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2010 & 2011 Yukon Arts Centre Gallery Exhibition Guide & Curriculum Based Tours

Itai Katz

Still Life

Education at Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery The Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery brings learning to life by deepening young peoples understanding of their environment, history, and culture thus impacting their own personal development. We aim to nurture the next generation of artists by introducing tools to foster visual literacy, encouraging students to find pleasure and meaning in art and to think critically about the array of visual images that surround them.

Free Family Art Classes —Kids Kreate

Get messy, have fun, and learn about art at our monthly Kids Kreate art classes. Every Kids Kreate activity is specially tailored to respond to the materials and methods featured in our current exhibition. This family friendly event runs one Sunday per month between September and April from 1pm-4pm.

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Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery Table of Contents

Exhibitions September 9 - October 29, 2010 November 10 - December 21, 2010 January 13 – March 12, 2011 March 24 - May 21, 2011

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September 9 - October 29, 2010

George Hawken

Gordon & Janet, In Their Garden Etching

S ense of Place - Windsor Printmakers Forum

This exhibition brings together works by 30 artists from Canada and Michigan exploring the theme of place through printmaking. Ranging across traditional print techniques on traditional surfaces (such as monotypes, etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, and silk -screens) to digital prints and found objects, the show maps out the broad field of contemporary printmaking practice. Itai Katz - Untitled The paintings of Itai Katz depict everyday objects with bursts of colour and abstraction creating large vibrant paintings.

Itai Katz


Acrylic on Canvas

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“I explored different processes for painting and made new discoveries for myself as a painter. As I create I try to get to a deeper understanding and deepen my relationship with this medium. I find standing in front of an empty canvas an act of courage, pride, trust, and stupidity all mixed together however all are necessary for brilliance to come forth.�

November 10 - December 21, 2010

Valerie Salez Untitled Mixed Media

Valerie Salez - Fourth Nature Fourth Nature uses Italian Renais-sance grottos as a starting point. These grottos were 'decorated' with monumental sculptures, murals and architectural friezes and then fitted with hydraulic systems which allowed mineral water to trickle out. The result of this process has been the buildup of stalactites which inevitably re-configure the grottos artworks over time. Valerie uses her entire collection of erratic materials and found objects, to create elements of stalactite ridden forms similar to those found in the above described grottos.

Adad Hannah Cuba Still (Remake) Installation Adad Hannah - Cuba Still (MACM) In Cuba Still (Remake), Hannah takes a publicity still from an unknown film as his starting point. He bought the 8x10 from a stall in Havana’s Barrio Chino (China Town). Hannah remakes the photograph as a series of silent videos - one video for each actor. He exhibits the six stills, along with a larger projection that composites them onto a single screen, as well as photographs that document his production and the original 8 x 10.

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January 13 - March 12, 2011 Open S eason - Trousseau S ociety

Intrigued by the Yukon's longstanding migratory history, Trousseau Society will examine the cultural climate fostered by waves of artists traveling to the North. Challenging the notion that immigration is what shapes our national identity, the exhibition will follow travel journeys within our own country and its effects in creating rich, vibrant cultural communities. This exhibition includes the works of Douglas Drake, Jenn Norton, Scott Price and Elinore Whidden.

Jean Norton

Mirador Video

Scott Price


Mixed Media

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Douglas Drake

Man, We’re getting nowhere Installation

Elinore Whidden

Windshield Wiper Tent Installation

March 24 - May 21, 2011

Nate Larson



Nate Larson

Spinning Egg Photograph

Lance Blomgren - S till Films Still Films is an exhibition of photography that investigates the

narrative potential of still images. Presenting overt strategies of serialization and sequentiality, the artists in this exhibition share a fundamental interest in the effects of movement, tension and drama that occur when images come into direct contact with one another. This exhibition includes the works of Jennifer Crane, Mary Beth Edelson, Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler, Nate Larson, Eadweard Muybridge, Alain Paiement, Yvette Poorter, Charles Stankievech, Mario Villeneuve and others.

Mary Beth Edelson

Cliff Hanger


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Volunteer Oppourtunities

Do you know of any high school students who might be interested in: Careers in the arts (theatre technician, curator, educator, etc.) Meeting other members of the community with similar interests Learning by doing? The Yukon Arts Centre is more than just a place with art on the walls! There are several different ways volunteers can get involved. Volunteers are needed to help usher theatre shows, assist with gallery exhibition set up and take down, help out with our monthly family art classes and so much more. Volunteers will be given complementary tickets to use at the theatre productions of their choice. Interested? Contact Jessica Vellenga, Community Engagement - Visual Arts (867) 393-7109 or for more information.

