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the body’s production of digestive enzymes. AVAILABILITY + USES Cacao powder can be found in health food stores and selected supermarkets across Australia. To benefit, add a tablespoon to smoothies, sprinkle over fruit, or substitute anywhere you might use cocoa in a traditional recipe. You can even make your own raw chocolate by mixing the powder

with and equal amount of melted coconut oil, adding honey to taste, and refrigerating in silicone moulds until set. Tip: It’s important to note that adding dairy to cacao considerably diminishes its health benefits.

So, how do you consume cacao? Here are just a few of my favourite recipes, dedicated to all things cacao >

yum. Gluten Free Magazine March 2015  

The March "Chocolate" edition of yum. Gluten Free is jam packed with feature stories including Model Chocolate and DIY Easter Eggs from Lorn...

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