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B.8. Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Trim the superfluous part of the model

“Less is more”, we will keep modifying our model by trimming unnecessary parts of the model. After that, we will consider the use of joint for fabrication since joint is a very important component to be installed on the model. Joint is not only used to fix pieces of a structure, it will also effect the appearance of the model if they expose outside the model. Therefore, we will consider how to conceal the joint or use smaller but effective joint for our project. After the research for this project, I have learnt how architects design things with their knowledge and theories. We have to consider the material use beore construction to reduce green house gases. We aim to design sustanable deisgn not only for today’s community, but also for the generation in the future. I have learnt a lot about materialisation (fabrication and assembly). I found that Grasshopper is a strong program which allows architects to create abstract designs. Another powerful function of grasshopper is able to compose our own script for unrolling, creating tabs, and labelling objects. This powerful function helps us to ease the design process. However, I still have difficulty to understand the logic of grasshopper script. It takes time for use to learn. Once we understand the concept of grasshopper, we will have more control of our designs and we will find out mistakes quickly during design process.

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