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Learning Resources There are many different ways to access educational activities at the Yukon Arts Centre in addition to guided tours. E ducation Kits Look! Listen! Learn! Create! Our custom Education Kits are designed to help you learn more about the artists and exhibitions currently showing in the gallery. Education Kits are free for individuals, families, groups or school tours to take out and explore the gallery exhibitions. Request one from the box office next time you visit! Art Library The Yukon Arts Centre Gallery Library contains books and videos on local, national and international contemporary art. The Yukon Arts Centre and Arts Underground/Yukon Art Society have partnered and YAC has donated their art library to the resource room at Arts Underground. The art library can be accessed at the resource room in Arts Underground, 305 Wood Street Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2E7 or online Podcasts The Yukon Arts Centre Podcast Series brings you behind the scenes with artist interviews, public talks, studio tours, and all the latest news related to upcoming shows. Please check out our blog for current and archived podcasts Virtual Tour of the Permanent Art Collection The Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery has a diverse collection that rarely gets seen. Unfortunately, our facility does not have a permanent space for display of the collection, and the art works spend most of their time hidden away from public view. To make these artworks more accessible to the public, the Yukon Arts Centre has created a online digital exhibition! Explore the collection, curate an online exhibition and download lesson plans and activities.

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Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery Tour Summary Comprehensive Tours These tours are designed to examine a broad range of concepts, regardless of what is currently on exhibit, while developing students’ critical thinking and discussion skills. Curriculum Links for Gallery Tours • Visual Arts • Language • Career Development • Society and Culture The Art of Discovery 45 minutes – 1 hour View all of our art work in one tour! Students will visit not only the current exhibition in the main Gallery, but will also visit the Community Gallery and Sculpture Garden (weather permitting). This tour can also be combined with a visit to the Art Vault and Theatre. Community Gallery and Sculpture Garden (weather permitting). This tour can also be combined with a visit to the Art Vault and Theatre. The Elements of Art 30 – 45 minutes Discover how artists use the basic elements of line, shape, color, light and texture to create works of art. This tour is a great introduction to the Gallery and to visual art. Yukon Artists 30 – 45 minutes Every exhibition features at least one Yukon artist. Students can find out how our local landscape, climate and traditions have influenced Yukon artists work as compared to the work of southern artists. Social Statement 45mintues - 1hour The visual arts define our culture and many artists choose to create work that comments on their surrounding world. This tour is geared towards social studies and language art classes and uses the exhibition as a stepping – off point for discussing contemporary issues.

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Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery Tour Summary The White Glove Tour 45 minutes – 1 hour The Yukon Arts Centre houses not only its own growing permanent art collection, but the Yukon Government collection too. Students are invited into the Art Vault to see and discuss selected pieces in our collection and to discover what makes them so important in our community. Discussions may reflect on the conceptual, historical, and technical elements and how they comment on contemporary culture. This tour is specifically for older students or specialized art classes. Art C areers/B ehind the S cenes 45 minutes -1 hour Gain knowledge about the variety of art careers that are available. We will take a behind the scenes look at how an art exhibition comes together, including the types of careers that are available to artists and those working in the visual arts/culture sector. This tour can also be combined with a tour of the theatre. The theatre tour is given by the Technical Director and it allows the students to experience the theatre’s back stage environment – all the unseen but necessary elements which make a performance work. Students visit the sound and light booths, see the fly system, workshop, dressing rooms, green room as well as having general theatre terminology explained to them. Please be advised that theatre tours are dependent on the season schedule and may not always be available.

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Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery Guidelines for Teachers Please review with students Gallery etiquette. We ask that you please: - Do not bring food or drinks in the Gallery - Leave school bags outside the Gallery - Do not run inside the Arts Centre - Do not touch any parts of the exhibitions - Turn off your cellular phones and pagers - Respect the space and people within it. - Discussion and constructive criticism of the art work is one of the most fundamental elements in their Gallery experience, but students must respect each other’s opinions.

Contact Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery To book a tour or for more information about gallery activities please contact: J essica Vellenga, C ommunity E ngagement—Visual Arts (867) 393-7109 or Transportation costs and scheduling are the responsibilities of the school. Visit us online at check out our blog at

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Yukon Arts Centre Gallery Exhibit Guide and Curriculum Tours 2010/2011  

The Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery brings learning to life by deepening young peoples understanding of their environment, history, and cul...

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