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Yurina Okamoto Final Major Project

Content Timetable My thought Initial story board Story board for film Test shoot (video is attached) Test shoot 2 (video is attached) Drawing and timelapse (video is attached) Drawing and timelapse 2 (video is attached) Magnetic animation (video is attached) idea for the tunnel 2 Character design Magic tree (video is attached) The tram The set (video is attached)

Since I have done all the animations testing using the different skills in last semester, I started learn new skills such as after effect, filming and story board making. I enjoyed all of the skills and I want to challange myself to use all of the skills I learn in my animation.

To complete my animation, I have got to create story board, character design, filming,drawing, sets making, and edit on my own. Making story board was taking a lot of time more than I thought because when I stuck, I always left the bits till the end. However, I have to manage the all of the animation position so I cannot leave the bits. I am still continuing the story board. For the sets making, I decided to create separate sets instead of a big mountain because I realised I have not got the space for the big mountain. At this stage, I finished the set 1,the train 1,test shooting for all of the experiments, time lapse, and character design. There is 3 short stories in the film, but I am concentrate for the 2 of stories and after finish the editing for the first story and second story, I will start story 3.

‘Kyrobe kyokoku’ is the mountain in north Japan. I went to the place last summer. There is the tram goes to bottom of the mountain to the top to taking 2 hours. The tram runs slow, and you see the nature. It does not have window, so when I pass the tunnels, it makes really noisy sound and cold. When the tunnel finish, we can see the nature again. I decided to use this place for my animation because the tram journey reminds of me “life.” If I represent to the tram to people, slowly grow up and they have experience as bad side(dark tunnel) and good side(nature). When the tram goes down, we are exhausted. To making the story for the animation, I devided 3 defferent stages as “real life”(film), “half real and half dream”(time lapse), and “imagination(tunnel).Also the boy threw 3 tunnels so it goingto be 3 short stories realte with imagination. Dreams are normaly created by the people’s thinking so I thought the dream they have is the their mind that they are imagine or they heard. To being as a internatinal student, I often think about the culture, and humanity. So I decided to make the british boy has journey to the mountain in Japan in his dream. Second my mind, I believe that imagination is really important for people. I am always day dream and the I think the stories I create in my mind is all from what I see, what I heard. It could be created by someone such as TV and educations. First I thought about was stereotypes which everyone has. It may come from the media until you see the real people. Seeing a lot of friends from the different country, my mind of the different culture did completly changed. Also, children always could be a hero because I think when they have not that much experiences, they do not know what is going to bad things happend. Hoewever, when we grow up, we started to scared to do something. I always wish I had a chidlrens mind even I grow up.

Iphone video I took in last summer

Initial story board I created very first time. There is 3 different skills so I had 3 colour to show which is the film, stop motion and the drawing. TRhe story has changed little bit since I created this initial story board but It stull gives me ideas for the final story board.

To the advice from Mike, I draw the story board with more details, but less frames. This is for the filming for the boy to show. It looks more clear and easy to understand even for my self what I should shoot next, also easy to tell the boy what I want him to do.I feel comfotable to do the making story board with details before I film a few days after I make the full version of the story board.

Filming on the bus was hard because my h by bus movement. Also, the bus journey wa long so we changed 3 times. I have got one to film my video so I could use 2 different v ever, I am going to film him again because of shots I wanted to put in the film was sha testing video, I did put much longer than th to show more shots. However, it will be 30 minutes for the boy’s shot. For the next tim mono-pot to film him so it will not shake th

hands shake as not that e ore people view. Howthe a lot aky. For the he final film second to 1 me, I will use hat much.

Click here to watch the testing shoot

After I created the story board, I got the idea that the boy on the bus was not real life, and that was also the dream the man was dreaming when he was young. The idea comes from my first impression of the mountain journey is “life�. I put a tripid from of the bed and I filmed his as close shots. I will come back to film again in the end of this month so I can think different shots. Click here to watch

Timelapse with drawing represent half sleep and half dream. It it the border of the reality and the dream. This is the test shooting as I used white line and picked timelapse from vimeo. Click here to watch

I went to Cornwall to film and I found the forest without any people close to David stone. Filming about 2 hours, it started to foggy so I had to finish to filming. It was supposed to be sunset shots however, the fog makes looking more dreamy so I will keep the time lapse for the final video. For the drawing, I need to play with timing and the movement of the boy. I will going to use this shots about 10 seconds. Click here to watch

After I watched the Quay brothers film, I facinated the texuture that the magnet creates. I bought the iron filling and tested out with it. For the second tunnel, I will use this as “bad dream/negative imagination� Idea for the tunnel2 is in the next page. Please click here to watch

Rough idea for the tunnel 2 using the magnetic animaton.

There will be 3 characters in my animation which are making character of the boy, the stereotypes of the Japanese man in his imagination, and also the man form the Japanese fairytale, “old man who made cherry bloosom�. The boy is like a shadow with tie and eye because he is not sure who he is himself. I am going to make with wood with fabric for the flower man, and theard and clay for the Japanese man.

Click here to watch

i tried second tree with covering the tray. However, the crystal did not come out because I painted i brown. I wanted to use green screen so the tree had to be without green. I need to think other idea without using the green screen because I found out I cannot pain on it.

This is the middle size of the tram. I still need to make 2 more trams which are smaller one, and the big one for the other shots. Also, I could out more details if I could manage my time.

Making mountains using expanding sprays and styrofoams. I decided to make 3 sets and the tram. The expanding foams are expensive so I needed to think other ideas to make another mountain. I have used 3 expanding spray for the 2 mountains with the tunnel. For the tunnel, I sued colour spray, however it tunes to black and shiny. I re-painted so it does not shiny anymore.

I almost finished the set1, but the colour is too blight for the Japanese mountain. It looks like jungle so I am going to change the colour. Also, I bought the grass seeds,but it didnt no grow on the styrofoam. So I am going to use it as a texuture of the montain and spray it. For the rail, I decided to drawn on the wood instead of making it. If I could time management of making the set, I might to build the tram trail. Click here to watch

To making medelling, it takes a lot of. time to finish it. However , I will try t onot forget what my concept is rather than just making look perfect. I will try to finish my model making before the easter break, and I want to trst out the shots and out it together to see what it looks like.


FMP test testing