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THE PARLOUR ethical wedding and engagement jewellery

We’re committed to reducing the impact on our planet. Every piece of our jewellery is handcrafted and ethically sourced using 100% recycled metal from a Fairtrade refiner in the UK.

YUMÉ JEWELLERY The story so far...

Yumé Martin grew up in rural Japan with her Japanese mother, English father and younger sister. Whilst growing up, Yumé travelled extensively with her family and experienced many different cultures from an early age. Yumé has been surrounded by art and creativity throughout her life, both her parents are potters by trade, and has a natural ability with design

and form which she delicately expresses through her jewellery making. Yumé began her formal training in Mexico, although she is mostly self-taught and prefers to use basic tools and techniques. Now based in the South West, Yumé continues to develop new bespoke collections which are exhibited

internationally. Yumé approaches her craftsmanship by celebrating all the elements from her upbringing, travels and beliefs, including her love of native and rustic Japanese design which is present throughout her work. Her designs largely draw inspiration from nature, animals and philosophy, creating unique and delicate jewellery which tell a personal story.


Yumé’s journey has led from selling her pieces on marketplace websites to setting up her own website and opening the first Yumé Jewellery boutique in Ashburton, Devon. Her determination to create a magical haven of beautifully crafted pieces has resulted in a space that showcases not only Yumé’s own pieces but also other ethical makers work. Visitors to the shop have been able to watch Yumé at work whilst browsing the wonderful collection of pieces. The thriving online shop allows those who aren’t lucky enough to be able to visit to step into Yumé’s world and purchase their own hand-crafted piece. Soon after the boutique opened, Yumé saw an increase in wedding jewellery customers, with many wanting to take part in designing their own special engagement or wedding piece. This gave Yumé inspiration to apply her skills in delicate, intricate design to help the bride and groom create bespoke, one-off pieces – fit for a lifetime of happiness. Some couples wanted to take part in the making of the jewellery and, expertly guided by Yumé, managed to make their own pieces. This process was magical for Yumé as she got to know the happy couples really well and became a part of the preparation for their special day.

INTRODUCING The Parlour Having used the back space of the boutique for numerous exhibitions and showcases, Yumé decided this would be the perfect place to create an intimate space for people to visit and discuss how their wedding jewellery ideas could come to life. Here, the wedding collections would be displayed and customers could either choose a ready-to-wear piece or use them as inspiration to create their own bespoke item. The Parlour offers a comfortable, relaxing and inspiring space with the aim of drawing out the personality and creativity of the couples, which will enable Yumé to craft some truly unique jewellery. For those who can’t visit The Parlour, Yumé will communicate via Skype, phone or email to ensure all stages of the process are discussed and reviewed, enabling the customer to be fully involved in the design process. To mark the 10 year anniversary of Yumé Jewellery, The Parlour opened in Autumn 2017 and exemplifies all the hard work the team have put in to ensuring the boutique and web shop continue to represent Yumé’s journey producing ethical, hand-crafted jewellery.

ETHOS Yume Jewellery is committed to using ethically sourced materials, 100% recycled gold and silver, and supporting Fairtrade suppliers. We feel incredibly responsible for our environment and the heart of our business is to create beautiful jewellery that has a positive impact on the world around us. By shopping at YumÊ Jewellery you are supporting and promoting ethical practices throughout the supply and manufacturing chain, and protecting the environment we all thrive in.

1. We want to create beautiful pieces that have a positive impact on the world 2. We consider and care about the welfare of our planet and the environment 3. We are committed to using ethically sourced materials and supporting Fairtrade suppliers 4. We feel safe in the knowledge that our jewellery does not come at a cost to those creating it 5. We believe that promoting ethical practices can help change the world for the better

“People like Yumé are the future of the industry… we need to see more young, entrepreneurial jewellers like her combining a strong sense of moral conviction with a talent for innovative design.” – Greg Valerio, Cred Jewellery

RECYCLED SILVER & GOLD All our jewellery has the same purity and properties as other non-recycled gold or sterling silver which means we do not compromise on quality by using ethical materials. We source our metals from Capella Manufacturing Limited, who are one of the only refinery to supply 100% recycled, Fairtrade metal. With over 5,000 tonnes of silver alone being scrapped each year, we feel very strongly that these metals can be reused to create beautiful new pieces.

The number of carats in your gold depends on the mixture of metals, for example 18 carat gold is approximately 75% pure gold.




