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MY PROFILE. Phachanut Anusasamornkul <Yui> The Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication Design Silpakorn University Date of birth 17.06.1986 Contact me 140 Boromrajchonnee 2 Rd.,Bangbamru, Bangplad, Bangkok, T hailand


TYPEFACE DESIGN - THE UNIVERSE ART THESIS - The final projects. OCTOBER 2009 - MARCH 2010 Concept : Universe is mentioned that it is all about science, Imagination, and hope. And these issues inspire me to create the group of typeface : ORBIT, ASTRON and GEMINI. These typeface design are also created by using FontLab program which generates all the typefaces be able to type. The inspiration of ASTRON. : IMAGINATION “People always imagine stars into things. The shape of stars in the sky can be seen as many dots, and these dots are lined with the line of human’s imagine into the new shape. So this concept is used for ASTRON typeface design.” Reference pictures for typefaces.

The inspiration of ORBIT : SCIENCE “Back to science class when I was young, my teacher taught me that the planet is moving along the line called Orbit. In addition, I also have noticed these line showing on the astronomy map is so inspired me to create ORBIT Typeface.” The inspiration of GEMINI : WISH AND HOPE From the story of Greece, Gemini is the constellation of twin. People believe that they are the gods of luck. And Roman people say “by Gemini” in the end praying for making a wish.

ASTRON <shine>

ASTRON <regular>

ASTRON <shine> Quote by Bob Marley

ASTRON <regular> Quote by Lao Tzu.

ORBIT <black>

ORBIT <white>

ORBIT <black> Quote by Zac Efron

ORBIT <white> Quote by Bruce Lee.

GEMINI <light>

GEMINI <bold>

GEMINI <light> Quote by Marilyn Monroe.

GEMINI <light> Quote by David Bowie.

CDs And BOOKLETS for all typeface.





Apply into products : T- shirts, notebooks and pillow.

ELECTRONIC TYPEFACE BASIC TYPOGRAPHY PROJECT - The Second year academic. JANUARY 2008 Concept : The appearance of lines that can be found in the elements of a hardware inside a computer inspires me to design this typeface. The brief of this subject is to use the surrounding things in daily life in creating the new typeface that can make the strong communication to the audiences. And definitely, this typeface is used for computer shop identity.

Elecline - Typeface Design.

Reference pictures for typeface : Lines and Shapes

Presentation for Elecline typeface design.



The typography book for everyone. INDIVIDUAL PROJECT - The Third Year Academic. MARCH 2009 Concept : ‘FOR’ can be used as prefix, suffix and preposition in English. When It is combines or put together with other words, the new meanings are created. This book gathered 10 ‘For-’ words that usually seen in daily life in order to give the positive thinking to readers. In addition, each 10 words are illustrated by typographic illustration.

The cover for “For-” Book.

Inside the cover for “For-” Book. I try to use many materials in this books in order to make a strong communication and studying the qualification of them at the same time.


“For fun”


This is typographic illustration of “Forever”. And there is the quotation under the picture for making people thinking optimistically. Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. James Dean


for fun


preposition, conjunction, & adverb

PHRASES for fun (or for the fun of it) in order to amuse oneself and not for any more serious purpose.


during the period of time preceding

1 done in accordance with rules of convention or etiquette; suitable for or important situation or occasion

- Enjoy Your Life -

Work for the fun of it, and the money will arrive some day. Ronnie Milsap

At a formal dinner party, the person nearest death should always be seated closest to the bathroom. George Carlin





verb ( past -bore ; past part. -borne ) [ intrans. ]

trans. ] chiefly poetic/literary

the way in which something is arranged or set out

poetic/literary or formal politely or patiently restrain an impulse to do something

abandon (someone or something)

Foolhardy as it may be. I change my image all the time, it's whatever suits me at the moment. Lydia Lunch

It is relatively easy to design for the perfect cases, when everything goes right, or when all the information required is available in proper format. Donald Norman




adverb (also forwards)


1 toward the front; in the direction that one is facing or traveling 2 onward so as to make progress; toward a successful conclusion

noun a person whom one knows and with whom one has a

( past -gave ; past part. -given ) [ trans. ]

forever adverb 1 for all future time; for always

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. James Dean

stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an

typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

- Move Forward -

Life must be understood backwards; but... it must be lived forward. Soren Kierkegaard

Overview of pages in the book.

