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B.6. Technique Proposal Minimal surfaces are generated through complex algorithmic geometry. Our project and approach explores minimal surface on a basis of repeating the minimal surfaces to generate and composing them in a way that they can be applied to a variety of parameters and still retain the same principle. The structure holds a particular value as it is self supporting and therefore the true design intensions are able to be fully expressed without the use of external supports. This approach allows for an holistic intension to be realised within the final outcome as the gateway expresses the volumetric occupancy in such an aesthetically captivating way, and with the use of such complex geometry, that it can be expressed in an experience for the users to stop and take a look. it came to the groups attention that the geometry could be considered highly simplified in comparison to other minimal surface projects. However, as we considered the scale of the gateway we took into consideration the amount of time that the user would be allowed to experience the architecture and so as a pragmatic approach the outcome seemed to undergo a “complexity diet“ if you will and so explain the final outcome. There were issues with the panel connections and materiality of the project as the conventional joints inhibited many explorative and creative geometries. The group iteratively progressed toward a combination of mesh panels with firm and rigid edges to allow for fixing to occur on a practical sense.

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