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AKESIDER April 2011 Moelling’s Musings

“BUT WHAT ABOUT RESURRECTION?” “They put him to death by hanging him on a tree; but God raised him on the third day and allowed him to appear…to us who were chosen by God as witnesses, and who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead.” Acts 10:39b-41 (NRSV) Yes I know it is still Lent; that Easter is still weeks away – I know. But we’re gonna talk Resurrection anyway as I share a story. Josh McDowell (now a pastor) entered university as a young man looking for a good time and searching for happiness and meaning in life. He tried going to church, but found religion unsatisfying. He ran for student leadership positions but was disappointed by how quickly the glamour wore off. He tried the party circuit, but he woke up Monday mornings feeling worse than ever. He finally noticed a group of students engaged in Bible study, and he became intrigued by the radiance of one of the young ladies. He asked her a reason for it. She looked him straight in the eye, smiled, and said, “Jesus Christ.” “Oh, for heaven’s sake,” he retorted, “don’t give me that garbage about religion.” She replied, “I didn’t say religion; I said Jesus Christ.” The students invited him to intellectually examine the claims of Christ and the evidence supporting Christianity. He accepted their challenge, and after much study and research, finally admitted that he couldn’t refute the body of proof supporting Christianity. McDowell received Christ as his savior, and his research became the background for his book, “Evidence That Demands a Verdict.” One of the major factors in his conversion to Christianity was his inability to ignore the historical resurrection of Jesus Christ, a point he made later to a student at the University of Uruguay who asked him, “Professor McDowell, why can’t you intellectually refute Christianity?” “For a very simple reason, replied McDowell. “I am not able to explain (continued on page 2)

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Summer Camp Is Coming!

Check-out he new Summer Camp Booklets are located at the Welcoming Center in the main hall.

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away an event in history – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” [Josh McDowell, The Resurrection Factor (San Bernardino: Here’s Life Publisher’s Inc. n.d.), 2-7.] Yes, the evidence is in – Christ is raised! Yet, even aside from intellectual and historical proofs, we should be able to answer this question. We know Christ is alive – and it should be evident to those around us – because of his living presence within our hearts. Empowered by his Spirit, WE are the body of Christ - his hands, his feet, his mouth, his heart in this world – or so say the Scriptures. We are “Easter People” who have been reborn to a living hope; and the slavery of sin and the fear of death no longer hold us. Everything has changed because of Easter! The world needs that kind of Word even the world around you. The chorus of one of my favorite Easter hymns really sums it up: “He lives, he lives, Christ Jesus lives today! He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way. He lives, he lives, salvation to impart! You ask me how I know he lives, he lives within my heart!” (“He Lives!”, UMH, p. 310). May Christ’s resurrection be evident to all, by your life and mine. Remember, “Every morning is Easter morning from now on!” Soon and very soon, we will be singing those songs in worship. I pray they are always playing in our hearts. In Christ’s Resurrection (and ours too), —Pastor Kirt

LUMC – Book Club 4th Wed. of the Month 10:00 a.m., Parlor

Wed., April 27 “The Help” by Kathryn Sockett These books are available at the public library. Join the group as they discuss these intriguing and inspirational books.

We would like to thank you for the wonderful worship time we spent with you on Sunday, March 6th and for the promotion and the attendance at the concert. We truly feel that the service is participation by all that have come to worship as a congregatin and music is the vehicle to bring us as one before the Lord, our Savior. Again, we thank you for the spirit of enthusiasm for the Lord that we felt among you. We appreciate the offering you gave us. We pray for each of you as you minister to your community. In Christ —Jean Shackleton and Ruth Yerden

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Urban Ministries Conference Apportionments

