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The Pizza Company was founded in 1980. The company had operated Tricon Global Restaurants’ franchised Pizza Hut brand since its initial establishment in Thailand. When their agreement was finally terminated, The Pizza Company was established as the company’s own brand in 2001. Up to the point right now, The Pizza Company has popularized its image internationally by expanding and franchising in Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Laos, Israel, and Myanmar. Although The Pizza Company has gloriously achieved a significant success in Thailand (It is the largest pizza fast food restaurant chain in Thailand, with Pizza Hut second), the company has been struggling to generate a large market share in Vietnam. There are two main likely challenges facing. The Pizza Company as follows: + It fails to actually realize its communication message to the customers: The genuine Italian style and taste (Phong vị Ý đích thực). + It lacks sufficient and effective promotion to bring customers and the company closer. Seeing that those problems are not impossible to tackle, this marketing plan is born with a view to renewing the marketing strategies for The Pizza Company by redefining the communication message to which the company should stick. The Pizza Company will discover a number of interesting things that can help them attain their present (and perhaps, future) goals.



* Target Market * Marketing Positioning * Objectives


* Strengths * Weaknesses * Opportunities *Threats



* Product * Price * Place * Promotion



* Product * Price * Place * Promotion


MARKETING SITUATION As can be inferred from the pie chart above, our potential customers account for slightly over a half of the population. Because our product is a disposable consumption food, it is not too much customer-speciďŹ c. For example, luxury mobile phones target high-income consumers, heels target women, etc. Our product is mainly targeted at pizza lovers including: + kids from the age of 7-14 years old + teenagers from the age of 15-19 years old + adults from the age of 20-30 years old





We believe that kids are our potential customers because they are accompanied by their parents, their grand family so that they (and their families) can become a source of big revenue for us. Teenagers are also targeted because they often gather in groups to hang out with each other. Lastly, adults (20-30 years old) are also our prospective customers since they are still under a young generation, but they now can make their own money so their consumption on and perception of pizza will be a little bit dierent from other segmentations.

TPC Segmentation: Pizza lovers (Pizza-holics) includes: People aging from 7-14 (kids)

People aging from 20-30 (adults)

People aging from 15-19 (teens)


Marketing Positioning Overview about competitors: - Pizza Domino has opened for business since late 2010, later than The Pizza Company. Twenty-five stores in Ha Noi and HCMc, which make Domino become a well-known brand with townspeople. The communication message of Domino is 30 minutes shipping or free and the guarantee about quality. - Pizza Hut opened its first branch in Vietnam in 2007 and keep expanding to 53 stores throughout Vietnam (2016). Culture of Pizza Hut is “How we win to get”, which communicate about its perfect quality and customer service. - Pizza Inn is also a famous brand. It has totally 9 stores in Vietnam. Pizza Inn satisfy customer by its pizza and spaghetti with many choices. Situation of The Pizza Company in market - The Pizza Company came to Vietnam in 2009 and the first branch was opened in 2011. The image of The Pizza Company was developed based on Italian restaurant style with the suitable taste for the South East Asian. This is a new brand to Vietnamese customer with 7 branches and it has received many positive feedbacks. -Two strenghts, which The Pizza Company has dominance in is its Italian style and a various menu with many choices for customer such like chicken wings, squid rings, fish finger, french fries, spaghetti, baked rice,…

Positioning Map STYLISH



PLAIN * Two characteristics: Stylish and Various menu * Main competitors: Pizza Hut, Pizza Domino, Pizza Inn Ig revenue for us. Teenagers are also targeted because they often gather in groups to hang out with each other. Lastly, adults (20-30 years old) are also our prospective customers since they are still under a young generation, but they now can make their own money so their consumption on and perception of pizza will be a little bit dierent from other segmentations.



