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Most important moments in my life

Yurany Andrea Zapata Villa

Instituciรณn educativa Colombia Girardota- Antioquia 2017

Story of mi life In this story I will count the moments that more have marked in my life, I will mention persons, places and situations that have been important and of great learning along my life, this story includes of some form or other one, the process that I have been having with certain lived experiences, So much in the familiar and social environment in that I was growing.

My name is Yurany Andrea Zapata, I have 16 years I was born in Medellin the day 27 of November of the 2000, as second daughter, In my childhood I fought a lot with my eldest brother, he used to say that I was spoiled, But it was not like that, We almost always fought, we treated ourselves too badly, we hit ourselves and I was feeling very bad about this, I grew so I thought in a different way I no longer found it meaning to continue fighting for insignificant things and at the moment of my brother annoy me, I ignored him and we went changing and we do not fight as much as before. Most of my childhood is spent living in the countryside in Jamundí there I shared a lot with my cousins and my uncles, those were my best moments because I was just a girl, the only thing that worried me was having fun and to experience simple things that for me in that were extraordinary. My parents decided to buy a house in the Aurelio Mejia neighborhood, I was 5 years old and since that I lived in the same place. I started to study at the Educational Institution Colombia at this age, my first preschool teacher was Maria Eugenia, she was a very sweet and affectionate person, and to all his students treated us equally. I have been studying in this institution for 11 years. I lost a seventh but I had reason to lose it although now I think those motives were ridiculous, I was 12 years old at that, In this time it was leaving me to go very easily for what they were saying the others, It was small the own criterion that had an just by fitting towards what they were doing others, the same year my dad’s they were divorced and my brother was too sick and they operated it, I felt so badly for it that it was one of these reasons for which I lost seventh, equal I do not repent having lost it, thanks to it I knew better persons and started seeing my world of another form, I Changed my dreads and I started deciding for my same one without mattering the opinion for myself from the others, good still it matters for me but already not so much like before. it gave hard to me very hardly the divorce of my parents, I had never seen them fight , my brother and I never find out about his problems, if we were suspecting that there was something bad in them, but we were not thinking that it was anything so serious as for a divorce. It is typical that in a divorce the ex-pair is stopped speaking for pride or for rancor, but I surprised much that in spite of all the problems that my dad’s had they did not guard these feelings, they overcame it and they are big friends, and it makes me feel it very proud of them, it is a great example that I can take of each one.

With the time, my mother obtained a boyfriend, initially it was inconvenient to coexist with he for what we didn't know each other, and why on that, for my it was replacing my dad, but later I knew it and it seemed to me to be very agreeable. He has been helping us in what we need, of him I learned many things it brings over of the college since he was a teacher of philosophy and religion and what I did not understand, was explaining it to myself. My brother, my mother and the boyfriend of her we went away to living again to Jamundi in the house of my grandmother, this was my 14 years, had a good time there because I starts to come out more so for what it was with my cousin in it she was 16 years old and we were amusing ourselves very much for the countryside, one day we were mounting bicycle, I was handling and my premium was going behind, I could not handle well and to the moment to start we go on in descent for a hill and we fell, it was very graceful nobody saw us and we stop rapidly before someone was happening, this day I broke the trousers that I was wearing. . we were very close we, one day we were boring and together with another cousin, we put to sell hamburgers, we buy the things and already we had quite ready I went away in motorcycle to distributing the hamburgers with my cousin, we happen for a hollow and me there were fallen 2 of them, to the persons that I sold them They stayed without hamburgers since simply were not enough. Me was having to walk from the house of my grandmother up to the college, I was studying in the evening and we were going out at 6:30 pm, Sometimes I had to rise alone and in this time they had killed a young man where I had to happen to get home, it was very lonely and dark, I always ran took advantage of the fact that nobody saw me, I rarely was finding my cousins On the motorcycles in order that they were rising me. Later we moved again to the Aurelio, already he was not enjoying like before, I missed my cousins because always we passed it very. Already they were approaching my 15 years, I wanted to have a party but my parents did not have the sufficient money so only I did a small familiar meeting, we all were assembled, we dance, sing, I had a great time, for thi day I wanted to paint the hair to me, I wanted that they saw me different so I did to myself a few wicks, which were not as I expected and I did not last long with my hair like that. there was a young person who was interested in me, I was calling, was inviting myself to eat but I neither was going out nor was giving him many attention because my dad was not leaving me to this age to have friends men, go out with them, but with this boy they changed the things, it was rare for my since he was feeling that it was disobeying my dad but was not like that, the alone one was in his moments of jealousies, these moments in which still the dads do not accept that his daughter is growing, I remember myself that my dad saw me with my companions and was scolding me but my mom was speaking with him, that it was normal and already he is not like that, already he accepts this.

