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Dark Wall Paintings

Look for the best wall paintings at! Arts are like chocolate. Some are milky. They are white. And yes, they taste good. But then again, black and bitter is mouth-watering, too. It gives a different effect of maturity, rarity, and most of all intensity as compared to the white ones that taste just so nice and simply sweet. White is chic. But dark is hot. And the same goes for Art. Wall Paintings can be dark, too, yet all the more they become appealing.

People are tired of ordinary. And they want something intense. Smooth and jazzy is good. And it is relaxing but then something to move one’s comfort from the chair where the person is sitting, once in a while is not just necessary but desired. This is how artist of whatever field catch the attention of their audience. It is not to get attention, in fact, but it is the subconscious influx of passionate emotions that makes an art intense which to extent can make it dark yet somehow accepted and loved. We have seen this in many artworks for sale. We hear this kind in songs, in poetry, and we have watched many films like these which sometimes their being dark is just implied but their effect on the viewers are intense or most of the time the intensity is too implied that the viewers need to shy away or close their eyes at once and try again for another glance just to realize such is just a work of art. Dark art can

be very enticing as long as it is not meant to attack but to just simply execute a wild idea that came from a creative mind or from inspiration. Many artworks for sale are decorative. They are easy on the eyes. Yet, this can be done by many artists worldwide and only few will stand up to their guts of making creative dark arts which are known to catch controversy, accusations, and hate. But then later on society gets used to this kind and learns to accept it once realized that these arts are not meant to hit on anyone or anyone’s belief or ideology but are just merely effectively executed at the expense of no one.

Wall paintings are beautiful. Yet beauty is in the eye of the beholders. Many will opt for ones that decorative which means they are not just catchy but will complement the overall

design of the space to make it more attractive. But then again, people are of different personalities. With this in mind, what is beautiful for one can be dull to others. This is why many choose for black arts aside from the fact that these arts, we admit it or not, have hypnotic appeal.

Dark Wall Paintings Arts are like chocolate. Some are milky. They are white. And yes, they taste good.

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