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Seeds cathedral Architect Location

Thomas Heatherwick Shanghai world expo 2010

There were hundreds of structure in the Shanghai world expo 2010 but there were one that especially drawn the most attention of the crowd because of the way it constructed and the underlining meaning behind the design. The structure is made out of bristling form of 60,000 fibre-optic rods, each with a seed implanted in its tip. During the day, they act as

Seeds cathedral: -First aim was to design something that has manifestation of what it was exhibiting. -Second aim was to ensure there is enough space for visitor to sit and relax or choose either to enter the building. -And finally is it should stand out among the other competitors.

Gateway: -Design something that manifests the reason that this gateway should be constructed (ie: welcoming people to Melbourne city‌) -Has underline meanings (relate to politics, population issue‌) that can easily be recognised and understand. -Unique design among other competitors.

The idea of having “dandelion effect” on surface of the design is significant. Not only the uniqueness it provides but also acting like a living object as it sways in the breeze. In the gateway project, ways structure’s surface forms can be considered as main ornament of the whole structure.

Architect Location

Thomas Heatherwick Paddington Basin, west London

The Bridge looks absolutely normal when its horizontal, just another wood and steel made bridge in London. But when boats wants to pass, the bridge has the ability to curve up and roll into one big watermill wheel. Looking at architecture point of view, there is innovation to design things in a certain way that does not cause interruption to the site while maintaining its function. At an engineer point of view, this bridge not only does its duty but also provide decoration for the site.

Integrations of EOI

Learning carefully about the site and consider motions of Wyndham city traffic can help to produce a multi-functional design.


Koning / Eizenberg

The screens represent digitalized cloud surround the building, help the appearance changes with variations in different light conditions, weather and time of the day. And when the wind passes through, they ripple just like cloud moving in the sky


Bearth & Deplazes

Simple concrete structure with special brick effect faรงade has made this building uniqueness. 20000 bricks were programmed to oriented and spacing in a way that produce patterns on the faรงade.


Hajime Masubuchi of studio M

This mixed-use residential and commercial building has very simple form but high decorated screens that highlight as well as protect the building from external impact. The screen is made out of rigid aluminium composite material and was digitally generated geometry pattern. It was overlaid to produce extra effect and is a dynamic threshold between public and private space.


Foreign Office Architects

The store in enclose by a double glazed facade system that allows customers to have city view from inside.


Why scripting: • reaching beyond analogue processes; • capturing material logic and computing performance; • being playful; • exploiting generative processes; ■ seeking deeper access to the imagination; • engaging with complexity; • inducing rapid iteration and variation; • grappling with the performative; • toying with the unexpected and delving into the unknown; • being forced to be explicit; • discovering novelty;

In 2010, the Ins Design (ICD) an Structures and designed and c research pavilio the lastest deve oriented compu and production The result is a b made by 6.5mm plywood strips.

Architects are ultimately choreographers of systems, and the benefits of teaching programming in an architectural context are manifold. If architecture wants to survive as a discipline, it needs to engage the culture of innovation and computing. (Mark Collins & Toru Hasegawa, Proxy)

Scripting is the capability offered by almost all design software packages that allows the user to adapt, customise or completely reconfigure software around their own predilections and modes of working. => Thanks to scripting, artists (including architects) has flexible tools to produce variety of outcomes. There are designs that could be impossible without the use of scripting. It makes human to achieve the higher level of designing and using computer, softwares to create artpieces that can not not made by hands or by other tools.

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stitute for Computational nd the Institute of Building Structural Design (ITKE) constructed a temporary on. The structure shows elopments in material utational design, simulation process inar chitecture. bending active structure m thin elastically bent birch

nimum material used, they are able to create massive body. This is o relate back to our project about the environment aspect as well as cost Material was used extremely well in this project as there are no foundation, ncrete columns to support the whole structure, the plywood itself bents and ate the uniqueness of the design (acting as structure support, aesthetic or both exterior and interior), structure boundary, ‌)

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