Have you ever wondered what you would do if there was nothing in the house to eat—or a way to feed your family? Where would you go for help if you were working and barely making ends meet each week and your car would no longer get you to work? Who could help if you, as a mother, found yourself in an abusive and dangerous situation? If you had no church home and family, where would you look for spiritual nourishment? The two Urban Ministries that receive support from this apportionment face these issues and many others with astonishing regularity and in different and creative ways. Skyline Urban Ministries in Oklahoma City and Restore Hope Ministries in Tulsa seek ways to meet physical, spiritual and social needs of thousands of people and families each year. They gdo it in the name of Jesus, the Christ, and on behalf of the United Methodists of Oklahoma. These two ministries, under the direction of Dale Tremper of Oklahoma City and Larry Johnson in Tulsa, provide spiritual counsel, prayer and worship experiences regularly. Tulsa’s Restore Hope ministers to more than 8,000 each year through its Chapel Ministries program. Every Saturday evening, approximately 100 low-income and homeless people go to Skyline Ministries’ Eighth Street sanctuary to worship and stay for dinner. Many local churches collect and contribute both non-perishable foods and good used clothing to these Urban Ministries. This helps provide emergency food to more that 12,000 families each year, and clothing for approximately 50,000 families yearly. The apportionment for Urban Ministries is divided between the two ministries in an unusual manner. All apportionment dollars received from churches in the Tulsa District go to Restore Hope Ministries. Those received from churches in the North and South Oklahoma City Districts go to Skyline Urban Ministries. Receipts from the other nine districts of the Conference are divided equally between the two ministries. No one familiar with the teachings of Jesus can doubt that He calls us, as His serants, to these ministries.

Greeter and Usher Schedule Appreciation is expressed to all the Sunday School Classes for providing Greeters and Ushers every Sunday. The following is the next 2 months schedule: April—Share May—Wesley & Youth As we do our part in serving may we be mindful of Jesus’ words from Matthew 25:35, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Hospitality has us seeing people as Jesus sees them and seeing Jesus in the people God brings before us.

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Committees Leading the Way The NCD Health Team

The NCD Committee met again on March 8th with Jeremy giving us his “Rethink Missions” report. In this report he compiled all of the actons, strategies, findings, values, and opportunities that we have discovered and discussed along this journey. Next month we will meet again to discuss our next steps and plan for moving forward. Details for this meeting will soon follow. If you have any questions about this process do not hesitate to contact Greg King for details.

The Education Committee Senior Sunday

Senior Sunday will be on May 15th. We will honor high school graduates and recognize college graduates. If anyone knows of a church member graduating, please let the church office or Belinda King know. (799-3781).

Thank you so much for all the cards, prayers, and concern expressed to us during my mon’s lengthy illness and her death. Lakeside’s support has been a blessing for my entire family and we thank God for such a caring church family God Bless

The Education Committee would like to thank everyone who purchased supplies for our children’s Sunday School classes and children’s church. We appreciate your generosity. It’s been so nice to have new supplies! THANK YOU.

The Welcoming Committee

Welconing Committee Meeting Tuesday, April 5th 5:30- 7:30 p.m. Check out our church website at We will be featuring a new family from the church each month. This month, learn about John and Sunny Richardson. You can also see a message from Bishop Hayes on the new evangelism initiative; check out upcoming church events; or see pictures from the Valentines dinner. A special thanks to John Richardson for all his effort to make this website look great and be an effective communication tool. Thank you for welcoming daddy to your church community. It was very comforting for him

—Shelly Salvia and David Conyers

Thank you for your prayers and cards sent to my husband, Don, during the time of his brothers surgery and subsequent death. Your prayers and concern have touched him and me deeply. —Kyna Burnett

—Teresa and Henry Bockus

Schedule of Upcoming Mission Projects

April 3 & April 10 - Easter Blankets April 2 - All-Church Mission/Work Day at Canyon Camp Coming in April - Faith Promise Missions Campaign May - Regional Food Bank Trip June - Child Share Diaper Drive June or July - Project Transformation Fall - “Be The Church” Local Missions Weekend November - Skyline Month: Food, Money & Clothing Collection December - Christmas Projects: Cookson Hills, Northwest Nursing Home, D.D. Kirkland April 2011—Page 4

What’s Happening in Sunday School? Lower Elementary Class

In March we learned that God promises to be with us always. We heard Bible stories from the Old Testament. We learned about Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and the Twenty-third Psalm. In April we will learn about the Resurrection and that it lets us know that Jesus is always with us. Our bible verse is “It is true! The Lord has risen. (Luke 34:34). We will also be talking about the sanctuary as a special place to worship God. We’re excited about Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday and being reminded about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. We can’t wait to see Annie, Lexi, Hailey, Chloe and Wesley. Hope to see everyone next week!

April Birthdays Brian Johnson...................02 Don Evans........................03 Shanda Allen.....................08

The Disciples Class

Greeting from the Disciples Class! We are fortunate to have Henry Bockus coming this month to talk with us about a special place where we can find everything we need for the home, garden and ranch. He will also be leading a challenging study from the book, “Walk Across the Room.”

Mac Thompson................12

Sunday, April 3 the Disciples Class will be grilling outdoors following the church service. Please bring your favorite side dish or dessert.

