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“Minimal Complexity” project

“A macro-scaled modular cellular pattern emerges through symmetry that is infinitely expandable and open-ended while becoming differentiated at its edges. Ornament functions as a simultaneous expression of the whole and the part working in dynamic equilibrium”

The project “Minimal Complexity” is a good example of material efficient structure designed by Vlad Tenu. This minimal periodic structure is created with the repetition of only 16 different components. The structure is primarily constructed with small panels. These panels are assembled to be both the skin and the main structure which contribute material efficiency and also space efficiency. We should design visual access as well as shelters for sunlight and rain. The skin of the structure should be panelled with interesting pattern. This will create a contemporary space for people and allows communication. Also, we should consider portals of pedestrian, public transport and biking, making the design more viable and aesthetically appealling.

YUN WA LAI 531600