* The Pizza Company delivers on its promise of having an excellent Italian meal. * The food is of high quality and so is the ambiance in any restaurant. * Special Website design * Higher services in term of online and offline delivery * Good quality , Italia-American taste. * Food attracts people from young to old. * International franchises and restaurant chain

* New and straight brand in Viet Nam * Over 250 franchise globally * The expansion is not large enough to tough customer’s mind * Turnover is still fluctuate * The amount of loyal customer is low * Complex computer system and internal conflict with franchise


* Further expansion of food range ( type, taste, smell) * Further expansion of segment market (families, white-collar, blue-collar,..) * Introduction different cruses sizes and flavors , which tends to attract customers with different flavors in order to increase sales. * Increasing promotion to add loyal customer who are willing to buy Pizza


* Low turnover annually in order to cover expenses during operation time. * High competitive market with the earlier famous brand like Pizza Hut, Domino,… * Rising health concern and people being more fitness concerned might also cause a drop in pizza consumption. * The major of selling Pizza. * Open with regard to chips, potatoes,… fastfood brands , which will decrease pizza ‘s sales.


Product is the first and the most important part in the marketing mix. Therefore, a number of research have been conducted to update and diversify the various types of pizza in order to fulfill the needs, the curiosities and the satisfaction of the customers. Moreover, The Pizza Company (TPC) also wants their customers to be aware that not only do they take into consideration the customers’ feelings but they also want to bring the serving mannerisms, the decorations typical of Italy to Vietnam.

TPC has so far launched 4 main types of pizza combined with 14 optinal toppings. This year, the company is going to introduce a new series of cheeses as toppings in pizza, consisting of various popular cheeses in Italy. Those cheeses are specially imported and chosen based ont he appetite of the Italian, differing in terms of taste, colour, nature and adhesive speed. The company hope that with these new toppings will bring the customers to a new hozion of experiences and the customers will have a chance to know more about the Italian food.

Therefore, TPC recommends that customers should have a look around and try at least one of following cheeses: Mozzarella, Cheddar, Colby, Edam, Emmental, Gruyere and Provolone. The Pizza Company will add in more desserts, introduce new soft drinks, beer, wine and some sweet cakes as the traditional meals in Italy. Additionally, the company also put in a wide range of delicious vegetables to reduce the fats, provide more nutritious meals, and beautify the dishes.


Price is the amount of money that customers have to give up for the purchase of our product. Price is therefore considered as being of secondary importance in 4Ps. Price is also the main factor influencing buying power and competion with others competitors. Thus, setting a reasonable price is the essential condition for the company to create the most suitable business strategy. Firstly, the target markets of TPC are family and young generation that go along with the aim to awake the awareness of this brand and to gain customers’ perception. Therefore, the price cannot be too high! Secondly, research shows that cheap products are not good and do not have high quality. Furthermore, the cost of importing ingredients and producing a cake is not low, especially when brand apply new series of cheese. Therefore, the price cannot be too low! Moreover, setting a higher or lower price in relative to our competing brands (Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, etc.) will create the likely comparison in our customers’ minds that: the one with lower price is not as good as the one with higher price; or the one with higher price costs a lot whereas there is nothing special. Once again, the price must be competitive and moderate! TPC guarantees to bring the best Italian flavor in each cake in order to satisfy customers’ needs and hungers with high quality, tasty flavors and a beautiful decoration yet at a moderate and reasonable price!

Place is one of the conditions that helps the company to deliver products to customers, thereby increasing buying power. Place acts as a strategy to approach customers’ perception. With the idea of delivering the Italian living style to customers, in addition to the air-conditioned spaces as usual, the company will also establish an open space including chairs, tables and umbrella at the forefront of the restaurant. This style of serving food creates the Italian features of consuming foods instead of the fact that the customers make an order, wait to be served. Now they can eat, talk and observe the passers-by on the street, while listening to music and enjoying the Italian foods. With the open area, The Pizza Company will not choose the usual place like other competitors would normally do. The company will do away with shopping malls and air-conditioned centres because it is not conducive to consuming foods in an open space as mentioned above. We will set up a new chain of restaurants near our competitors’ restaurants so that the customer will have second thoughts when it comes to choosing which restaurants to enter. Thanks to the outstanding feature of open space of our restaurant, enquiring minds will opt for our restaurant. Meanwhile, the company will also look for the new positions near school, especially high schools and universities because those places are full of people. On the streets there are many food centres and our competing brands still haven’t expanded their restaurants there. Districts 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, Phu Nhuan, and Tan Binh and popular streets are the main positions that we focus on since the number of pizza stores is relatively small. If we carry out more research and take the risk, those potential positions are worthy of our consideration.



