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Sunrah Jones Block 1 Free poem

I am a writer. Throughout my years I’ve chosen to Write of wrongs in hope, That someday my writings will cause someone to Right those wrongs.

I am a speaker. And in those words that sputter out my mouth Untraceable to the nonbelievers I create a path for those to follow in my footsteps To turn them unto agreer’s.

Hopefully one day I will no longer have to speak TO them but listen to what they have to say because They understand that :what I spoke were the words holding fast to their own burdened tongues and hidden in the depth of their throats For all ears to hear.

I am a human. But I’ve realized that all humanity does not see itself for what

It should be but rather Through tunnel vision Which explains why that change that I want so bad Will not come so easily because it’s Chillin in the outskirts of the viewers narrow eye sight Along with words like inhumane, intolerance and the knowledge that Their actions are bringing those to things forward.

I am frustrated. That in the last 10 minutes I’ve managed to say the word “I, I, I” So many times without really thinking how selfish I was being It’s like im losing my own sight as I dig around in the dust and dirt Trying to find everyone around me a candle to light the way.

It’s sad really. I guess in the end, No matte how much I write, speak or see I am still going blind Just like everyone else.

I am done.

free poem  

Sunrah Jones TO them but listen to what they have to say because Untraceable to the nonbelievers Write of wrongs in hope, Right those wrongs...

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