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Irrational Measurement by Tai-Yun Nien

Irrational (adj.) 1.Neither logical nor reasonable. 2.Mathematics (of a number of quantity) not expressible as a ratio of two integers.

My programme is to critique that the control of measurement has on our life and using my body by inventing alternative things to measure, alternative ways of measuring. The aim is to alter the standard of measurement in this project, to irrationalize it and to renounce physical standard, using the body as a way of measurement. I have developed my project into using my body, myself as a filter, a tool. Through these images, the idea of the whole book will be hold and achieve in a frame of using external objects measure with my body then create the subversion of measurement. I am trying to disrupt how people see in measurement is by using my body to achieve the irrational measurement, furthermore to present in a more absurd content to create subversion of measurement.

# Sexual Pleasure

Arousal causes many changes in women including a rapid rise in pulse and blood pressure, increased breathing, clitoral swelling, expansion and opening of the vaginal lips, vaginal lubrication, and nipple sensitivity. Following this phase, women reach the plateau phase in which they continue to experience increases in pulse and breathing, as well as a tightening of the vaginal entrance. The shortest phase of sexual arousal is the orgasm, in which women undergo rhythmic contractions of the vaginal and uterine muscles. Physiological changes return to normal levels during the resolution phase (Hockenbury, 2011).

# Selected item: a.Ice Cream Vibrator b.Ramsey Rabbit Purple 7 Speed Vibrator c.Mini Love Vibe - Banana

Date 16-23-30/08/2013

How do you measure

Drunk ?

# Selected item: a. b. c. d.


06/09/2013 Fri.

Red stripe 4.7% Vol Gallo Vineyards RosĂŠ 9.5% Vol Kumala White 13 % Vol Casillero del Diablo Red 13.5 % Vol

ml 1500 throw up 1000 sick




450 tipsy 300


body reaction 20:00


22:00 Time



# body height - 5’5’’ # time to put on dot stickers - 3 hr 15 mins one dot area = r*r*π 2 0.4cm * 0.4cm * π = 0.5024 cm

# 6389 - stickers total in use 0.5024 cm * 6389 = 3209.8336 cm


body surface

# rubber band - diameter 170 mm - thickness 3 mm - color in white # head circumference - 22 inches # withstanding of face = white rubber bands x 13

Date 01/08/2013 to 31/08/2013

how many hair fall out? = 31 days x each shower time 15-20 mins


Tai-Yun Nien Tai-Yun Nien was born in 1988 Taipei, Taiwan, and is currently studying MA Critical Practice at Goldsmiths in London. Graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts in Communication Design, she has since developed a keen interest in using different materials to explore the potential narratives of publications and objects in print media. Now, she is developing her work further in photography with special printing materials, using a wide range of media to play with a complex relations of internal/external world, while also experimenting with video-making. Her work is heavily influenced by both psychology and nature gradation. w// e// Irrational Measurement 2013 London

Irrational measurement  

I have developed my project into using my body, myself as a filter, a tool. Through these images, the idea of the whole book will be hold an...