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YULIN YE Product Design Portfolio

Small change, big difference +1 415 216 5383


About Myself Music: Music is my best friend. Playing music is like doing intelligent design work. You need to know how to organize the rhythm and melody. You need to know when to play louder and when to keep the volume down. It’s just like designing, but with colors and shapes instead of sound.

Art: I’ve been practicing traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy for years. Everytime I pick up a brush and start

drawing, it makes me feel calm and focused; it’s the feeling that you will never experience during other activities. Your mind will quiet down just like you are meditating.

Nature: I love being in nature with fresh air and bright sunshine. By the time I stand on the top of a mountain, I realize how small human beings are compared to the great natural world. +1 415 216 5383

Project One Tidvatten A multi-screen kitchen timer designed for urban lifestyle and the best choice for open-kitchen users +1 415 216 5383

Problem - jarring sound The timer makes jarring sound that annoys people, without giving context to percentage of time ellapsed. +1 415 216 5383

inspiration - Light is attractive and friendly Light can get people’s attention easily. People like to interact with light. Well- controlled lighting can be very inviting.

Ergonomic shape is the best choice for a stuff that will be hold in hand

Every part of a product being there for a reason. Bottom side of timer is for setting the time. +1 415 216 5383

Final Design Description: Tidvatten is both a high-tech kitchen timer and has sculptural qualities Award:2013 Spark Concept Design, Sliver Award

Set Time

Flip Over

Push To Stop

The bottom trim ring is touch-sensitive.

Flip the timer upside down, the timer starts timing automatically.

Push the top surface to turn off the timer. +1 415 216 5383

Project Two Electronic Shaver Designed for young men. Most men enjoy shaving, so comfort is the most important feature to consider. +1 415 216 5383

Question - Which is the most comfortable way to shave Men used to shave in a barber shop, because it’s comfortable. But people have gotten busier than before. Now, most of the time, men shave at home by themselves.

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 4

Sketch models 12 different forms give the hands different comfort feedbacks. I focus on the ergonomic shape. +1 415 216 5383

Form 5

Form 6

Form 7

Form 8

Form 9

Form 10

Form 11

Form 12

Final Design +1 415 216 5383

function Description: Multi-Mode, Screen info, water-resistant The elegant design of a shaver gives a man more confidence when using it. A comfortable shave would be a nice way to start one’s day.

Battery Information

Screen Shows the mode

Button Mode one: Click once Mode two: Double Click Mode Three: Triple Click

Rubber +1 415 216 5383

Project Three so.Machine

Sewing doesn’t need to be boring. SO.Machine gives you the possibility to sew your fabrics in a nice and easy way. It’s space saving and comfortable to use. +1 415 216 5383

problem - Don’t let your giant sewing machine kill your space Domestic sewing machines are not designed to be used everyday. Most of them are big; they take up desk or corner spaces. +1 415 216 5383

inspiration A foldable structure is the best way of reducing the size of a sewing machine. Good proportion enhances the quality of the design.

Structure +1 415 216 5383



Sketches I focused on reducing the size of the sewing machine. In addition, this design needs to match the modern life style and aesthetic. +1 415 216 5383

Final design Minimal in design, this foldable sewing machine has no foot pedal. +1 415 216 5383

storage The foldable structure reduces the size of the So.machine and makes it more friendly and easier to store. +1 415 216 5383

Operation So.machine has a foldable structure so you can fold the machine into the box.

Pull out the machine body. Close the cap, after positioning the body.

Turn on the power button. Pull out the spool pin.

Remove the cap. +1 415 216 5383

There is a sensor behind the needle plate which detects the movement of the fabric. When the user pushes the fabric forward, the machine starts run. When user pulls fabric back, the machine sews in reverse.

CASUALLY SEWING Due to the small size and foot pedal free design, users can sew wherever they want, just like using a computer. +1 415 216 5383

Sketch Photoshop rendering CAD Modeling +1 415 216 5383 +1 415 216 5383 +1 415 216 5383 +1 415 216 5383

Product Design Portfolio  
Product Design Portfolio