Samuel Smiles

In a man, I look for a friend, someone who's equal, with whom I'm comfortable. Jennifer Aniston

Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on. Les Brown

CALENDAR VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN 1 - The first year academic. JANUARY 2007 Concept : Time is always described as changeable thing, and this makes me think about a line graph that has the same artribute as time which is not stable. Line. So I used a line graph as the key visaul of this work in order to make this calender more interesting. Reference pictures for the calendar 2552 : Graph and time. I designed this work when I was the first year cacdemic stdent. This project was a final poject of Visual Communication Design1. The instructor gave two conditions to create this work. The first one was having to design this work in 2 colour only, the another one is design in A5 paper. These can teach students to study about print process.

The Cover of The carlendar.

In the right side of page. There is the row of dates in each month. and the line rises up to the number of date. When user turns pages quickly, there will appear a short animation showing the lines going up and down.

The date number is green color to notify that this date is weekend.

Using one colour for weekday page.

Green colour is used to notify that date is a holiday.



You can be the profesional baker at your home. Redesign package PACKAGING DESIGN - The Third Year Academic. AUGUST 2008 Concept : Nowaday there are so many kinds of ingrdients in making a cake. If you have no idea to start baking and found that it is difficult to gathered all ingedients, Tippy can be the best answer for helping new baker who want to bake the amazing cakes or bakery.

This project’s brief is to redesing package. I choosed “Tippy” brand which is manufcaterered by UFM. There are many points which can be noticed from the old package of Tippy such as old-fashion design and the most important point is no consistentcy in packaging design which can reflect to the brand image. Thus, this redesign package is not only change the appearance of package but also create the new concept for the brand that is “the profesional baker at your home”. Because confusing of using ingredients and difficult in finding all the ingredients are the problems that tippy wants to resolve. In addition this new main idea also control the new lines of products and the package image that must be professional, easy and relax.

Overview of Tippy packaging redesigns. There are shown in different labal color for seperating menu clearly. And the bakery picture was choosen by professional mood and tone. This can made consumer trust these products. The Top View of porducts.

Back and Front view of Design.

Fried Flour Stick packaging.

The packagings of topping for cake decoration.

New Light Cafe.

The old Siam Square is alive again! REBRANDING PROJECT - The Third Year Academic. OCTOBER 2009 Concept : Siam Sqaure is the most popular shopping area for teenagers since 1968. And New Light Cafe is also establised around that time. This leads this place is full of memory and storytelling from generation to generation. But, nowdays the new generation is growing and the past memory have slowly been forgotten. Thus, this project is to make New light cafe is alive again with the precious memory of Siam Square.

Thai teeagers in the past

Siam Square in the past.

When the time has changed, everything must be changed too. And, if New Light Cafe still does not develop itselfe, it will be disappear from Siam Square at last because of new comers such as new shopping malls and new restaurants serving the new generationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s need. Missing those days of Siam Square, New Light Cafe is serving you. This is the main idea of this project. All of the elements which reflects to the brand image and core brand idea would be redesigned to make people reconize of Siam Square in the past. The old actitvities as live music band must be provided again. The popular dishes must be the highlight of menu. The decorations in restaurant must be design to make people enjoy with the past atmosphere of Siam Square, and at the same time this place can be the museum to show all the memories of Siam Square.




4 These are the pictures of atmosphere and the overview of New Light Cafe in the present time. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s old-fashion and not attract to teenager consumers, while other competitors renovated the shops and redesign for serving modern lifestyle.

New Light Cafeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s logo The problem of this logo is too complicated and used too many color leading to make difficulty for consumer to remember and recognise the brand.


