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Convention & Exhibition Center

Moscow 865 km

Welcome to Ukraine! Berlin 1365 km Paris 2365 km

Prague 1325 km

603000 Kyiv

is the capital of Ukraine


The largest European country after Russia

Ukraine 603 000 km2



million people live in Ukraine

Proximity of 7countries makes Ukraine the most important continental transit hub

Why Ukraine is the best venue to start business

57% of high school graduates choose other subjects in universities

30% of high school graduates

choose it related subjects in universities

13% of high school

graduates don’t go to universities


average salary for software engineers 2


Vienna 1285 km

square kilometers of land is the key to sustainable growth in the agriculture sector

France Germany Poland 547 030 357 021 312679 km2 km2 km2

Warsaw 789 km

Ukraine has an entrance to the Black Sea

Most embassies and offices of the central government are located here


million people live in Kyiv


years old of Kyiv From ancient times Kyiv is called as «Mother of Russian towns»

Greetings from Kyiv!

Kyiv stands on the Dnieper river, the 23rd long of the world among the rivers. 4 million people live in Kyiv.

Kyiv is 1 500 years old. From ancient times Kyiv is called as «Mother of Russian towns».

Most embassies and offices of the central government are located here.

Central location on European continent makes Kyiv an important economical center: Warsaw – 789 km, Moscow – 865 km, Vienna – 1 285 km, Prague – 1 325 km, Berlin – 1 365 km, Paris – 2 365 km. 3

Convention & Exhibition Center «Parkovy»:

all-inclusive for business Situated in the very heart of Kyiv. 16 000 m². 3 parking zone (300 parking slots). Average ceiling height is xxxx???. The space transformation technology. You can use 25 conference rooms (50 m² and more) at the same time. The Congress Hall of «Parkovy»: 4 000 m² of venue for greatest events in Ukraine. Co-working zone: headquarters for business in the very heart of Kyiv. Restaurant developed by the world famous Russian holding Ginza Project. 2 ball-rooms 300 m² each one can be used for banqueting, parties, exhibitions etc. Heliport as a unique event venue: 5 500 m² of greatest event-effect. 4


Roof Heliport

2st floor Restaurant Congress & concert hall Public Telepresence room

1st floor Co-working zone Lounge zone Conference rooms Offices Film theater Ball room zone

Ground floor Exhibition area Conference rooms

Basement level Parking Data center



The exhibition area:

transforming the space

Total exhibition area – 14 500 m² with separate entrances.

9 000 m² of covered exhibition area and 5 500 m² of open exhibition area.

Due to space transformation you can transform the area to many little rooms or to one great hall.

Unique possibility of providing exhibitions and other events at heliport.


Ground floor


Conference rooms:

25 conferences at the same time? No problem!

1st floor

You can use 25 conference rooms from 50 to 250 m². You can combine several conference rooms into one premise. All mobile partitions are soundproof. All conference rooms are equipped by multimedia equipment and Wi Fi. Conference rooms can be transformed into the exhibition area. 10


1st floor Ball rooms:

600 m² of your imagine

You can use 2 ball rooms 300 m² each one.

Presentations, parties, fashion shows, banquets, round tables can be easily provided here.




Co-working zone:

headquarters for your business in Kyiv

1st floor

Premium class offices from 16 to 55 m². Meeting rooms from 30 to 82 m². Private secretary and IT services. Lounge zone: film theater, bar.



Congress & concert hall:

the new venue for international events in Ukraine

2nd floor

4 000 m².

Space transformation technology allows to transform the hall from amphitheater to flat floor in several minutes. 600 positions (amphitheater), 1 200 positions (flat floor).


Includes seven conference rooms, press-center, hall, wardrobe, bar, banquet room. 17


developed by Ginza Project

1st floor

The restaurant of ÂŤParkovyÂť is developed by worldwide known Ginza Project. It has opened kitchen. About 500 seats. It works for you every day. The great view on Dnipro downhill.



Telepresence room:

conference call with «presence effect»

2nd floor

Public Telepresence system provides «presence effect» during different events: conferences, negotiations, space telebridges. It can be easily connected to congress & concert hall.




as a unique event venue

Two landing zones which can accept helicopters with a weight up to 13 tons each one.

It can be used as a parking.

Heliport is a unique venue for alternative event: presentation, exhibition, fashion show, party, banquet.



Start your business in Ukraine

with Ukrainian Convention Bureau UCB is an exclusive managing operator of the Convention & Exhibition Center. Event-organizer.


The Bureau carries out of foreign companies` interests with their promotion at the Ukrainian market and organizes their complex participation in various major trade shows held in Ukraine.

UCB helps to develop business to foreign and Ukrainian companies not only in Ukraine but all over the world.



min Airport Borispyl


min Railway station

10 min Central bus station



min Parliament

min Hotel «Ukraine»



min Government

min Hotel «Salute»

5 min President’s Administration

7 min Hotel «Premier Palace»


min Khreshatyk street

Location of «Parkovy»:

one more advantage Convention & Exhibition center «Parkovy» (by car or bus)




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