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Carla Anderson “Fugedaboudit: Comparing a place that has a museum made of green concrete to Philly is ridiculous� from Philadelphia Daily News, June 29, 2004

place neighborhood What kind of city do we want region state country

Placemaking creating Places that People are Passionate about

ABCD Asset Based Community Development

needs, deficiencies, problems resources, skills, dedication

build on strengths Preserve what we value: buildings neighborhoods culture-creative and intellectual natural landscapes

restore renovate reclaim


Fix Weaknesses

DNA l l e t t o n s e o d . . . y t i c “The t i s n i a t n o c t u b , t s its pa ” . d n a h a f o s e n i l e h t like

—Italo Calvino

Livin the Vida Local Visioning Inspiring Demonstrating Advocating

Visioning ME ME search WE WE search RE RE search

Visioning Paint a picture of what could be


implement the vision through community engagement


focus on possibilities overcome problems


Move the vision into the world

Demonstrating Illustrate the potential through Prototypes Events Pilot Projects


Communicate the vision to others

Advocating Media Exhibitions Participating Convening

urban acupuncture pinpointed interventions that create a positive ripple effect

CAtalytic A successful VIDA project effects ongoing change and encourages others to take the lead

everybody is a placemaker OO a a n n o o i i s s s s e e f f o o r r PP llss nnttss

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The ABC+Ds of Placemaking  

An overview of the intersection of ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) and placemaking. Learn how to create places that people are pass...