Promotion is the last piece in 4Ps but Promotion is of paramount importance. Promotion governs the whole marketing plan. It acts a channel to provide information for customers, raise the brand awareness to customers, project the brand’s images. Under the communication message: “Live like an Italian”, The Pizza Company plans to build up a strong image about a new pizza brand in customers’ minds. Customers are not only able to experience the genuine Italian flavours but they can also explore the Italian living styles. The company promises to serve delicious meals and set a new trend of eating pizza pursuant to the communication message “Live like an Italian” . To get people to know more about PIZZA COMPANY, we communicate with customers our products in many ways. Firstly, we will provide the up-to-dated menu in front of the restaurant. For the success of the introduction of The Pizza Company, we must push the marketing plans and activities intensely throughout the first month (commercials on TV, YouTube, website, Facebook fanpages, food newspapers, magazines, school, university and social events,...)



The Pizza retains the 4 main types of pizza consisting of Jumpo Pizza Puff, Extraloaded pan pizza, thin pizza and extreme pizza and 14 toppings as usual. However, we plan to provide more options on cheeses (one of the main elements attracting customers) to diversify choices for buyers, especially cheese based on Italian appetite, differing in terms of flavors, colors, nutritional facts, fats, and properties. Those seven new kinds of cheeses are deliberately chosen to adapt to customers’ needs. In addition to the common pizzas on website, now customers can design their own meals through the program “Design Your Own Italian Pizzas”. This program allows customers to freely choose any toppings they want to have in their cakes, the quantity of each kind, types of fats, cheeses and so on. Therefore, customers can have their own meals, suitable with their flavor while ensuring that their preferred meals contain the Italian appetite. In order to provide a full meal with high nutrition as Italian meal, The Pizza launches a new combo at the same price 89,000 VND. This price covers 1 appetizer, 1 soup, 1 salad and 1 piece of pizza on menu. Like a traditional meal in Italy, this combo provides enough nutrition for a meal per person.


Emmi gruyere high res






Beverages is now transformed into “desserts” which consists of various soft drinks, beer and wine so that customer could have more options. Customer is highly recommended to eat pizza with beer and wine to taste a full flavor of Italian dishes. After having the main course, we also provide some sweet cakes so that customers will complete a meal at restaurant.

PRICE COMBO 89, 000 VND - “89K” Price depends on the types of the programs that the customer chooses, The Pizza Company has set a different price for different types: Menu program: Pizzas will be charged as stated in the menu. “Design Your Own Italian Pizzas”: the price depends on the quantity of each topping and the diversity of topping that customers choose the price is based on customer flavor the price is flexible and variable. 89k combo: Regardless of the kinds of food they choose.

PLACE THE OPEN AREA ESTABLISHED New programs will be put in every store of the restaurants. As we expand the number of restaurants, customers can easily ďŹ nd the restaurant whenever they need a great place to experience a Italian taste, a great place to eat, a great place to look at the city view and see the people pass by, a great place to stop by, a great place for hanging out with friend and have a chit chat with them and a great place to enjoy meal with family.


“ HOW TO LIVE LIKE AN ITALIAN” This campaign performs a series of TVC to express as well as present latest promotional acitivities of The Pizza Company. This series consists of 4 episodes with different meanings and length of times.



Cake on dish and cut randomly by knife and fork

Show various style of cutting

Ask audience which one is your style


Collecting orders from customers


Delivering during 45 minutes

DELIVERY POLICY In case of being later than 45 minutes, the meal will be free. Customer’s receive

“ How Italian meal looks like” => Combo 89k




A Pizza Slice








(source: PIZZA PIZZA)


* Regain the love from and awareness of the customers. Eventhough The Pizza Company entered into Vietnam in 2009, it does not cature much attention from customers by promotion. * Establish up to 10 restaurants in HCM city in the next 5 years and expand the business in the Southwestern of Vietnam ( Can Tho, Long An, Dong Nai,...) and central Vietnam ( Da Nang, Hue) in the next 10 years.

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