One day I was in my house alone, my mother was working and my brother was studying, I was in my room watching TV when I hear they put on the flip-flops and start walking around the house, I was very scared because I was alone then as someone was supposed to be walking, I did not know what to do at that moment, I covered myself with the blankets and waited it to go away, passed 15 minutes and my brother arrived, I felt a great relief and I told him what happened but he did not want to believe me he said that was my imagination, but I know it was real, I felt it was real, when my mom arrived If she believed me because she in the house had felt something strange but since that I have not been startled again. At school I was already in the ninth grade, I know new people and that grade was not one of the best because it was a group that It was a group that everyone was by their side, we did not seem like companions, most of the women that I play in That group talked a lot about people and did not trust the group, I was very quiet with them, there was a problem with one of those who is now a very good friend of mine, with Isabela Arias, I to she not like her and I felt the rejection of her, but one day I spoke and we started to try more and so we spent more time together, I met many more people. The Girardota festivities were coming and we were anxious to go out that day to dance and to have a good time with our friends, Isa was not let go of her boyfriend, I liked that day because I danced and enjoy a lot with evelynth, but the environment around us was not The best, I got in very late that night and my dad scolded me and punished me like a week. A friend told us to Isabelle to evelynth and me that we participated in the mayoral youth program, we were interested and we went in, the coordinator was Luis Miguel, we had to do activities with young people in the field, they assigned us the logistics for all the activities that Were planned, were three days in which we went to different rural areas, the first day us we went to Encenillos, were teachers of the Inder to encourage the young, the second day we went to San Esteban in the home Santa Clara, was a boarding school of girls, I met a few and they told me why they were there, there were stories that struck me because I did not know they had suffered so much, the girls played different sports with the help of Inder teachers, we took records of who won a game And how many goals did. The third day we did not go to the field, we had to go to a meeting of the Metropolitan Area where they explained about the peace treaty to the young people. On the weekend Luis Miguel invited us to eat at an elegant meeting for our participation in the youth project, with some of important position in the town hall. They gave a delicious meal a meat that has to carve and I did not know, I was very embarrassed but Isa taught me to do it and then I started to eat quietly.

After that, Maria, Isa and I got into the went to the Monain to be Christmas catechists for the children, we played and we did fun activities with them, the good pass because the children made me laugh and there was a 9 year old who fell in love with me I found very tender, We played one day with water pumps, that day the children drenched me all of it, I ran and I almost fell because I stumbled against a scale but there was a catechist who caught me, at the end of the Monain We gave them gifts to children, but the catechists we could not be without our gift, the father gave us a box of chocolates, some pringles and a delicious hamburger, that was what I liked the most. One weekend we went out to eat and gave us to go to the mall and climb the elevator, I did not want to go up there because I was afraid that we would stay locked there, they were laughing and they told me to reassure me that nothing was going to happen, but I did felt that stopped and I was scared, they screamed and we stayed like 5 minutes there until finally we were able to leave. As we went out every Saturday to eat, we went to Lamas to be left in the square, we sat down and ordered a potatoes, it took a long time deliver the delicious potatoes, we all started to eat thrilled when I see that in a potato there was a hair, and We all started laughing and told the gentleman to change that, and we changed it and in that if we did not find hairs and we did not have to pay. It was good and bad at the same time, but anyway we ate more. It was late December and we could not see each other so often, we had to wait for another year (2017) to see us at school. Back in January, we were being called to the list to distribute ourselves to the different groups. I was scared because I wanted to be in the same group with my friends, they was starting to call the list, and all of them were in the same group and to my nothing was they called me, I was already Sad was when I hear my surnames and was I'm content, the group was good, from the beginning there was trust among all, not like the previous year were those girls who spoke ill of everyone. This group for now is a true group, I feel so confident that I improve my way of expressing and my participation in classes, although I did not think this grade was so dificulted, but it is not impossible to try to be better and win all subjects and more because I'm seeing new things like philosophy, economics and politics. At this beginning of the year I met more people than I had met before. At this beginning of the year I met more people than I had met before, like Kevin, Valentina Carmona, Isabella Jaramillo, Nysley, Juliana Acevedo and many people I have been learning a lot from them and I have had a lot of fun.

In this

photo there is a part of those mentioned above, almost all men was missing, I had arrived new to the group one day that Isa told me to go out to eat but she did not mention that we were going to be with them, they was pleased me at first, to have been the first day to meet them, that day we went to eat Mandingas on palms, at that time we were at the fallen Lord's party, all week we went out to watch the bands play, and after That, we were always going to eat potatoes at the same place, for all we had a patch, we almost always went out. One day we wanted to celebrate the birthday of a friend , Deybi, we had to go to the house of he in Cabildo, everyone put money for liquor, except me, I was not going to waste my money taking, I do not like much drink, That night, we had a great time, it was fun, in the group there is one that there is no day when it do not fall, that night, we had a great time, it was fun, in the group there is one that there is no day when it do not fall, and she was sitting and from one moment to another rolled down the sleeve of deybi's house, that was Very funny, when we were going to return to our homes and it was too late and there was no transport, but a friend told the dad that had has a car that out for her, so I took advantage and got off with her, 8 of the group went down walking, the rest spent the night in that house the Deybi. One day we went to spend the afternoon in the Inder, in that sleeve, we bring food and we played with water pumps to have fun for a while, i arrive all soaked to my house and my mother was scolded me, was worth, the pass very good. Another day the men of the group were going to play a football game on the Florida court, the girls went to make them bar, we supposedly lost but the other team did not want to accept the goals what did they do to them, and they began to was claim Kevin, and they beat him, the strange thing is that it was only him, we suspected that that fight was planned. A week The girls also gave them to play a football, game so they called the ones who knew the most, to play, all we were on the court, that day did not go very good well to the girls, At the end of the game was bought a drink, Juan Pablo, a friend asked to take the drink but Nisley did not want to give it because it was supposed to be first for those who played, and Juan Pablo took that very bad and got angry, I found it very immature, The group was separating, some because they was working and studing then did not give them the time, others because of laziness to go out with us, , but from them I learned to have too much fun and that first of all you have to be faithful and do not give a bad face for anything. These are the moments that have marked most in my life, were moments in which I had various emotions and thoughts that in turn made me see the world with several eyes, because I had fun, and I have been growing every day for this.

Story of mi life  
Story of mi life