Redesigned New Light Logo And this is color scheme for coporate identity. These color were chooesen in order to express vitage mood, And use red colour as the most propotion of this logo to refer the old red colour in the old logo.

Promotion Logo. 50 years Anniversary of New light.

Tissue paper with logo.

Namecard THE COFFEE HOUSE since 1968



Plate paper for a dish and a glass with the story of New light Cafe on each plate.

Take away packaging.


Interior renovation.

Decorating with the pictures of New Light and Siam Suare story

Exterior renovation.

Editorial advertise in magazine.

These are the photo stands locate around Siam Sqaure shopping area as the ambient for advertising.

The signages for showing the direction to the cafe

Presentation of New Light The Coffee house.

Bunch Up.

Your bouquet by yourself. SPECIAL PROJECT - The Forth Year Academic. May 2009 Concept : From my notice about a bouquet, I think the position of flowers seem like they are put in grids before unite into a bouqet. So I think that grids is interesting for using as key visual of this work.

Bunch up â&#x20AC;˘ [ intrans. ] form into a tight group or crowd. In Thailand, people so not pay attention about giving flowers as a gift. So I want to make this business can be interresting by using new coporate identity design. And it sound good that you have a bouquet with kindness and nice meanings for someone when good occasions

! bunch





bunch �! bunch up��

bunch up!

unch The sketches of logo.

Black and White logo LOGO : Black & White

Color logo


FONT: THAI FONT กขฃคฅฆงจฉชซฌญฎฏฐ ฑฒณดตถทธนบปผฝพฟภ มยรลวศษสหฬอฮ ฤ ฤๅ ฦ ฦๅ ะ -ั า -ํ -ิ ' " -ุ -ู เ โ ใ ไ -็ ๑ ๒ ๓ ๔ ๕ ๖ ๗ ๘ ๙ ๑๐ Kittithada Medium 65

กขฃคฅฆงจฉชซฌญฎฏฐ ฑฒณดตถทธนบปผฝพฟภ มยรลวศษสหฬอฮ ฤ ฤๅ ฦ ฦๅ ะ -ั า -ํ -ิ ' " -ุ -ู เ โ ใ ไ -็ ๑ ๒ ๓ ๔ ๕ ๖ ๗ ๘ ๙ ๑๐ Kittithada Thin 35

FONT: TEXT ABCDEFGHIJK LMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijk lmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 Sans Serif : Demi bold

ABCDEFGHIJK LMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijk lmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 Sans Serif : Regular Selected fonts for design.

s icni r ccl e eg r ri d e

Color using. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to fix color for coperate Because of various colors of flower. And I dedivied colors into 6 groups according to flowerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s color and meaning. - Sincare refers to Lily. - Sweet refers to Orchid. - Playful refers to Gerbera. - Creative refers to Carnetion. - Romance refers to Rose. - Emotional refers to Tulip.


hexagonal grid


romance hexagonal grid

octagon grid

creative octagon grid

e m oc i r tc l ie og r ni d a l

Greeting cards

PPPhhhaaacc chhhaaannnuuutt t A AAnnnuuuss sa aass sa aam mmooorr rnnnkkkuuull l ff lfl ool ow e r i s t w e r i s t werist

m a d e t o o r d e r y o u r f o r wa ar dr db bo ou uq qu ue et t m m aa dd ee tt oo oo rr dd ee rr yy oo uu rr ff oo rr w ward bouquet 4 0B oBroormo rmar jac jhcoh no nn en ee e2 2r dr dB a Bangbam r u Ba an gn gp pl al ad d B BK K K. . 1 01 0770000 11 44100 B o r o m r a j c h o n n e e 2 r d B a nn gg bb aa m m rr uu B Bangplad BKK. 10700 t e l . 0 2 8 8 1 7 0 1 2 / M o b i l e P h o n e n o . 08 8- 4- 49 97 75 5- 8- 83 30000 tt ee ll .. 00 -- 22 88 88 11 -- 77 00 11 22 // M M oo bb ii ll ee PP hh oo nn ee nn oo .. 0 08-4975-8300 E m a i l . b u n c h _ u p _ s h o p @ g m a EE m m aa ii ll .. bb uu nn cc hh __ uu pp __ ss hh oo pp @ @ gg m m aa ii ll .. cc oo m m


