonious design combination adding a touch of prestige to the MONARCH collection style. The classic wall panels are available in two options: either wooden or coupled with the elements of modern fabric.

CIFF 2011

Thank you very much for your visit.

For more information, please contact us

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Summary of the fair CIFF 2011  

Leaflet for the Talent company - summary of the Chinese International Furniture Fair 2011.

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