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Life is what We Made It

Watch out for affordable arts at! Life is what we made it. Many things will come along the way. Some are good. Some are bad. If mishaps are being orchestrated left and right on you, then you can tell that life is expectedly to be most bad. It is not easy to charge brigade in this case. But then, stepping up is quite a real deal. They wanted you as a cheap art when you

know it is an original oil painting that you deserve. Yes, moving forward may be quite a challenge. Yet, you know that you can rise up again. How would like to take a big leap but something hurts inside that you know you have to take it slow. Imagine you as not being a celebrity, overcoming ugly situations, struggling to fight illness, add some more tasks on the side—with you being harassed underground on the side, wherever you go. You know this people are in a shadow of someone or some group. And it takes will power to move forward from damaging manipulation of situations. But then, you know that life is what we made it, no matter what, take steps no matter how small just to deviate away from such situation. You do not take what they do to you as a challenge. Otherwise, these people will keep in mind that

to challenge someone to succeed, inflicting pain on them is the way. You will go forth and live your life because that is you, since time immemorial. Wherever you go, there is a feeling that life would be beautiful and fresh. You feel excited about it. No matter what place that is—of whether it is a low-cost, medium-end, or highend, you are just excited to what lies ahead. And this includes the people around you. You are a homebody but you appreciate people and love to be with them, not until‌ ...not until, you sense something that not again you are in a shadow of a person or group of people in vengeance. The ambiance may seem fine and loving, and caring but beware of politics behind it. What you do is just stay inside your house. After all, this is what you are

used to doing. But then, these people do not stop. You hop to another place, expecting that situation will be different but not again‌the same orchestration; a replica of the past; a regular plot of mishap. It is underground. Not visible to the eyes. Some are blatant but most of the time, the plot is to hit on you emotionally. And yes, this happens for years; long years, in fact! Someone bitter could be behind all these. The façade is under loving and care. But to hell no! The person or persons behind this only know one thing and that is revenge. And they attack you of paranoia. And this is what you say, you can ask the heavens to collapse if you were just being paranoid. And this is on top of years of communication being tapped of whether it is via phone or internet. And because everywhere you go, the ambiance looks loving, you see the area benefitting. It is

beautified and blessed. Everyone you are in contact with you see them blessed, after which comes the dreaded part. Yes, them being used against you. Definitely, you will lash out on them. You will flare up and not one will plead guilty only because all are underground. You can tell exactly, who is the new situation or orchestrated mishap is avenging for. You know then very well that you are under a strict watch of an enemy. Otherwise, your life is not as miserable and probably reaching for what you want had been very easy. Harassment came from left and right. But you remain to have zest for life is a matter of will power to achieve good life and let God be the judge of what had been done. God knows you as never an affordable art.

Life is what We Made It Life is what we made it. Many things will come along the way. Some are good. Some are bad. If mishaps are being orche...