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Apple has a real talent for inspiring with the newest awesome software technologies. Each WWDC and WWDC 2018, in particular, is long-awaited by Apple users, developers and regular people who want to stay tuned to software innovations. All of them go to this conference to discover how their user experience will move to the next level. WWDC 2018 isn't the exception. In particular, augmented reality and machine learning that sounded like a fantasy not long ago, are increasingly entering our lives. Hence, Apple has updated their ARKit for building AR apps and Core ML for building Core ML models. iOS apps on MacOS are going to be available in 2019 since Apple is developing a iOS-Mac porting solution. Siri shortcuts will anticipate your following activity to suggest the app that will fulfill your request. There also many more upgrades for each Apple's OS. It's okay if you've missed the WWDC 2018 live stream. In another case, you may want to sort out the messy information quickly presented on it. Then you're in the right place. So let's start.

IOS 12 Apple has paid a decent amount of attention to AR compared to the other iOS 12 features . It's not a coincidence since the company is betting big on the AR, foreseeing that it can change the modern technologies dramatically.

ARKit 2.0

ARKit 2.0 greatly improves ARKit models capabilities

When Apple released the ARKit SDK in September 2017 they provided tools for AR software development to everyone. Now they announce the ARKit 2.0 for iOS 12 containing several major improvements:

Cooperative AR experience It's a hot feature that allows several users to share a single virtual surrounding. Finally, the dream of gamers is becoming increasingly real. Lego has already showcased a virtual playground where players can communicate with the merged virtual and original reality.

Identification of 3D objects Unlike the previous version that only supports flat items like a paper sheet or table surface, ARKit 2.0 allows programmers to identify any possible 3d objects.

Storing AR objects Another breathtaking improvement is the capability for an app to remember the location where you've left an AR item or a space. To save the location you need to bind AR items and spaces to real-world objects (like table or plate) or real-world spaces (like a living room or cafe).

USDZ - the new AR file format

USDZ file extension allows to place 3D objects into reality

Apple in cooperation with Pixar has introduced an innovative file format designed to share AR 3D graphics and animations called USDZ. Your users will easily manipulate with these files like with any other ones: download, share or create them. But if you open those files you are able to place the 3D object they contain into reality.

For instance, it can be used to try out how the desired sofa from an eStore will look like in your room. This allows to observe the potential product in its actual size from different angles and even consider which of the places is ideal for it in your room. Also, when placing USDZ image as content on a website, the visitors are able to watch it in the full AR view. External apps, e.g. Adobe and Autodesk, will support the USDZ files. In fact, it was stressed out that Adobe Creative Cloud will provide means to WYSIWYG editing of VR items on iOS gadgets.

Siri shortcuts

Siri shortcuts offer app suggestions for your regular tasks right from the Lock Screen

Siri was desperately needed some useful changes and that's why the Siri

shortcuts feature has arrived just on time. They let you set multiple actions using only one Siri command. Siri's shortcuts allow you to program these actions rather than try to pick a correct phrase to say them with voice. Siri is now full of various factory and custom downloadable shortcuts. For instance, the 'Heading Home' shortcut can open your favorite audio playlist in your car and notify the expected time your ride home will take. More than that, Siri is now able to smartly predict your future actions in such locations as Lock Screen, Spotlight search, etc. Hence, it will offer you the suggested app based on user's frequent actions, relieving you from searching the needed app manually. For instance, if you are on an important meeting, Siri can notify you to enable 'Do not disturb' mode. And if you regularly order coffee using a specific app, Siri can suggest you the action this app provides right from the Lock Screen. In such a way. Siri's shortcuts can be described as an improved version of reminders. The Shortcuts feature will be able to deliver better personalized experience. That's why you should begin to prepare your Siri apps for shortcut integration right now. At the moment, Cleveroad's developers are practicing this new feature. That means we will be able to program Siri shortcuts for iOS 12 apps soon.

Health Records API

Health Records API simplifies building the apps which concern drug and nutrition planning, disease diagnostics, etc.

One of the most interesting features for iOS app development slipped away from the WWDC 2018. It was only published on the Apple's official site. Apple offered access to Health Records API that allows users to share their medical data with third-party apps. The main goal of this is to develop apps that send personalized health recommendations to improve consumers' drug and nutrition schemes, diagnosed diseases, etc. Health Records data is shared only when a consumer grants his/her permission. The health records are encrypted and kept only on the user's device. The user's trusted apps will receive the records directly. it won't require the intermediate link like uploading it to Apple servers.

Medical apps developed by means of the Health Records API may include such core categories:

Drug Monitoring Your app will receive individual doctor's order automatically by connecting with the Health Records API. It will allow receiving drug time notifications and personalized medical info. The app will also allow detecting if certain drugs are conflicting with each other using the comprehensive data from multiple clinics.

Disease control The apps will be able to use their medical records, nutrition and physical training details by means of iOS HealthKit integration. In such a way, they will receive a full picture of the current treatment progress and suggestions on how to improve it.

Feeding programme Such apps will be able to use blood pressure, stomach acid level and other medical indicators to provide personalized nutrition plans.

Medical Research Medics and researchers will be able to receive medical records from their patients inside ResearchKit learning apps. It will make easier to obtain a comprehensive info about user's health history. Now there's no need to ask loads of questions to find out the factors which could have caused the disease.

Memoji and other messaging improvements

Smileys have gone a long way by evolving into 3D animated memoji that will look like you.

Memoji is a 3D animated emoji but it can be customized to look exactly like you. There are dozens of options to adjust your Memoji's face, haircut, and accessories like eyeglasses or headwears. An awesome feature of Memoji is they react to your facial expressions and even when you blink your eyes or stick out your tongue. The number of Memoji you can create is numerous. And their main purpose is you can use them in messages or video chats to express the responses to your contacts.

Group FaceTime chats in iOS 12

iOS 12 Facetime chats allows to communicate with up to 32 persons and support Memoji instead of real face.

Now, Facetime allows chatting with up to 32 persons at the same time via audio or video calls. There's a side-scroll list at the bottom to show all chat participants even if the screen can't contain them all. The video of a specific person gets bigger when the participant speaks. To enlarge a specific person's video manually a user should tap twice his/her chat window. The Facetime camera supports Memoji, stickers and different video filters. Memojis can be used instead of your real face during video chats. So now it became possible for you to conduct meetings with koalas, T-Rexes and unicorns.

Carplay upgrades

In iOS 12 Carplay will support third-party apps.

In iOS 12, CarPlay has received the support of third-party navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps. So now you can choose the navigation app you like to receive step-by-step riding directions.

wwdc 2018  

There a lot of updates for every major Apple's OS. Apple has updated the ARKit for building AR-powered iOS apps and Core ML for creating Cor...

wwdc 2018  

There a lot of updates for every major Apple's OS. Apple has updated the ARKit for building AR-powered iOS apps and Core ML for creating Cor...