GOLD Thought of as one of the most luxurious and precious metals, gold has long been associated with wealth and prosperity whilst adding a shine to any occasion. Gold now comes in a variety of colours, for example: YELLOW GOLD Yellow gold has a rich history and is a classic choice for wedding bands. Pure gold is naturally yellow in colour and very soft. To create more durable options pure gold is alloyed (mixed) with silver and copper, resulting in the different carats of gold. We recommend working with 9ct (37.5% pure gold) 14ct (58% pure gold) or 18ct (75% pure gold) for strength and quality. ROSE GOLD This colour is increasingly popular and is created by mixing pure gold with mostly copper and small amounts of silver and zinc. WHITE GOLD This is created by mixing metals such as silver or palladium with pure yellow gold. This not only changes the colour, but makes the pure gold more durable. Often the white gold is then plated with rhodium to give a harder surface with a brighter shine. The colour can often change over time, but the rhodium plating can be replaced to make the ring look good as new. OTHER GOLDS More unusual golds, such as blue, purple or black gold can be made for a unique look using oxides on the finished surface.

GEMSTONES & DIAMONDS Using responsibly mined diamonds and gems protects the environment and those involved in their extraction from the earth. We source all our precious gems and diamonds from Fairtrade Gemstones, a family business based in the UK with Fairtrade gemstone mines in Africa. They provide safe and comfortable working conditions for all employees including minimum age restrictions and healthcare provisions.

As an ethical company, they strive to improve infrastructure in the areas they work as well as protect the environment. They provide a clear and transparent supply chain for all their products, which means you know where your gems have come from and can be certain that nothing has been harmed or exploited in the process.

COLOURS & FINISHES The addition of gems and diamonds allows you to add vibrant colours and sparkles to your piece, and the varying shades and shines of recycled metals complement or enhance the look. From soft and delicate, to bright and opulent, a variety of finishes and textures can be incorporated to ensure your special ring represents you.

3 DESIGN OPTIONS We offer three different options with our wedding and engagement jewellery which emphasizes the importance in being able to choose, change or craft your perfect piece.

1. READY-TO-WEAR Keeping it simple, choose a ring from one of the six unique collections which include classical and formal pieces to individual standout designs, ready for that special occasion no matter how close or far.

2. PERSONAL TOUCH This customisable option allows you to uniquely transform an existing style to perfectly suit your preferences and wishes.

3. BESPOKE Truly unique, tailor-made jewellery commissions. Working closely with YumĂŠ herself, this collaborative experience allows us to make your story into a bespoke ring that is utterly one of a kind. We can also melt down old gold passed through the family to form a new ring to your design. For our Bespoke Offering, follow the 3-Step Process.

3 STEP PROCESS 1. CONNECT & SHARE Connect with Yumé Jewellery to book a consultation via the online form on our website or call us directly. Outline personal preferences such as initial inspiration and design direction as well as your proposed budget. Yumé Jewellery will then be in touch to arrange your complimentary Consultation appointment.

2. CONSULT & COLLABORATE Your Consultation will be held at The Parlour where you will meet the owner and designer Yumé in person, but for those further away this can be done via phone or Skype. During your collaborative appointment, Yumé will provide first-stage design ideas so you can review and edit selections.

3. MAKE & CREATE Once the design has been finalised and approved, the creation usually takes 4-6 weeks from confirmation to ring completion depending on design specifications.

Each collection draws on a unique theme, with designs taking inspiration from nature and mythology.


beautiful collections offering an array of unique designs and personalisation







Symbolising the treasured bonds of love, this collection embodies the traditional style wedding bands and engagement rings.

A collection inspired by artisan jewellery of Ancient Persia. Reflecting a bygone time which captures a renewed interest in vintage inspired pieces.

The most daring of our collections, these rings are truly unique and offer an alternative to the usual style. Inspired by YumÊ’s time in Mexico.








This collection is created by casting the branches of the Hawthorn tree, symbolizing purification, sacred marriage and the malefemale unity.

Inspired by Indian design and the goddess Lakshmi - the Hindu goodness of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Conveying a strong connection with nature, this collection’s inspiration is locally sourced from Devon hedgerows that are rich with wild English shrubs, ferns and flowers.


Symbolising the treasured bonds of love, this collection embodies the traditional style wedding bands and engagement rings. Incorporating some distinctive characteristics such as D-Shape, Soft Court or Flat style, these traditional designs can be made unique to suit your style and personality.

Available for both men and women, these versatile wedding bands can be hand-finished in smooth, shiny gold, or a hammered textured finish. The addition of a single set stone, or a sprinkling of diamonds, creates an ideal engagement ring. Perfect for those wanting matching jewellery.

PERSIA Collection 2

The distinctive circular design of these rings draw inspiration from the artisan jewellery of Ancient Persia. This collection reflects a bygone time which captures a renewed interest in vintage inspired pieces.

The rings are made using multiple, delicately hammered discs with the textures kept intact making each one of the rings simple, organic and individual.With some sections left as solid metal, and some being adorned with precious gems and diamonds, these rings shine as a treasure trove of beauty and splendour.


