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1. What is it? It is ones of the biggest online languages learning that offer the opportunity to learn, teach, and improve a foreign language through multiple languages like: American English, Arabic, Bulgarian,






Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish etc. It’s offers to the students courses in all the levels through selflearning methodology. Every course is tied to a level, indicated by the course’s name: Beginner, intermediate and advance. Livemocha was created five years ago by Shirish Nadkarny and Krishnam Seshadrinathan, who through a brainstorming session called this social language learning community LIVEMOCHA. 1. BENEFICTS  Improve a foreign language.  Learn multiple languages.  Know people around the world.  Speak and practice with native people.

 Explore new cultures.  Teach our own language.  Find spaces according with the user’s levels.  Improve the different skills with a foreign language.  Help people to learn the first language.

2. Usage in teaching and learning. Use Livemocha to learn and to teach a foreign language is collaborator







community is a tool that was made for helping to improve the skills in the students, where this gives the opportunity to practice in an easier way; for example, to speak with native people, what helps for improving the ability about the pronunciation; to make exercises in a self-learning, and to assist another people learning the first language, through feedbacks that give advantages to the other apprentice. The activities are simple, where you can enrich the new verbal with dialogues, grammar, vocabulary, reading different kind of text and exams; what for sure are going to be worth it, because the students in this way are doing the course they want to do, it is practice, dynamic, playful, with interactive spaces, easy and guileless to use, during the time they want to do, and how they want to do it, since home, college or wherever the beginners are.

So, LIVEMOCHA supports the people around world for getting and development all their abilities in a foreign language.

3. How can somebody access into Livemocha?



what is ti?, Benefits and usage in teaching and learning.

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