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THEATRE OF CHANGE Sao Paulo is a city of segregation. Most of the city is behind a barrier or a wall and is therefore not visible. People are hiding their property and bar out the rest of the city because of fear, theft and crime. Parasitic architecture calls attention and is showing something new and different. We decided to use this impertinent architecture to be conspicuous. It is also kind of a reflection of the favela to bring it to another level and to bring different classes of society together. Scaffold is used for the supporting construction not only to realise it at a very low price but also to show is something temporary and relating to a construction site to point out, that something will happen. The installation will be build while the CEAGESP market is still there and will stay there until something new happens at this point to make the transition of the place visible. The current use, the change of this area and the new development is the main attraction for our theatre.


OF SPACE AND TIME| São Paulo | Brazil | 2016  
OF SPACE AND TIME| São Paulo | Brazil | 2016  

TEAM: Goncharenko Iurii & Stefan Amann