Bill Bates...........................18

Michael Donnelly.............15 Norma Stoabs...................16 Tommy Davis....................17 Ron Richards....................19 John Hoel.........................20 Zach Taylor.......................20 Andrew Bockus.................30

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Keith Lashbrook Family concerns Linda Hoog Louise Pebworth Rev. Michael Dye Ron Williams Tara & Adam Brown Ted & Jean Wolford Tom Howard William Walker Peace in the Middle East Pres. Obama and other world leaders

Please contact A.M. Nowlin with prayer requests and updates (843-6811).

Our sympathy is extended to: Teresa Bockus in the death of her mother, Lorene Russell. Don Burnett in the death of his brother, David Burnett. Shelly Salvia and David Conyers in the death of their father, Herb Conyers. Kristen Geist is the death of her grandmother. April 2011—Page 5

A Letter from Bishop Hayes

It won’t be long before the gavel will sound to open the 168th session of the Oklahoma Annual Conference which will convene at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City! Our theme this year is, “The Plan: A Bridge to the Future.” I am looking forward to three days of spirit-filled worship and fellowship as we come together to celebrate the fourth year of our Strategic Plan, which seeks to “make disciples of Jesus Chirst for the transformation of the world.” In the past, our annual conference designates our offering to assist important ministries, both locally and internationally. This year, we have chosen three mission projects that will touch countless thousands. Our partnership with Bolivia is gaining strength each year as we reach out to the marginalized and disenfranchised of this impoverished country. Our first full-time missionary has been appointed there and already we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of people we are helping. Another ministry that is dear to all of us is Cookson Hills Center. Located in Northeastern Oklahoma, Cookson Hills provides a vast number of programs designed to assist the poorest of the poor. Under the outstanding leadership of Rev. Meri Whitaker, lives have been transformed and restored. And lastly, our conference is building the New Hope Elementary School in Liberia, Africa. In a country that has been decimated by war and poverty, education and health services are in great demand, and Untied Methodists from Oklahoma are responding holistically by building this school and a clinic. I know your church will want to help in these important mission projects. I am asking that each church take up a special offering in May and send a check with your delegate to annual conference, or simply mail it to our Treasurer so we can add it to the funds we receive in our worship service offerings. Checks can be made out to “Oklahoma Annual Conference.” Every dollar will be divided equally, or, you may designate where you would like for your offering to go. God has blessed us with tremendous resources, and in turn, we have an opportunity to bless others. —Robert E. Hayes, Jr.

Bishop, Oklahoma Area The United Methodist Church

A Letter from Rev. Meri Whitaker

She was on a youth activity with the teens from the Cookson Hills Center but something just wasn’t right with her. Debbie, the youth leader, kept her eye on the fourteen year old girl but there was just something sad and depressed about her. It wasn’t typical behavior for her so at the first opportunity they had to talk, Debbie asked her what was wrong. It turned out that the girl had been raped by her Uncle. She had confided in someone at school and the rape had been reported. Now, law enforcement was involved, she had been questioned repeatedly and her family was angry with her for telling. She was receiving no support and felt very betrayed. It was too much for this young girl to handle. Debbie has helped her work through some of her pain and we will stay close to her as she goes through this unpleasant journey. It is the goal of the ministry at Cookson Hills Center to “make disciples of Jesus Christ” and we work hard to do that. The example of Jesus appears to address the physical first. I remember a man lying by the pool of Bethesda for some thirty-eight years. Jesus restored his legs and as a result the man left “praising God.” I remember a leper who was healed and left to tell everyone what God had done for him. The ministy at the Cookson Hills Center is diverse. We have a long reaching program because as we deal with the people of the Cherokee Tribe and the people in Adair and Sequoyah Counties, we discover that there are as many needs as there are people who suffer with them. We obviously can’t do everything but I believe that we must do what we can do and we can do so much more with your help. We are becoming increasingly concerned about our summer program as we watch the price of gas go up $.20 in a week and it is expected to hit $5.00 per gallon by the summer. We have been told that the cost of groceries will go up as well as electricity and our already austere budget shrinks even more. I know that you would want everyone to have the services that they need. I know that you would want us to have the resources that we need to meet the needs of the last, the lost, and the least so that they, too, will go from here praising God for all that has been done for them. Please give to continue this ministry. Yours in Christ, ­

—Rev. Meri Whitaker Director Missinary Cookson HIlls Center

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