Dried flower bags

Shopping Bags

Shop decoration

bunch up the bouquet with your ideas



ึงเธอ ได"




ี" คนด








ข ักแรก เปนร




“ดอกไมแหงความฝนอันลึกลับ เปนแรงบันดาลใจของจิตวิญญาณ"

t e l . 0 - 2 8 8 1 - 7 0 1 2 / M o b i l e P h one no. 08-4975-8300

เปนดอกไมที่หมายถึงการตกหลุมรัก หัวปกหัวป�หลงรักอยางถึงที่สุด


คง ก็มั่น


แต งาย ัน “รักฉ


ียบ แมเร

ันสด a ใสขอ งฉัน "

rb e



- m a d e t o o rder - deilvery -


E m a i l . b u n c h _ u p _ s h o

“เธอ คือเช

s e กับเธอผูเด


b u n c h u p t h e b o u q u et with your ideas 1 4 0 B o r o m r a j c h o n n e e 2 r d B a n g b amru Bangplad BKK. 10700


REBRANDING PROJECT - The Third Year Academic. OCTOBER 2009 Concept : There are 4 faculties teaching art and design in Silpakorn University. Each faculty has their own color as the color to express each faculty, and I use this key idea as the key visual of this project.




The above colors show that each faculty is refered to. In the process of in creating art and design, colour is one of the most important element and tool that can creacte a design piece effeciently. Morover I used the color drops in water for showing the connection between colors that can refer to the coopperation in organising the event between three faculties. About this project, I worked with my friend, Mint. We both were assigned from our instrutor. And it can be the first chance for my faculties to manage and plublicize all of the media for this events.

Droping colors.

Cutout Japanese Flag.



All about packaging design in one box. WEB DESIGN - The Forth Year Academic. AUGUST 2009 Concept : From the dimensions in packaging design, each site of the package is very important. If there is one site is absent, it canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be composed into a complete package. I select this main idea used as the key visual of This website which has the content all about packaging design.

Pack It! website. From this picture, if you fold according to the dotted lines, you will get a cup or a bolw. I think that is the basic form of packaging. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more, before you fold it, its shape looks like a circle. This can recognize the knowledge you can get all around from this website.

Logo for Website.

Introduction page.

Introduction page with rollover logo.

What is packaging design page.

Material page.

Packaging of the day.

Useful links page.

Source Download



From the poses to typographic form ADVANCE TYPOGRAPHY - The forth Year Academic. JUNE 2009 Concept : The study of the origin of typeface shows that each letters have been developed from the images in daily life into a set of letters which human has written in nowdays. And this project is the small set of typeface that is developed from the yoga poses.

Form the pictures above, you will see the lines of body in defferent poses. I think they are very interesting for being selected as the main concept for this task objective that needs student to create the typeface according to the process of language development. Languages were originated from lifestyles, things, worships and believes. People noticed all of the things around them, and developed them into pictures, pictograms and letters at last. Moreover they also composed these letter into words, and finally created the pronuciation for their conversation.

I have to choose the pictures for development. And there are two main steps, the first one is development to pictogram, then development from pictogram to aphabet. This picture is Back Blend pose.

Pictogram Development.






Finished pictograms.

Black Pictogram

White Pictogram

Pictogram Development.

The next step is to develop these pictogram in to letter. The rule of this step is the pictogram must be simplified into an uncomplicated shape. After finishing all letter development, the suitable font grid is selected for arranging into a line. And I selected Hindi font grid for these letters because Yoga originate from India where has Hindi language as the main language.

Pictogram Development.




I try to put these letters in English font grid.



The typeface based on Hindi font grid. And try to make it in various styles.


The final development typography

These are all the typeface developed from 10 yoga poses. then generated vector files by using Fontlab program in order to make these letters are able to type.

Presentation page YOYOGA Typeface.

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