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! e c i l o P e ‌ h o t T d a h / . ‌ o t d e s U Teacher Yuraimig Rivero 5th grade B

In the past, I used to practice volleybal, but now, I don`t.

What did you use to do when you were a baby?

Did you use to swim? Did you use to run? Did you use to cry? Now, go to page 59 in your book please. Listen, repeat and complete the sentences about you.

Very good job Stefano. Now, go to page 60 please.

Listen to the song. Draw how dad used to have his hair. Listen and

Let`s play a game. Remember these people.

How are they different know? Aunt used to have long hair, and now she`s got short hair.

Cousin Dave used to have straight hair, and now he`s got curly hair.

You`ve doing everything very well. I`m really ☺, and now let`s do a little more on page 58. Step by step ☺

Please, any question, just let me know. ☺

That`s all for today my Little kids! See you again very soon!

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The police  

Posee point slides forma stefanno salinas

The police  

Posee point slides forma stefanno salinas