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The apple is one of my favorite fruits, I like.

The beach is one of the places that I like, and over the beaches of Cancun because I have very nice memories of them.

In this school I have lived some very cute and I have met very special people and I do like to be in it.

I love dolphins. the dolphin is my favorite animal, I think you are very intelligent and very tender.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the places I like to know, I want to travel and see different places

They are my friends are wonderful people I love them and I am glad to have met they have a special place in my heart.

she is an excellent teacher and a great person besides being our teacher is our friend and I love

He is an excellent teacher, is also a great person and I learned a lot from him. I love him

I love music, I love to hear it. I like listening to all kinds of music but I like listening to pop music is

They are the best of my life, they are my engine. they are for me when I need them most and are the people I love most in this world.

She is my sister is a beautiful person, always when I need it. besides my sister she is my best friend and I love her very much.

They are great people are very special to me, I know I can always count on them and I love a lot, I'm glad to be friends and have you in my life

she is a great person and I love her. I have spent with her very funny moments

this is a place I like it because my grandfather took me when I was smaller and I have very nice memories

my life  

This is a video about me about what is important to me

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