The most daring of our collections, these rings are truly unique and offer an alternative to the usual style and inspiration. Hand-crafted gold or silver skulls sit upon a smooth ring shank and white or black diamonds are set in the eyes. These skulls themselves are beautifully textured, are sure to be a talking piece throughout your life together.

Till Death Do Us Part is inspired by YumÊ’s time in Mexico, honouring the ubiquitous skull designs and providing a touch of authenticity to a collection that possesses a mystical quality.

Photo by Yancy Hilton

HAWTHORN Collection 4

This collection is inspired by the Hawthorn tree, symbolising purification, sacred marriage and the male-female unity. The tree essence is said to cleanse the heart of negativity, making way for love and forgiveness, whilst the blooms are used in spells for fertility and happiness.

One of our most rustic designs, the rings are created by casting the branches of the Hawthorn tree. Designs feature vivid textures and the twisted feel of these rings epitomise nature and the beauty it brings us, making this collection an excellent choice for someone in love with the wilderness.

LAKSHMI Collection 5

Building upon the much loved Lakshmi collection from YumĂŠ Jewellery's main line, this collection is inspired by Indian design and the goddess Lakshmi - the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Designs incorporate precious gems or diamonds set into decorative clasps in slightly textured and contrasting metals for added ornamental style. A standout piece is the beautiful Lakshmi Open ring which represents the idea of two sides coming together, much like two beings uniting in marriage. This ring can be accompanied by the exquisite Aphra set diamond engagement ring or the Lakshmi Wishbone ring for a truly exceptional pairing.

Photo by Yancy Hilton

HEDGEROW Collection 6

Conveying a strong connection with nature, the inspiration for this collection is locally sourced from Devon hedgerows that are rich with wild English shrubs, ferns and pretty flowers. Designs reference bark from trees and branches in hedgerows, pretty Buttercups and Primrose Posy, intertwining stems of the Ivy plant, and the vibrant petals of Wild Violet.

Honouring their great value to wildlife, this collection celebrates the delicacy and inventiveness of using nature to create new jewellery designs. A masterpiece of intricate craftsmanship making each piece truly unique.

Our precious gems and diamonds are sourced from Fairtrade Gemstones, a family business based in the UK with Fairtrade gemstone mines in Africa. They provide a clear and transparent supply chain for all their products.

PRICES All pricing is upon application and will be discussed at your individual appointment.

TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. Wedding rings and engagement rings are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged or returned. 2. A £50.00 fee will be payable to resize any engagement ring or any wedding ring that includes gems, stones or diamonds. This is applicable to all ready-to-wear, persoanl touch or bespoke designs. Wedding rings without gems, stones or diamonds can be resized at no additional cost. 3. Items are guaranteed for twelve months from the date of purchase subject to normal conditions or “wear and tear”. 4. Yumé Jewellery shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature, regardless of the form of action, based on strict product liability or otherwise. 5. Yumé Jewellery makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content (both text and images) of the website.We are also not responsible for the content of any third party website that is linked to their website. 6. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure an order and the remaining balance is to be paid on collection. 7. Once an order has been placed and the deposit has been received by Yumé Jewellery, the item will be ready within 10 working days (ready-to-wear or interchangeable offerings), while bespoke commissions usually take 4-6 weeks from confirmation to ring completion depending on design specifications. 8. Yumé Jewellery reserves the right to increase the order process time-frame due to any unforeseen circumstance without penalty. Yumé Jewellery will endeavour to inform the recipient at the earliest possible time should there be any delays to completion. 9. If the item is to be sent in the post it will be sent via Royal Mail Special Recorded Delivery and an additional postage cost of £10.00 will be applicable. Recipients will need to arrange their own insurance if required and Yume Jewellery will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the item once it has been accepted by Royal Mail. 10. We accept payment by all major debit or credit cards, or via PayPal, however we are not able to accept payment by telephone, cheque or bank transfer unless previously discussed and agreed by Yume Jewellery. No financial information is stored on our website nor do we share customer details with any third parties. 11. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time, without notice. Amended terms and conditions will become applicable once they have been posted on the website.

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CREDITS Jewellery: handmade by Yumé Martin Photography: Lucesca Holmes / Joshua Lyle Styling: Charlotte Chance Copy: Becky Webster / Lucesca Holmes

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handmade ethical jewellery 100% recycled and ethically sourced silver and gold Fairtrade gems and diamonds

Yumé jewellery - The Parlour publication  

The Parlour, at our Devon-based boutique, is our latest offering from Yumé Jewellery. It's a creative space designed to showcase, sell and c...

Yumé jewellery - The Parlour publication  

The Parlour, at our Devon-based boutique, is our latest offering from Yumé Jewellery. It's a creative space designed to showcase, sell and c...