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Sunrah Jones Gloyd 9/28/10

As Itseria walked out into the humid air she could feel nothing but a single drop of sweat gently trickling down the nape of her long pale neck. Her short wavy brown hair was plastered on and around her face, hiding her eyes, blocking out the unforgiving sun and unmistakable dirty looks by the women who used to comfort her but now went out of their way to fill her heart with despair. As she continued to walk past them she could feel their whispered conversations ripping their way into her soul.

“ Heartless wench!” one spat at her unexpectedly through the crowd. “HOW COULD YOU?” screamed another.

But Itseria refused to respond. She had made her decision and whether they had agreed with it or not, she had followed through with the plan. All that remained of her choice was the twenty-three long steps that separated her and the dreadful building she had just walked out of from her black ford 1992 pick up truck.

After pulling her brown medium sized shoulder bag back into it’s correct location she trudged forward; each step bringing a memory she tried her hardest to suppress. By the time she was four steps away from the car she could no longer manage to keep the past from her mind. NOOOOOO! She screamed out loud, attempting once more to silence her thought, to no avail.

All at once the night she dreaded was before her. The sickly smell of beer and sweat surrounded her. There was laughter from the men blatantly gazing down at her “c” cupped breasts which she could tell by the coldness that touched her skin there, that they were not clothed. She tried to place her hands up to cover herself but they felt just so heavy. She had been drugged. Her head beat with the intensity of an expert drummer. She closed her eyes Knowing what was to come next.

And just as she expected, she felt the unfamiliar arm of a rather smelly man wrap around her bare shoulder. She opened her eyes again hoping that in doing so, he could see in her face that she was not only unwilling to participate in whatever activities he might want to play but that she was also angered by his bold touch to her body. But as she looked into his eyes and saw the manly desires in them, she knew nothing she tried to do or say would prevent him from possessing her body.

So she just sat there, unwilling to sleep, unwilling to stay completely alert until he was finished. It wasn’t until she heard no noise at all that she allowed herself to sleep. Little did she know the worst was yet to come.

The next morning she found herself naked on a pile of dirt and leaves, behind a dumpster on the left side of a parking lot. Cold, Sore, and nauseous, she tried to get up but with every move, she felt a sharp pinch in her abdomen. Curious to see the damage, she looked at her tummy and found the cause of all her pain. on the sides of her stomach were fresh black and blue finger marks that could only have come from someone holding her body too tight and too close to his own.

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“HOW COULD YOU?” screamed another. 9/28/10 Sunrah Jones Gloyd “ Heartless wench!” one spat at her unexpectedly through the crowd.

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